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Gai: Uchiha....Madara?! I thought the Edo Tensei was released?!

Madara: Those who know the seal to Edo Tensei can release it at any time. Now that I have defeated the 5 Kages, nothing stands in my way!

Gai: I said earlier...the world is in our hands. We must take out Obito as its our fault this as happened! Its time to show them my youth! Eighth Gate: Death Gate!

Kakashi nearly out of chakra activates Kamui one last time.

Obito: There's no hope for you kakashi. To use that jutsu Kakashi don't you remember wha...(Obito is suddenly hit by a Fuuton: Rasengan on the right side of his chest.)

Madara: This boy never ceases to amaze me. He has tamed the Kyuubi to an even higher degree then prior...but no matter. (Madara activates Perfect Sussanoo and slashes at naruto).

Naruto suddenly moves like a yellow flash to avoid the slash when bee uses a Tailed Beast Ball at perfect Susanoo.

Madara: Useless technique against my power. (Madara slashes at the ball and it dissipates.)

Obito stands up and a white zetsu substance is dripping from his chest.

Gai instantly appears before Obito and punches at him.

Obito: Like Kisame said the bizarre beast is a dumb one as wel...(Obito's arm is blown off)

Obito: Impossible I avoided that attack! How could you of hit me!

Gai: The eighth gate unleashes a power comparable too that of the sage of six paths. With its powers, I can punch through dimensions and shatter any obstacle in my path.

Madara: This is a power I have not seen since the days before Konoha. No matter I must focus my efforts on you.

Madara uses Tskuyomi on Gai while Obito prepares to Kamui him. Suddenly Kakashi counter Kamui's while Naruto releases him from the genjutsu.

Obito: I see I am going to have to take you down first kakashi before I destroy this "bizarre beast".

Naruto creates 1,000 clones and has them go into sage mode!

Madara: I can see why you had trouble fighting against this group of ninja, they consist of powers that would of given Hashirama trouble.

With that madara coats his Perfect Susanoo with Amaterasu and swings at Gyuki while in his transformed state, naruto throws a rasen shurriken de-materializing the sword while the others throw rasen shurrikens at Madara.

Madara's susanoo becomes engulfed with a Katon and Fuuton Rasen shurriken when tobi uses his S/T jutsu to create a vortex engulfing the entire dimension within a fire storm.

Kurama: Naruto even with my chakra will you be safe this fire storm is going to destroy the us along with the entire dimension.

Kakashi: Obito...I'm sorry for what has happened..but I must save my comrades even if I die!

Kakashi uses his Kamui to warp Bee, Maito Gai, and Naruto out of the dimension.

As they are being warped away kakashi collapses, everything in the dimension starts to crumble as the 1,000 rasen shurikkens combined with Katon vaporize everything.

Kakashi: I guess this is it, after not being able to save my father, Rin, Obito, Hiruzen, my master, or sasuke I was finally able to save my friends.

Gai: Roar my youth!

Gai punches into the air and with his punches he rips a hole in the space. Seeing kakashi he grabs him and uses one final attack on Obito.

Gai: This attack will rip apart everything in its path, even if I can't finish Madara off this attack will destroy you and the Gedo Mazo. Evening Lion!
Gai punches straight into the ground de-materializing and crushing everything around him. Obito's body is split in half from his previous wound and Madara begins to crumble.

Naruto grabs Gai with his chakraarms and pulls him out of the dimension. In attempts to keep him in tact.

Kurama: Naruto listen to what I have to say! My chakra consist of only Yang. Yang chakra has the ability to restore life and create it. Quickly transform and put then on you so I can heal them.

As Gai and Kakashi are recovering, we can see Kakashi's sharingan has gone blind, and Gai is alive but unable to move.

Obito and Madara appear although Obito is in serious condition.

Naruto: How could you of survived that! That attack destroyed the space and time surrounding it!

Obito: Zetsu has the ability to merge with life, he also consist of yang chakra and was able to heal me even if it was not back to how I was.

Madara: Enough talking! We must destroy them i'll have to use that jutsu.

Scene switches to the kages laying in a burning barren wasteland

Tsunade: I can't believe Madara had a jutsu like that..his perfect susanoo pails in comparison too what has just happened.

Lying across from Tsunade she see's Onoki laying there with his legs decapitated, Mei with her arms gone.

Tsunade: I must heal them..we cannot lose hope.

Scene Switches to Sasuke

Orochimaru: Madara is destroying the shinobi world as we know it, I have no issue's with this but it might be in your best interest to attempt to stop him. You are the only one a counter that jutsu.



Sasuke: This jutsu you speak of orochimaru...could it be.....

Edo Madara: Perfect Susanoo does not rival the Bijuu on its ability to destroy life with a single slash alone! I can end all battles in merely one move!

Madara's eyes takes the form of the Rinnegan overlaid with his EMS. He performs Tsukoyomi into his blade causing anything it damages to go into a deep genjutsu. While doing that he coats it with Amaterasu.

Madara: Watch as I destroy all of our enemies Obito!

Susanoo slams its sword into the ground, causing the earth to tremble and rupture. Amaterasu shoots in walls like a Tsunami while Tsukoyomi is even further ahead putting all targets to into genjutsu.

Kurama: This is bad, I never would of imagined someone besides the old man had a power like this.

Kurama and Gyuki wake Naruto and Bee from the genjutsu and they move above the wall of Amaterasu.

Naruto: Take Fuzzy brows sensei and Kakashi sensei to safety Bee!

Madara: You think that will save you!?

Three Susanoo's appear and begin to form seals. Meteors come crashing down with clones of Madara riding on them.

Clones: Katon: Gōka Messhitsu

The air singes everything around them, the earth is turning into a burning inferno as amaterasu continues to move and meteors come raining down on Naruto.

Naruto: Kage Bunshin no jutsu! Naruto creates clones and they transform into Perfect Bijuu mode.

Naruto: This power is still not enough! Kakashi and Gai are out of the fight, and bee is taking them to safety. I must use everything I have learned!

Naruto's clones go into sage mode along with Perfect bijuu mode.

Edo Madara: This power...I can feel this world is ripping apart.

Naruto uses his extension of nature combined with his chakra arms to grab hold of the meteors throwing them at Obito and Madara. Naruto creates rasen shurrikens as he is at his limit of Perfect Bijuu Mode.

The meteors crush Madara and Obito is sent flying under the rubble!

Madara: So he used Nature along with Yang Chakra to grab a hold the meteors and control them. Not even Hashirama had abilities like you do.

Bee arrives back on the battlefield to notice naruto creating them. He suddenly moves into the air next to naruto and creates clones of his own, infusing the Rasen Shurrikens with his lightening Element.

Kurama: Switch with me naruto! This is our final attack!

As Kurama takes possession of naruto's body he infuses the Raiton Fuuton Rasen shurrikens into Katon Raiton Fuuton Shurrikens. The sky starts to unwind as space is being ripped apart from the intensity of the jutsu.

The clones throw the Rasen Shurrikens destroying everything around Madara and Obito.

Naruto out of breath: It looks like....this finished them off...but Madara is still...

We see Madara reform into his Perfect Susanoo to use that jutsu again.

Madara: You truly are superior to any ninja I have encountered, however I am an immortal with the powers of Hashirama and Izuna. There is nothing I cannot accomplish!

Naruto harnesses sage mode in an attempt to fight back against this power knowing that it is futile when suddenly Sasuke appears slashing through Madara's perfect Susanoo.

Sasuke: I have learned the truth! You assisted in the destruction of the Uchiha Clan!

Scene Switches to team 11

Sai: What is this intense pressure!

Sai draws birds for the rest of the team to fly on as they watch the forest disintegrate immediately.

They look over in the distance and see the 5 kages laying there immobile.

Scene Switches back to Sasuke, Naruto, and Bee

Madara: I presume you are the last of the Uchiha?

Sasuke: You assisted my brother in the murder of my clan! I will destroy you along with anyone else associated with the leaf!

Madara: Quite big talk for someone who doesn't possess the skills to match me. My next Jutsu will finish you off and I won't even have to lay a finger on you.

Kakashi in a daze: Gai..are you alive? He reaches out to feel Gai's pulse it is beating very slowly.

Kakashi: I must get up and continue to the battlefield...even without a sharingan, I can still fight. I'll show them why I was known as a genius.

Orochimaru: This is Obito..could he possess the sharingan I am looking for?

Obito in thought: I must teleport back to Madara. I must save this world from pain and suffering.

Obito and Kakashi arrive at the battlefield at the same time.

Madara: Summoning: Impure World Ressurection!

Three caskets appear. Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha come out.

Sasuke: Father...Mother....

Madara: Don't think I forgot about you kakashi I have a special summoning just for you.

Rin appears out of the 3rd casket.

Rin: Its been far too long Kakashi. I wish our meeting could of been different.

Obito hides in the background confused as to what Rin is doing there.

Rin: Its a shame I must fight for the man who killed me..kakashi i'm sorry please stop us!! Rin screams as she becomes a killing machine lunging towards Kakashi with her Kunai.

Obito uses Kamui and puts Rin into his dimension! His eyes are glowing red with rage!

Obito: What did she mean by you killed her! I watched her die with my own eyes!!

Madara: You were merely my puppet Obito. I created a genjutsu showing rin getting killed by kakashi. I needed you to awaken your Mangekyou Sharingan as well as make you my loyal perish along with this world!


Obito goes into a flashback.

Obito's Mother: Our family has always been different, you and shisui have always been peaceful and loving. You never wanted to fight and never held animosity towards the senju.

Obito: Shisui we must always protect the village and those who are dearest too us. Our family resides in this village, and even with our cursed lineage we must protect them.

Obito talking to kakashi: Those who don't care about their companions are even worse then trash.

"Present Time"

Obito: How could I of been deceived all this time, I forgot to protect those who mean the world to me...if only I could of gone back and talked to Kakashi.


Obito: Where am I?

Unknown person: You are within the earth, I have rescued you from your death.

Obito: What is this sticky substance? Who are you? What happened to Rin and Kakashi?

Unknown person: I am Uchiha Madara. I created that substance, it is known as zetsu. It is the DNA of Hashirama Senju as you see before you! Furthermore Rin is dead.

Obito: What happened to Rin!

Madara: I will show you (activates EMS and uses Tsukoyomi)

Kakashi: Do you think his body is still here?

Rin: I hope so, he deserves a proper burial.

Suddenly a huge explosion happens.

Rin: Kakashi help I can't move.

Rin is sinking into the earth as a swamp has taken a hold of her body. Suddenly Iwakagure ninja attack kakashi. He is forced to retreat and watches Rin sink to her death.

Obito: This...can'

Madara: You now understand pain. I have a way that will end all suffering on this planet and will save them from all sorrow.

Obito: I will fight for that dream! (Obito's Mangekyou Sharingan is awakened)

"Present time"

Madara: My plans are finally into fruition. Even though the Ten Tails is stuck in Obito's dimension, I can put him in a genjutsu and retrieve it.

Obito: I was taught by Hiruzen, that it is possible to merge two elements even if you don't have a Kekkei Genkei. This has been unique to many ninja such as Haku and Hashirama. Well now I will give it a try.

Obito: Doton: Melting swamp

Madara's Susanoo becomes engulfed in a burning muddy swamp making him stuck.

Obito: Kakashi...please come here..I have a way of becoming your eyes once again.

Obito uses Transcription Seal:Space–Time Migration

Kakashi: What is this power?

Obito: Every Uchiha's right sharingan has a unique power. Sasuke's right sharingan can manipulate Amaterasu. Itachi's can control the length of the Tsukoyomi. Madara can form seals with his Susanoo. I can manipulate time and space with mine. Use this power and never let Madara get a hold of the Ten tails. That dimension is melting, Rin and the Ten tails will be vaporized for the rest of time..

Kakashi: I understand...I will use this power to lock Madara away forever!


Tsunade: Mei..Onoki..Gaara..are you guys alive?

Gaara: I cannot move my body, I used the last of my Chakra to guard you four from the Dozens of Amaterasu waves.

A emerges from the rubble in a lightening explosion

A: I can't believe we let him get away, we must continue to fight!

Mei: My arms have been blown off in the explosion...I cannot form seals. I am no longer of use in this battle.

Onoki: My legs have been blown off as well, I can fly but I will not last long fighting against someone of his power.

Tsunade: Mei, I will be your arms! You can manipulate Lava without the use of seals. You will fight with us you are an invaluable ally.

Gaara: Hokage-Sama please heal me. I must protect Naruto-San no matter the cost.

Scene Switches to Madara

Madara: It appears as if those pathetic Kages have some life in them. I'll have to destroy them with my meteorite technique. Too bad for Obito, his jutsu was in vain.

Naruto deep in thought: Kurama we have no way to seal this monster. How can we beat him?

Kurama: Gyuki has the ability to seal with his ink. I have an idea, but it will take time in order to seal him. Time that we do not have.

Kakashi: Naruto! Bee! You must find a way to seal him, I will use every jutsu in my arsenal to combat Madara. You must hurry.

605 (or whatever number this)

Madara: First things first, I must eliminate the Kages. Ram-Snake-Bird Meteorite Technique!!

Two meteorites appear going towards the kages.

Kakashi: Water style: Piercing white water!

Water shoots out from the ground and hits the meteorites causing them to fall apart in mid air.

Kakashi: I'm not done yet! Katon Fire Napalm Dragon! (Third hokages technique)

We see kakashi utilize the fires that are being burnt to melt the meteorites coming at the kages.

Madara: So it appears I am fighting a combination of Uchiha and a Senju. Well....your nothing compared to me!!!

Kakashi opens up the alternate dimension and uses Water Style: Great water encampment!

Madara: It appears that the vortex you have put me in is melting me away.

Kakashi: I'm nearly out of chakra...Naruto needs to hurry.

Scene Switches to sasuke

Sasuke: I will destroy you two and then go after Madara.

Fugaku: My son seeing how itachi has taken care of you has freed our soul from this binding.

Sasuke uses Susanoo and shoots arrows at Madara.

Madara: Childs play! Shinra Tensei!!

Sasuke: I thought your abilities were superior to mine Madara.

Madara: What are you talking about? I'll destroy you with my...

Madara's no longer has control of his susanoo.

Madara: You hid sealing tags under the amaterasu flames. An Uchiha who studied Finjutsu. You sure are a rarity. Its a shame that i'll have to kill you.


Bee and Naruto are talking.

Naruto: Alright lets do this!

Bee transforms into Gyuki and prepares to spit sealing ink!

Naruto Transforms into Kurama and creates a hard chakra shell (Like tailed beast ball shell)

Bee spits sealing ink into that ball while Naruto increases its size into a massive explosion.

Madara: I pity you ninja, the rinnegan can absorb all ninjutsu no matter what attributes it holds. Not even a sealing jutsu can defeat someone like me. Allow me to finish this battle. I really am getting bored around such weak ninja.

Madara creates two more perfect Susanoo's. The first one summons 2 Meteorites. The second one creates a wave of amaterasu. The third one slashes his sword out at naruto.

Kakashi: No this fight will end here!

Kakashi Absorbs the wall of Amaterasu, the sword, and two meteorites.

Kakashi: My body...I cannot keep up this fight anymore...I'm sorry.

Kakashi collapses on the ground feeling the effects of his new jutsu.

Madara: No matter, I can simply create more!

Onoki: Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique

The clones of Madara are destroyed and Madara absorbs the dust release as it reaches him.

Madara: I should of killed you when you were a child. Let me demonstrate what fear is!

Gaara: Madara you are too arrogent. This next jutsu will use all of our chakra, but you will be destroyed along with it.

Gaara raises 50 tons worth of sand into the air.

Mei: Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique

Mei spits lava all over the sand turning it into glass

Raikage: Let me show you why Raiton is the most deadly element!

A electrifies the solid glass turning it into solid lightening.

Tsunade: This is for the ninja world!

Tsunade punches the glass sending it towards Madara going at speeds faster then light. Madara's susanoo is shread apart and the earth starts to crumble as the glass punctures the earth.

Madara: If this is the best you got, then you have failed.

Naruto: This is it Madara!

Naruto launches a Tailed Beast Bomb full of sealing ink right into Madara!

Madara gets consumed and become incapacitated.


Madara: It appears I cannot move, no matter how do you think I got to Tobi's dimension in the first place.

Madara dissapears and reappears instantly with the juubi fully transformed emblazoned with Amaterasu.

Madara: This is MY CREATION I will now seal this monster into my body and control the planet.

Kakashi: My body...this presence i'm feeling...I'll die with this next jutsu...but it will give Naruto a fighting chance.

Kakashi: Death Reaper Seal!

Kakashi absorbs 25% of the juubi. As it goes into kakashi his body is unable to contain it properly and turns to ash. I was able to protect my friends and family. Now I can finally meet with Rin, Obito, and Sensei.

Naruto: Kakashi...

Unknown person: Naruto! Do not let my rivals sacrifice go in vain! He did this for you. Do not let him down fight until your last dying breathe!

Scene shows Madara with the juubi inside him swatting around the kages like flies.

Kurama is talking to naruto: The old man said all 9 of us would be together in a new form! I believe it is time to realize his dream.

Naruto: How are we supposed to do that?

Kurama: Release all but the last strand of sealing from me, so I may come out of your stomach! When I come out I will swipe Madara taking the juubi from his body and putting it into yours. The chakra will overwhelm you but in time you will get used to it.

Naruto unseals most of the Tori Seal on his Stomach.

Madara: You think i'll just stand there and watch you attack me?

Sasuke: It would appear as if you have no choice!

Sasuke uses the sword of Kusanagi mixed with Raiton to slice off Madara's arms and legs.

Madara: You bastard! I will destroy you!

Kurama swipes at Madara taking the juubi from his body.

Naruto: This chakra, it feels as if I am about to die. I cannot breathe.

Madara: I still have a chance, I can still take back what is mine!

Tsunade grabs hold of Madara and uses Sealing jutsu: Four symbols seal.

Madara: Even if I get sealed, I will take over your body!

Madara becomes sealed inside of Tsunade.

Tsunade: I can feel his power overcoming me, I cannot hold him back much longer. Please seal me Gaara!

Gaara uses his Desert Encampment Sealing to consume Tsunade and seals her. He places a desert on top of her. A swift flash of light appears to go with the sealing.

Naruto: We must make sure no one can ever get to Tsunade! Naruto utilizes the Tailed Beast and separates Tsunade from the land.

Naruto uses Kurama's charka arms to rip the earth apart creating a separate part.

Killer Bee uses his sealing ink to create a protective barrier over the desert Gaara has created and Onoki creates a massive amount of earth to cover it.

Onoki: This should keep anyone from getting a hold of Tsunade, we'll have to bury her under the sea!

Suddenly the seal breaks and we see sasuke burst from the sand.

Sasuke: I have gained the powers of Tsunade Senju, Uchiha Madara, Uchiha Izuna, and Senju Hashirama! Naruto I will destroy you and your precious village!

I hope you guys like it. Sorry about killing off Kakashi and Obito. I meant to kill off Gai as well but completely spaced out and forgot about him. Don't worry i'll get him next time :shrug:. Cheers!