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    It seems the end came and people died already but who was it ?

    Guys in the latest chapters it seems its being told to us from the future in a note Levi is writing. As we can see

    She says some people died and i guess it cant be helped since the future already happened

    This similiar text was also shown to us earlier but for me it didnt click because it was off and no further detail was given of who was talking i guess its Levi telling us the good times.

    Well anyway i feel that for whatever reason this judgement day will happen and i feel that Fairy tail's somewhat has its dark secret.

    Im worried cause i feel that this device or magic is somewhat constructed beneath this palace by Zeref

    We all know Zeref is darkness and he could even have dragonslayer or god power of death from acnologia since every other dragon has a student.

    Fairy tails first master might be the opposite and thats light

    But Zeref being dark didnt seem that bad on the Ten. Island during the s class tests
    Maybe the first master being light might be evil ???i doubt it

    but i had this feeling that the girl jellal saw is the first master and thats the reason he was possibly shocked ?
    she is absolutely powerful and she is the only counter to zeref. There has to be a reason why Zeref was on tenrou island and stranded there with memory loss. maybe the first master and him had some sort of battle and she is the only one at the moment who can counter his darkness?? i dunno lets see do fairys turn evil?

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    Re: It seems the end came and people died already but who was it ?


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