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    Reason for his Defection....

    Well then now that my Manga thirst has been satified for this week i shall carry on with my guestimations...

    The Ancient Stone Tablet of the Sage of the Six Path...
    He gave this to his elder son,who not only possesed the abilities to decipher its context but realize its meaning...
    Recorded there are the secrets of the Mangekyō Sharingan, the story of the Sage of the Six Paths and his war against the forces of evil,namely the ten tails beast one of which was created by himself....
    Here we see Madara with the intentions of leaving the village because of the fact that he himself said that there is a differant interpatation of the message written on the stone.......hmmmmm.

    Now if i can formulate a good theory....
    Notice what Madara said....
    Its deciphered as in the begining the sage was one as a whole being.....inwhich inorder to create stability he had to divide his power into two...The First born......And the Second Born..

    And it is easily understandable that if these two opposing forces cooperate,real happiness can be obtained....
    Which would litterally mean that madara's plan to aquire senju dna and both bloodline into one was planned already.

    So now at least i personally can say that i've not been trolled today by kishi atleast i've been enlighten to one of the questions i've always wanted to know.....

    If the tablet was given to him then with the eyes he possessed at that time he must have read exactly what was written on the tablet....And like Madara...
    Who say that there is another interpataion on it....litterally meaning that a hidden message that can only be uncovered by Hatred and Darkness alone..well maybe even only by awakening the Rinnegon....because remember....

    We see here that madara explains to Obito the history of the Sage and the Jubbi ....but his overall moral of the story was that he wanted to bring peace to the world by the Power he had aquired...... His Ultimate genjutsu...a genjutsu so powerful that he would weild the ability to cast this upon the moon it would effect the entire world...being also a Genjutsu of a level that when activated it can create a surreal world of a infinite DreamScape...
    with madara as the one who would control,create and Rule Everthing that exist in it.....

    So my conclusion would be this that Madara did what he did as a means of following the Uchiha Ancestor it wasn't really his parnioa it was what he had read that really scared him....

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    Re: Reason for his Defection....

    well that is a nice theory based on a very good hypothesis well, i couldnt agree more with you but are we sure it wasnt madara's selfishness and not following his ancestors will

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    Re: Reason for his Defection....

    Hmm..nice theory, I dunno what to say :X

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