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    NB going vBulletin 4!

    Hey everybody!

    On Saturday, the forums will be closed at 9:00 CET (UTC+1). A major maintenance has been planned along with the much needed upgrade of the Forums to the version 4 of vBulletin. This is a very big step for us, since our current vBulletin version is not getting automatically updated any longer.

    The reason for this upgrade is that the version we currently are running has reached somewhat of a dead end, and it's started to get unstable due to our high user count. With the new version we expect the site to run a lot more smooth with less downtime, and it also opens up space for a whole lot of other upgrades and fun stuff for all. We hope we have your support on this.

    This will cause a lot of changes to the site and especially its plugins; some of the ones we are using right now are not compatible with the new version and will have to be removed. However, the migration to v. 4 will allow NarutoBase to release new add ons and plugins which will make the forums a better and nicer place!

    The plugins that will be lost are: the Kumi system, the gifts, the awards, and some other plugins that we have on the profiles. Some of them will be restored after the upgrade as soon as possible, so don't worry, the awards will be added back later!

    As soon as the migration is finished, we will open up the forums to the public with the default vBulletin theme. A new theme will be added later on but you have to give us some time for that since the template system has changed dramatically. Along the day we will migrate back the plugins and based on the comments there might be some other changes as well. So yes, the forums will get a fresh new look as well!

    Of course we will do our best to migrate without any troubles but unexpected things might occur, so your patience is much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    NB's staff
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