Tobi/Obito theories and discussions

Post your latest theories and views about Tobi after Chapter 601 in here. Please participate in the poll and let's see how we are feeling right now.


After chapter 599 one this was certain:

Tobi was Obito - For the most part. He was the original "no one". :sy:

There are still many questions to be answered properly, for example:

  • How come he survived?
  • Was it the head injury which made him go Tobi?
  • How come he thought he had a claim over Nagato's eye?
  • When did he had that growth spurt and MS awakenned?
  • Is it only the body of Obito?
  • blah blah

Seeing that Tobi ID theories are STILL one of the most popular and repeatedly made thread, it is stickied yet again. So here is a thread for you to post your theories filling the gaps and explaining how it became possible till Kishi does it himself.

Now play nicely and stop making separate threads for it every time you want to come up with some new ideas about Tobi's behaviour and what might have been the reason for his change of heart.

Make a separate thread about it now and not only the thread may get closed/trashed you may receive infractions depending on the case.

Please keep the thread spam free and do not make random posts.