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    Re: Sannin vs. Taka

    Quote Originally Posted by Nanaki View Post
    People also forget that even after Pain took on all of the top ninja of Konaho and used massive amounts of chakra, and even after Naruto shows up fully prepared with 2 sage mode clones waiting in myozubaka (spelling not right at all), Pain still beat Naruto 1v1. Everybody loves to forget how Naruto was pinned down and Pain was about to drag him away until Hinata had to go a nd do something.
    yes Naruto & Sasuke hav both been very lucky in part 2
    but tis is easy sanin how can anyone say Taka there jus saying taka because its sasuke team then there bring 3 fights tat sasuke got lucky dont get me wrong I said Sasuke vs Deidra was my favourite fight on my thread and in my personal opion Sasuke vs Itachi was better then Naruto vs Pein but come on Orochimaru was weaken Deidra killed himself & Itachi wanted Sasuke 2 beat him they aint a gr8 track sheet if 1 on 1 Sasuke might beat 1 of them but all of taka vs the sannin tats lik Manchester United under 16 vs Manchester United they jus hav no chance im jus happy most people r being real
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