- Roleplay for those who wants to have fun and be realistic and act like real soldiers in combat and more.


1. No multi-posting
2. No vulgar / bad language in any way
2.1 Only use vulgar language when Rping (character speaking/thinking)
3. Behave nicely towards anyone in the group
4. Be creative (write atleast 3-4 sentences per post - does not count when just speaking)
4.1 This is to give the rp some more action when posting, to make it more exiting
5. Be reasonable (don't just appear out of nowhere in a thread)
6. Do as the higher ups tell you to do (the leaders of each Special Op, Terrorist leader etc)
6.1 If anyone miss uses their given power in the RP in any way, they will be punished by being stripped of their title
7. No made up weapons & armor etc. (It all has to excist in real life)
8. All weapons have to be modern (no weapons that are not used today)
9. No posting Threads without permission from: (Gutsy Jiraiya - LonelyAssasin)
10. To create any special group you need permission from: (Gutsy Jiraiya - LonelyAssasin)
11. You will die after multiple shots as this is not a video game and you will die if you get shot multiple times
12. No excellent shooting (sniping) even the pro's struggle to hit the target
13. No superhuman things (you can't kill a guy with a single punch, move a truck/car/tank alone and cannot carry tons of weapons)
14. You can't go on missions by yourself (except if it's like top secret missions etc)
15. Only higher ups can give the top secret missions
16. If you break any of the above rules it will have fatal consequences of either being thrown out of the group or other means of punishment
17. You wont just magically find something (Weapons, tanks, choppers, information etc)
18. You have to create your own character in this RP (not allowed to use characters who are real or in any games)
19. capable of being promoted
20. Must create a new bio if your other bio dies

Activity Rules:

1. You must be active (post) in the group every 2 days atleast
2. You must inform us if you cannot post in the group with a good reason
3. Anyone who is not active will automatically be removed from the group within 3 days

If you can agree to the above rules, then you can be part of this group and play some real action fun roleplay.

Those who wants to join post below: ~I wish to join~ and I will invite you