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    UchihaMadara:An Interesting Find

    Naruto manga has a great deal of story depth. Lots of characters, side-stories and conflicts. One of the main aspect of this mangas plot are the uchihas. As allways, nearly extinct species are the most interesting, right ? There are 3 major characters of uchiha clan we know of - Itachi, Sasuke and especialy Madara. The last mentioned uchiha is probably the most infuential to the plot out of the three. He is also gunning for the final villian spot.
    Madara is a big mystery and interesting character - connections, mysteries, theories, assumptions, revelations and future premonitions will be raging here.
    __________________________________________________ ____

    Lets look into the biggest mystery first - how is this guy not dead ???

    He persumably died in the legendary battle against Hashirama. Now we dont know how exactly the fight went on but we do know that Madara is not immortal as Madara himself has said so, though in a different context.

    So if hes not immortal then how did he not die ? Simple, he used space/time ninjutsu as he like he uses it every time hes in danger. It has to be his secret jutsu that even Hashirama didnt know about and thus in theyre battle Madara used that jutsu to evade his death. However, its really vague how would Hashirama and the rest of Konoha be convinced that hes really dead ? Well, assuming no life bringing jutsu was used I think that the result of the battle was that Madaras body wasnt found.

    Yet another question is how he survived 100 years ? He said that he has expecialy strong chakra, it seems that having strong chakra can prolong lifespan. Plus his body isnt young as it can seem that way.

    Hes body is old - notice the clear wrinkles. However ...

    Image proves he is not just CHAKRA, not evrything goes through him..

    HE IS STRONG for a 100 years old, isnt he ? Only explanations can be that it is EMS special power that prolongs life similiar to the way Kakuzus jutsu did. Kakuzu needed hearts to keep him going and so Madara may need some "supply" as well. Sure thing is that chakra alone cant keep you live forever, so there has to be some jutsu behind this.

    Another fact is that Madara lied when he was talking to Sasuke. We can confirm that with Minatos words

    But we could as well confirmed it much sooner. Look on this pic.

    Obviously no one thought this could be a lie but ...

    Why would Itachi asked Naruto if he would be able to kill Sasuke for the sake of the village ? That just proves that Itachi DIDNT weight Sasukes life against Konoha. They were equaly important things to him, yet he feared that they might destroy each other.

    Who knows what else Madara lied about. This means that he manipulated Sasuke and is only a metter of chapters when Sasuke finds out and will turn on good side for change.
    __________________________________________________ ____

    It seems Madara was a former Mizukage ? Hes not right now bcs Kisame apparently corrected himself just bcs calling him Mizukage isnt relevant and true anymore. However, the info itself is interesting. Zabuza stated that he wanted to kill Mizukage, he might wanted to kill Madara. Plus Kisame and Zabuza were part of the seven swordsmen of the Mist and the fact that Kisame knows about Madara should mean that Zabuza knew as well.

    and as a last thing, I present my idea of Madaras stats :

    Hes basicaly a beast, with skills n inteligence out of 100 years of expirience. Even so, he might have all 5s as he might be the final villian, meaning the strongest of all.

    __________________________________________________ ____

    Anyway, theres still more to the full picture behind Madara. As for now lets keep the discussion about him here. Give your theories, assumptions and ideas

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    Re: UchihaMadara:An Interesting Find

    did you ever ask yourself why uchihas were always looking for more power even killing each other making some revenge... uchihas are demons they are born like that and they looking just for destraction thats uchihas instict (killer instict)...

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