If you want to know the truth, then read that link, She gives the best explanations.

Not saying Naruhina won't happen, just its more likely and more reasonable to for Narusaku to happen.

The hero always gets the girl he wants, Naruto's love for Sakura is as crazy as Obitio's love for Rin, and look what happen to Obitio when he losed Rin lol.

No but seriously, Narusaku is just the better choice. For me, its the fact that they would risk anything for the other's happiness. Naruto would rather see Sakura with Sasuke, then force her to love him. And Sakura would rather kill Sasuke than have Naruto suffer. Thats some crazy messed up love.

I've never like Naruhina, because like Hinata said, her love for Naruto is selfish. Like Sakura love for Sasuke (which Kishi said is also selfish). The only pure unselfish love is Narusaku because they don't want to even be with each other because they think one isn't good enough for the other. Naruto thinks he isn't good enough for Sakura, and Sakura thinks she is good enough for Naruto. In reality they want would make the other the happiest in the world.

They only way I'd support Naruhina, is Hinata came out and acknowledged Naruto's feelings for Sakura. Instead of ignoring them, because it seems now she only cares to get Naruto to herself despite his feelings for Sakura. If she started to do what Naruto is doing with Sakura, and try to get Sakura to love Naruto. That would show me that, Hinata cares more about Naruto's happiness then her own, and I find that to be pure love.

And also Narusaku