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    601 light and fluffy prediction

    continuing from the scene where Madara appears alongside obito...

    Page 1
    Madara: Well what do we have here.. if it isn't the 9 tails jinchuriki

    Kurama: *Naruto let me out i have to say something in my deep stage voice*
    Kurama: "Uchihaa Madara!"
    Kurama: "such ominous chakra.. and that edo body smells ominous too"

    Kakashi and Gai look upon the ultimate Uchiha with awe.
    Kakashi: *My hair is more famous for cosplay! Plus I still have my mask on! - look at tobi he's been exposed haha.. my kage bunshins might still a higher number than theirs at Comicon!*

    Page 2
    scene shows Karin escaping from Konoha and she suddenly senses Sasugay and it is not as cold as it was.
    Karin: *Sasuke-kun's chakra.. so sexy! But what is this other chakra?.. no way! how did he land up here too?*
    Karin runs into oro sasuke and the remaining members of Hebi

    Page 3
    Oro: Karin my darling! why do you get turned on only by sasuke and not by me? Come along now lets take you back with us for a stroll! Sasuke will be a good boy.
    Karin goes along with them before Oro can make any snake jokes
    Oro: *haha it was so easy to get Karin and her senju DNA along.. Sasuke you will thank me for this present later*

    Page 4
    Scent shifts back to the Naru Kaka Gai Bee ... vs... Obi and Maddy
    Naruto: What have you done with the 5 kages?
    Madara: That worthless thrash? Their dead!

    Page 5

    Page 6

    Page 7

    Page 8
    Flashback within the flashback of page 7

    Page 9
    Scene shifts to the medical camp
    Units have brought their injured for treatment and Sakura has redirected them well. The Konoha 11 meet at the medical camp and decide it is time for their generation to step up

    Page 10
    everyone says their usual dialogues like shino being happy to be part of the plan and hinata fantasizing about naruto and fainting.. and sakura crying.

    Page 11
    They reach the site of Kages vs Madara
    the landscape is totally wrecked!! amatersu, meteorites and Katon have covered one half while sand dust and lava cover the other. Neji spots Katsuya

    Page 12
    Tsunade: Madara has gone after Naruto and the remaining Juubi. We will survive here Katsuya kept us safe but we are all out of chakra. GO BACK UP NARUTO!

    Page 13, 14, 15

    Page 16
    oro and sasuke stand atop the valley of the end
    Sasuke: "Wow madara sure looks different in this sculpture!.. wait a minute, tobi is an imposter he will pay for tricking me!!"
    Oro does a summoning

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    Re: 601 light and fluffy prediction

    Nice. O.o

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    Re: 601 light and fluffy prediction

    [ik ok

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    Re: 601 light and fluffy prediction

    Mehhh. It was funny at first.

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