Who's the greatest sensei ever. Judge from the influence and sheer power of their students

Hiruzen Sarutobi:
Trained Jiraiya (who went on to become one of the most famous kage-level shinobis in the history of the Leaf), Orochimaru (another Kage level shinobi who had a massive negative influence throughout the series) and Tsunade (Godaime Hokage and founder of the standard medic-corps)

Minato (Yondaime Hokage and one of the most powerful shinobi to ever live), Naruto (The ever improving kage level-genin and one of the few shinobis to ever control tailed beast(s)), Nagato (Epic boss. The former leader of Akatsuki, Rinnegan user and most powerful shinobi to ever come out from Amegakure), Yahiko (Leader of the Akatsuki at some point) and Konan (the queen of Akatsuki, and immensely powerful)

Namikaze Minato:
Kakashi (Konoha's finest and most intelligent jounin, a Commander of the Allied Shinobi force), Obito (arguably the single most powerful antagonist since Madara, pure boss and secret leader of Akatsuki) and Rin (well...she completed the team)

Hatake Kakashi:
Naruto (Konoha hero, one of the reasons why the shinobis declared the Fourth World War), Sasuke (One of the most formidable shinobis to ever come out from the Uchiha clan and the only Uchiha apart from Madara to activate Eternal Mangekyou), Sakura (Powerful shinobi)