Chapter 600 is a great chapter don't get me wrong but it was not the chapter I wanted to read. All this chapter did was create more Questions. I don't know why Kishi is stalling in manga and not trying to answer these big questions but he needs to get it done.
Here are some questions:
How and when did Rin die?

Why didn't Kakashi save her?

What really happen to Obito?

Why didn't he die?

Did Madara save him?

How does Madara know Obito?

What happened to the Kages?

How did Madara know where Obito and Naruto were?

Where is Konoha 11 and everybody else from the war?
Whats taking them so long?

Why isn't the Ten-Tails finished yet?

Where is Sasuke and who is he looking for?

Why is the manga so short?

Forreal Kishi needs to get to it when it comes to answering these questions.:shrug: