Ok you are right about the fact that I assumed you were narusaku.To be honest I did not even read your first post, I commented on the title of your thread. But since you are now showing your evidence I can answer with more objectivity than before.

The thing is you are confusing two different emotions. Desire and compassion.
In most of the examples you mentioned Sakura indeed shows great compassion towards Naruto.There is no denying that.But when Sasuke appears she is at a loss isnt's she? That is desire. The feeling that confuses her and leads her to that state. Think about Rin too. She showed the same compassion towards Obito but she was in love with Kakashi wasn't she? Even if you said Sasuke will choose Sakura though I would still disagree because right now her feeling towards him are not clear either.

I have to add that I also could care less about the coupling thing although initialy I favoured sasusaku.Now I think that Sasuke ending up with Sakura would be strange for him.

Think about it...you may love somebody but you may be in love with another one.

Ok I guess I overanalysed it but you were quite thorough too so that's fair.