Dear NB GFXers
this is my first tutorial so CnC would be appreciated
Note: i made this AS for a request
First You choose the render you want:
the render that i'd chosen for the request was

and make a new image with big dimensions (the dimensions i use are shown in the img)

then make 2 layers 1 black and the other white (make sure that the black is under the white as shown in the image coz the white layer will show you exactly how will the air sig will look like when you use it on NB)

then place the render in the middle of the image and make it small (for me the more the render is wide or tall the smaller i make it )

if the end of the render is like the shown in the image then use the eraser tool with the feather brush then delete it's end ( i usually put some text over the erased part but since there's no text requested i didn't put it this time )

then make a layer under the layer of the render and use the suitable brush with the suitable color in this layer (if the used brushes are splatters then make sure that you erase the small spots left from them if the colors used are light then hide the white layer if they're dark hide the black one one )(also make sure that the brushes that you used didn't go outline of the image the air sigs are supposed to make the images think like they're made to fit it's shape not made as a square or a rectangle )

then when the air sig is done (mine looked like wut's inside the spoiler)

you should crop it so it's closer to the sig's maximum size ( and make sure that the crop didn't cut any part of the air sig )

after you crop it hide the black and the white layers to make it's background transparent

then save it as PNG coz the PNG give it the required transparency

The End! and thnx for reading