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    Casshern Kiyoshi | The Immortal One

    Basic Information

    "Don't get involved with me, or you'll die.."

    Name: Casshern Kiyoshi
    Nickname: The Immortal Being
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Clan: Kiyoshi


    Casshern wears a white, skintight suit, that covers the entirety of his body. His body is slim and compact, yet heavily muscled due to all the years of training. Two vertical strips of red beginning at his shoulders extend the length of his body, down to his thighs. They then reverse directions back on the backside of his body, reaching towards his shoulders. He also wears a red, distorted "C" on the center of his chest. Red stripes also wrap around both of his forearms. Around his neck, is a blue collar that flares out on all sides around him. On each of his sides are clubs that can be detached doing deadly damage.

    Casshern also wears a white, spherical battle helmet. A golden V shaped piece of metal is placed on the front of his helmet. He also has a face plate installed in the helmet, that covers his nose and mouth, acting like a filter for poisons and gases. When he isn't wearing his helmet, his brown hair sticks out wildy in all directions. Casshern has deep, green eyes.


    Casshern is a normally calm and oblivious man. He wanders around, seeking answers he doesn't truly know. However, he is very kind and gentle most of the time. Casshern has no one close to him, and so has developed a detached attitude to anything that requires commitment. Even when angered, Casshern speaks in a soft voice that is just above a whisper. His odd restraint of his anger is because he is too afraid to release it sometimes. He knows his capabilities when angered, and so tries to stay calm at all times.

    When in battle, his killer instincts takes over. He turns into a killing machine, and goes on a blood rampage. He kills so easily that his enemies are frightened at his strength and speed.

    Village Information

    Village of Birth: Amegakure
    Village of Alliance: Iwagakure

    Rank/Chakra Information

    Ninja Rank: Unofficial Sage
    Specialty: Taijutsu | Earth | Ninjutsu

    Ninjutsu: Mastered | Taijutsu: Mastered | Genjutsu: Mastered | Kenjutsu: Mastered | NB Taijutsu: B-ranks | Summoning: Blue Herons | Hyena | Medical Ninjutsu: In training | Kiyoshi: In training



    He opened his eyes tentatively. The rain pounded down onto Casshern as he lay upon the ground. His body ached, but he felt help was near. Footsteps echoed in the rain as a group of women appeared from the darkness. Casshern felt soft hands tenderly grip his own arms and legs, lifting him into welcoming arms.

    "Himari, we have an child still alive right over here."
    "Let me check for you, Tsumi."

    Soft hands caressed his neck, and face. Casshern smiled at the comforting feeling. The pressure on his cheeks stung, but it wasn't anything he couldn't bare.

    "Well, he's definitely alive, but he's sick with fever and starvation. He needs help."

    The smooth silk of a bed of some sort was placed against his bare back. Compared to the slimy rocks he was previously resting on, this was heaven. The bed began to move, a rhythmic back and forth swaying. As the hours passed, the motion gently rocked Casshern back to sleep.

    Casshern awoke, a bright light assailing his eyes as he tried to open them for the first time in days. There were odd tubes connected to various parts of his body, and a peculiar, continuous beeping sound that came from a white box next to the bed he rested on. He shrugged his shoulders a few times, trying to get the feeling back into his arms, while flexing his small fingers.

    "..Where am I.."

    He pulled his hands forward, placing his palms against the bedsheets as he pushed his upper body upwards. He turned his head to both sides, looking at his surroundings. There were small, kind looking women scurrying all around, going from bed to bed, room to room. Casshern genuinely wondered where he was. A woman leaning with a foot placed against the far wall caught his attention. As he looked at her, she looked right back. She licked her lips a single time, and said..

    "Ah, so you're awake now, are you?"

    She approached Casshern, placing her hand onto his forehead. She checked the inside of his mouth, made him cough a few times and tested his joints with soft taps and knocks.

    "You look good as new, little boy! Can I ask you your name?"

    Flashes of images roared through Casshern's mind. A bloody petal, a screaming woman, the sounds of boots on hardwood. He looked down to his chest, tracing a large C with his finger on the bare skin. He looked back up, and muttered a single word..



    Earth Affinity: Due to Casshern's high level of mastery over earth techniques, he can perform all earth techniques with only a single hand seal.

    Ninjutsu: Casshern has displayed amazing talent in the field of ninjutsu, so much so that he is able to perform hand seals and techniques related to basic ninjutsu faster and more effectively than normal shinobi.

    Will of Rock: Casshern has a strong willpower and carries the Will of Rock inside from his very proud village of Iwagakure. Having such strong willpower means that in a fight, small injuries are not enough to stop him. His will to live for the village is enormously strong, and it has helped him many times in fights.

    Weapons: Casshern carries a variety of weapons. In his ninja pouch, he carries shuriken, kunai, explosive tags, flash and smoke bombs, ninja wire, and all the other items essential for a ninja. Casshern also carries two folded Windmill Shuriken in his backpack. He also carries a basic katana and staff into many of his fights. The basic ninja tools are concealed in multiple pockets and pouches located around his waist. He always carries his weapon strapped to his back.

    Theme Song and Background Music:


    Won: Infinity
    Lost: N/A

    Updating the Kiyoshi bio found here.

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