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    601 and 602

    601- Uchiha God

    Naruto- Damn that's Madara!

    Kakashi- !?

    Obito- Madara, now that you're here, lets begin our plan.

    Madara- You can fight that pathetic friend of yours. I'll take the Kyuubi.

    Obito- ...

    Kakashi- Obito, do you really want this world to be gone?

    Obito- With Infinite Tsukuyomi, we can all be happy... forever!

    Kakashi- You are insane Obito! You abandoned your village and comrades for something so crazy!

    Obito- Enough talk, let me show you how great MY Kamui is! (Obito warps Kakashi into another dimension, then three swords in that dimension stabs him, then he is released)

    Kakashi- Gah!! (Damn what power!)

    Obito- Kakashi... you lose.

    (Kakashi Flashback)

    Rin- Kakashi, we'd better hurry to go find Orochimaru's hideout!

    Kakashi- Alright Rin, but lets not rush!

    (Orochimaru appears and throws his sword at them)

    Kakashi- (Catches the sword) Don't underestimate my Sharingan.

    Orochimaru- Fufu.. (Kicks Rin into the Sword)

    Kakashi- !?

    Rin- ....Kaka...shi... (Dies)

    (Flashback ends)

    Obito- You killed Rin... you bastard.

    Madara- Naruto, come here and lets fight in honor.

    Guy- Careful Naruto, this is Madara we're dealing with!

    Naruto- I know! He's definitely powerful!

    Madara- Not only am I powerful, I am the God of the Uchiha Clan. My power can crush life itself. Even Rikudou Sennin's sons never had this power.

    Naruto- ...Quit yapping you cocky bastard!

    Madara- Uchiha Style- Dark Hell (Dark red flames appear around Naruto and everyone else)

    602- A new Enemy!

    Naruto- These flames are hotter than normal fire jutsu!

    Bee- Naruto you baka, hit these flames with your Bijuu Dama!

    Naruto- I can't there are too many!

    Madara- I'll take the Kyuubi to make the Juubi even stronger.

    Naruto- Even if you take it, I only have the Yang half of Kurama.

    Madara- What!?

    Naruto- Bijuu Dama (Shoots to Madara)

    Madara- Edo Tensei!

    (Many coffins appear)

    Obito- !

    (Achilles, Athena, Zeus, Beowulf, and Lucifer come out of the coffins)

    Naruto- They all have powerful chakras!

    Madara- Correct.

    Obito- Who are they?

    Madara- Greek legends...

    Figure- Let me join the battle too... Uchiha Madara.

    Madara- ...?

    Rumpelstiltskin- Lets destroy the world!
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