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    ۞ Gildarts Kiyoshi | きよし

    Gildarts Clive Kiyoshi

    Basic Information
    Name: Gildarts "Clive" Kiyoshi
    Nickname: № 1 | Loner of the 100 Year Quest
    Gender: Male
    Age: 42
    Clan: Kiyoshi


    Gildarts is a tall and muscular man with shoulder-length reddish orange hair, which is kept slicked back, and some stubble around his mouth and on his chin. Gildarts’ attire is simple and practical, consisting of a dark, tattered cape over his bare chest, with a high collar and armored plates on the shoulders, held closed by a belt and usually covering his whole figure, and loose dark pants, complete with an armored waist-guard with plates similar to the ones on his shoulders, tucked inside simple boots.


    Gildarts is a laid-back, easygoing person. He's also warm-hearted and kind, and has great interest and faith in the new generation of shinobi. He is well respected by the whole town and guild. He also appears to be a bit absent-minded and oblivious, and apparently doesn't pay attention to what he's doing. When fighting, Gildarts would often employ exclusively hand-to-hand combat while using elements to destroy things other than humans, such as the ground or offensive attacks, to avoid human casualties. In many ways, Gildarts appears to be somewhat of a lone wolf as well. Gildarts is also quite a womanizer, having been with at least 13 women since leaving his (now deceased) wife 18 years ago.

    Village Info
    Village of Birth:

    Yukigakure (rumored)

    Village of Affiliation:

    Iwagakure | Konohagakure

    Rank/Chakra Info
    Ninja Rank:
    1. Unofficial Sage
    • Earth Release
    • Taijutsu
    • Strength
    • Water 水
    • Earth 土
    • Wind 風
    • Fire 火
    • Lightning 電
    • Arid 乾
    • Francium シ
    • Ninjutsu 忍
    • Taijutsu 体
    • Kenjutsu 剣
    • Genjutsu (B-ranks) 幻
    • Kiyoshi Teachings (Training) 和
    • Coyote Summons creator
    • Sea Snail Summons creator
    • Gildarts Tome of Mysterious Spells

    Background Info
    Ϟ The Revelation of Gildarts Ϟ

    Not much is known about the early life of Gildarts, in fact nothing is known. To those who know him today simply consider he was brought up from Yukigakure since that's where his first appearance as a shinobi come to be. In Yukigakure there was a undocumented raid that most other villages are unaware of to this day. A powerful group of rogue ninja lead by a menacing yet quite powerful man - Rahl. He came without warning with his a small army worth of shinobi of all sorts - breed throughout the entire ninja world. Rahl blasted the gate of Yukigakure by just slamming his fist into the iron gates that once protected this small village from outsiders. He came in with the sash of "Iwa's Blast Corps" giving away his special ability but he doesn't care of such things. Once into the village everything was a muck, the innocent citizens of Yukigakure were murdered by the hands of these rogue mercenaries who only think of death and despair within our world. The city burned, families disbanded, and Yuki shinobi fighting for their home.

    Yukigakure was on the brink of complete destruction after the Kage was defeated by Rahl. The ones fighting for their home were few and far in between still clinging to the hope of their village being extinguished by the flames of evil. Then their was this women, she walked through the carnage, burned homes and charred bodies to the steps of the Kage's roof where Rahl stood in almost victory. She pleaded for the well-being of the children, for the women, for the society of Yukigakure. Rahl walked up to her and laughed - this cheeky, devilish laugh.

    Rahl: To think out of all the shinobi of this pathetic village a weak women tries to plead for life..this just further justifies my coming destruction to Yuki. Not a single man is real and strong enough to stand up to me but a women serf..this disgusts me. Women, Yukigakure will burn to ashes..

    Rahl raises his katana over this women. She lowers her head knowing of the death that awaits her. He swings his sword down and just a moment before she's struck a figure appears out of nowhere in such a flash and Rahl gets blasted back in a mysterious force that sends Rahl flying off the building - believed to have died that day. The women looks up upon this mysterious figure wearing a brown cloak, armored plating on his shoulder and posture of leadership. He walks a couple steps forward and throws a traveling bag over his shoulder while he turns around..

    Women: W-who are you?
    Gildarts: The name is Gildarts, mi lady..

    Ϟ Rocks are for Bridges Ϟ

    Around the age of 24, Gildarts found himself traveling into Iwagakure. An entire village hidden in stone, by the mountain side. Not much was done in this village except for a few notions. Gildarts became friends with a young Iwa ninja named Erzo. He believed in the "Will of Rock" and fully supported the stones authority. How Gildarts met this shinobi is a story of friendly proportions..nothing that changed the history of the world but the relationships that soon followed the one Gildarts and Erzo began. There is tavern among the winding streets of Iwa, Gildarts just so have happened to obliviously walked down an alley and walked into this dive. When he entered, he looked around - the banners and stone tables with steel magnolias placed in vases lazily thrown in the middle. The beer was bland - it was well known that Iwarians couldn't cook a decent brew. Gildarts sat at the bar, dropped his bag onto the ground beside him, ordered up a Iwarian liquor and quietly recounted the memories of past.

    Erzo: Oi. Stranger.
    Gildarts: Oi back at you, friend..
    Erzo: Not from around here I see. Your face frowns in disgust after you taste our brews.

    Afterwards Erzo and Gildart went into a long conversation. It was shortly after that Gildarts found out that Erzo had a drinking problem and often attended IwaAA meetings within the village but he couldn't keep off the green fairy. By the end of their night, Gildarts helps the drunk shinobi out of the tavern and walks next to him as he leads the way to his home. As they walk the narrow streets of Iwagakure, the silence is concerning to Gildarts. Erzo is all happy go lucky - he's unaware of the looming danger that lurks over the streets during the late hours of the dark. As they continue walking, 3 kunai with tags appear next to them, Gildart quickly uses his reflexes and softens the blow from the explosion - sending Erzo and Gildarts flying back with only minor scraps. He quickly rises up and throws Erzo into the dumpster while 4 ninja with animal masks surround him. They don't say a word, Gildarts figures they're some rogue ninja gang trying to rob them. The two behind gildarts rush forward katana drawn, he hears the quick moving steps, - Gildarts reacts by lowering to the ground while spinning and waving his hand unleashes wind blades that slice the two rushing point-blank. They drop to the ground one dead the other simply wounded - badly. Gildarts turns to face the other two but when he looks again he is shocked to see a third shinobi standing in between the other two, this new figure is wearing different apparel. A dark cloak with a hood that went waist length. He had metal gloves and an eerie aura about him. While Gildarts keeps a sharp eye on this strong ninja - he laughs, a sinister laugh.. a sense of familiarity comes to mind however. In a burst of smoke he and his cohorts are gone. However before they left Gildarts catches something unusual - a logo. He will remember that. Shortly after the event, he fishes young Erzo from the dumpster. Gildarts know his time has ended in Iwagakure and since Erzo is the only one around he asks him a question to reveal the real reason Gildarts arrived at Iwagakure..

    Gildarts: I'm looking for a women. Long dark hair, drinks a lot. I heard she was here - my daughter..

    Ϟ Some say the world will end in Fire Ϟ

    The Gates of Konoha - the first time Gildarts laid his eyes on these massive gates of the Leaf. He's heard rumors that the women he's searching for maybe within these walls. Gildarts was able to enter relatively easy then he expected due to recent tensions between the Sand and Leaf. As he walked through the village he greeted some of the locals and crept inside some of the lone stores that could carry anything for travel. Gildarts went to many taverns and restaurants and asked about his daughter - however all was for naught. At some point in Konoha Gildarts found himself in front of the Hokage building he thought that maybe someone of rank within the village would have known of any unusual people entering the village. Gildarts walks into the professional building and just before he starts up the stairway he's stopped..

    Galen: Halt! You're not allowed to enter the Hokage's building without proper permission from the advisers..
    Gildarts: Then you can point me in the right direction..?
    Galen: You're looking at it.

    Afterward Gildarts was escorted to the first advisers office where they sat and he explained his situation. Galen with a look of surprise on his face told Gildarts that a women like the one he was describing was in fact a Konoha Jonin. Gildarts was more then enthused - wanting to know the answer right away he was quickly thwarted by Galen piercing stare. He also explained to Gildarts that she was sent on a mission to track a group of rogue ninja known as "Laughing Coffin". Konoha received a distress letter from a small town claiming that they found 2 dead young Genin - the ones who went with the women Jonin. Galen made a deal with Gildarts that if he went and found her - he would have to become a shinobi of Konoha. Gildarts agreed with no hesitation. Galen told him to wait a couple hours while he gathered a team to go with him. During this time Gildarts went back into Konoha - eager yet distressed. He went to a local favorite restaurant had a brew and some pork then he went to the local stores to gather up medicine, kunai, shuriken, scrolls and food/water. Not too much longer he got news to meet the Hokage and Galen at the gates of Konoha. Gildarts naturally rushed to the gates so he can begin his journey. When he got there he met Galen and Yamato - the Hokage. Also he was introduced to the Chunin and Jonin who would go on this mission - Ruiz (Taijutsu/Kenjutsu user) & Oasis (Nara)..

    Yamato: Good luck you three. These mercenaries are not to be underestimated.
    Galen: May the force be with you.
    Gildarts: ...and also with you.

    Ϟ A Daughter's first love.. Ϟ

    Gildarts, Oasis and Ruiz began their journey from Konoha. According to local Anbu intelligence the "Laughing Coffin" mercenary organization was last spotted in the place his could be daughter was send - Nagi Island. They start by heading south east to a port so that they may charter a ship to the island. As they traveled they got to know each other and each of their abilities for the upcoming conflict. Ruiz was a sword elite, he often uses kenjutsu and taijutsu when battling - he's very fast and lighting quick with a katana. Oasis is a Nara clan member - users of the shadows, smart, able to think of strategies in an instant. About half a day later they arrive at the port, they bought their charter tickets and were traveling on the ship "Enola". A few hours later the ship was sent off for a two day sea ride into the Nagi Island region. They each had their own room on the boat and they practiced basic ninja skills sparring with weapons and Gildarts uses the water surrounding the boat to practice some suiton techniques.

    They finally arrive at Nagi island, the port at Nagi island is joined with a small town and they figure they would start there. They walked from store to store - restaurant to restaurant with no luck of this rogue group. Finally in the eve of night the shinobi went down this back alley where a lady of the night came up to them. She whispered that she knew why they were there and how they could find them. The three of the shinobi were more then excited to finally shed some light on this matter. She told Gildarts directly - the women was alive. He quickly turned around to tell Ruiz and Oasis. Gildarts turned back to the women who gave them this more then helpful knowledge but she was gone - lost in the night. the night was getting dark they thought it would be best to start in the morning so they camped just outside of town until the morning. The next day they got up early and start to travel the sound end of the island. According to the women they met last night, they were in a broken temple that use to be inhabited by the natives of Nagi. Perhaps this group ransacked the temple, looking for something - it's a odd area for a S-class criminal organization to hide. As their walking through the lush forest - Gildarts stops. Point head of them at the corner of the closest tree. A very thin line was there, ran across so that if a enemy walks through it paper explosions on a massive scale would blow. They up into the trees to avoid any ground traps. However shortly after they're jumping along the trees Ruiz suddenly notices he steps on a ringer tag - notifies the people whom placed it there. They team knows that this isn't the best course of action. However they continue to head towards the establishment. When they get to the edge of the forest they see the temple and mercs inside..something is fishy to Gildarts - no one seems alarmed even after they triggered the tag earlier. Another thing that is concerning is that they only see about 10 enemy shinobi in this temple, Gildarts starts to think this group is stationed all over the world and hopefully this is the one where is could be daughter will be. Oasis suggests a direct approach and Ruiz suggests a subtle one. They both look at Gildarts - his head is down, eyes narrow, and a look of anger on his face. Suddenly he rushes towards the temple. Oasis and Ruiz shocked follow him. Ruiz removes his katana and begins to charge chakra through it and Oasis stops short and begins to weave his shadow so that is crawls quickly on the ground. Gildarts charges earth chakra through his body making his skin harder then steel. The enemy sees them coming towards them - they ready themselves. The first enemy ninja had towards Gildarts and with one punch from Gildarts the whole area rumbles the earth, the enemy is flown so strongly back right into the temple wall - dead. Two of the other enemies find themselves unable to move. Their faces in distress as Oasis causes the shadows to rise up and puncture them - killing them. Two enemies charge Ruiz as he preforms a spinning back kick on one then preforming a sweep on the second. As the first guy get's up Ruiz runs up him slashing his throat with his katana and he pushes of the chest into the air and going over the second guy who was trying to get him from the back - he then thrusts his katana into the back of the enemy. While that is going on Gildarts is completely surrounded by the remaining 5 shinobi - all 5 do a synchronized direct assault at the same time. Gildarts slams his fist on the ground sending out stone spikes in a 360degree around him - stabbing and killing the last shinobi's. When the last one falls they run up into the temple - once they get there the man one from Iwa greets them..

    Unknown Man: Good to see you again, Gildarts. You do remember me don't you?
    Gildarts: The one from Iwagakure..
    Unknown Man: Oh that's where you know me from? How about when we first met in Yukigakure?

    Gildarts eyes widened as he remember the laugh - from Yuki and Iwa. He knew it the one he thought he killed to protect that maiden. Rahl - he returned as the leader of this murderous gang. Gildarts thought to himself on how he knew him? his name? his story? or...his daughter? Rahl laughed at the expression on Gildarts face. Rahl then vanished in a cloud of smoke and in place of Rahl - a women was there. She was bound and mumbling. Gildarts ran up to her and unbound the women - he started to cry. She looks at Gildarts and wept as well - the connection of Father and Daughter. She asked her what happened and she explained to him about how she overheard Rahl talked about some major plan and that Gildarts was apart of the grand scheme. Gildarts picked up his daughter - Cana, then carried her out of the temple to safety. Oasis and Ruiz followed - mission accomplished.

    Ϟ A wise traveler never despises his own country (2 years later) Ϟ

    After the rescue of his daughter, Gildarts life was great. He spent time with Cana as well as trained her further and she taught him techniques. Life was good for them. Life was simple. Life was what Gildarts always wanted. One day the Hokage asked to see the both of them in the office - they went a few hours later. Once there Galen and Yamato both told them that the "Laughing Coffin" organization has taken over Hoshigakure - in the Land of Bears. Gildarts and Cana both looked at each other knowing what must be done. Galen explained on a Special Jonin that will going with them on this secret mission. his name is Cobalt - an interrogation shinobi and a top ranked member of Anbu. Once they exchange pleasantries, they left Konoha and headed for the long journey to Hoshigakure.

    About 3 days later Gildarts, Cana, and Cobalt arrive on the edge of Hoshigakure. they notice a small army patrolling the village. Knowing that can't take this many criminal shinobi - they decide to take the stealth approach. When a eastern patrol walk by a broken area of the gate - they sneak in through a sewer tunnel and travel in the underbelly of Hoshigakure. As they're traveling through the sewers, Cobalt mentions that he's been of the village before and he knows where the leader of this gang might be. By using the map they have of the area they figure out where the Kage house is. After about an hour of searching they open a manhole on a empty back alley near the Kage house. Now on the streets they try a low-profile - all 3 of the preform a transformation technique to make them look like a citizen of Hoshigakure. The begin to walk in the public - the village is in despair, the peoples moral is low or non-existent. The "Laughing Coffin" members have hung people in the streets for public humiliation. When they arrive at the Kage house they seem to have had no problems. Gildarts was suspicious of this however. They entered the house and standing right in front of them was Rahl..

    Rahl: That was easy..

    Suddenly Cobalt swung around smoke bombs around Gildarts and Cana. Gildarts slapped his hands together release a wind stream blowing away the smoke. Gildarts quickly noticed that Cana was gone - he looked towards Rahl and saw Cobalt with Cana on her knees with a kunai to her throat. Cobalt sinisterly grins.

    Gildarts: I thought you were loyal to Konoha..
    Cobalt: Some of us are easily swayed by money..a lot of money..
    Gildarts: Let her go..

    Rahl laughs - that annoying joker laugh. He explains his plan - it was simple he wanted to murder the man who ruined his search for a powerful artifact. It first started at Yuki but when Gildarts defeated him he lost control of his army, they thought he was weak and useless. He then met a man who gave him power - the power to defeat Gildarts. The true leader of "Laughing coffin" said Rahl, he then hinted that it's someone of great power and is known throughout - Konoha. Gildarts didn't know who it could be..he thought to himself that it wasn't time for this rabble of a madman. Cobalt then suddenly threw Cana towards Gildarts. Rahl nods, Cobalts throws the kunai unknwon the Gildarts right into Cana's back, when Gildarts catches her - she's weak, he see's the kunai, he cries. She whispers in her Fathers ear - "I love you". The soul drifts from her, the last breath is given - she's died. Gildarts holds her in his arms - the two murders start laughing. Gildarts places Cana on the ground he looks at the two who have just ruined his life..Rahl and Gildarts see the light in his eyes, they are somewhat in awe..then in a flash of a seemingly unknown force of powerful energy Rahl and Cobalt were gone from the world - gone. Gildarts falls to the ground on his knees. Two figures suddenly appear and stand behind him and place their hands on his shoulder..

    ???: Come with us, son.

    Ϟ Energy & Peace - The Kiyoshi's Ϟ

    To be continued...

    Other Info

    Like most shinobi Gildarts carries around an assortment of weapons. Kunai, shuriken, exploding tags, smoke bombs, and a katana etc etc. Gildarts keeps the Katana on his back just behind his traveling bag. He also carries wire for certain binds or weapon attacks. The most noticeable thing on Gildarts is a metal arm. It was forged on his right arm and he uses it to deflect sword or other weapon slashes and attacks. He also uses this arm to increase his punching power within his right arm and hand.

    Earth Affinity
    Gildarts since he found out his first elemental nature affinity was earth - he was dedicated to perfecting it to the utmost of senses. He was first trained by a young shinobi whom taught him the ways of Mother Earth and how to calm her tempting rumbles. For many years after his intial training, Gildarts trained under very skilled senpais who continued to show him that Earth is the brunt of the natures. Over the years, Gildarts has invent many Earth techniques for his personal use and has been shown within the world to be a master Earth shinobi. On many account, Gildarts has been shown to use Earth Techniques that require handseals to the use of a single handseal used on those techniques further proving his mastery in this overwhelming element.

    Taijutsu Specilist
    After Gildarts found out that Earth was the most physical of the elements he figured he should be the same. He was taught Taijutsu a very powerful shinobi - he taught him that calm, precise movements can lead to devastating blows to our enemies. For many years Gilddarts practiced this teaching and sppends hour in the day kicking and punching rocks and trees to help increase his stamina so he may last longer in battle and when he hits a target - it counts. Gildarts soon realized that channeling earth chakra through his body only increases the force in which his blows can cause. This has been shown when he found the shinobi enemies from the temple at Nagi island to save his daughter - Cana. He does this whenever possible.

    Due to Gildarts years of training in both taijutsu and Earth he has been shown to use incredible power with just his base strength. With the use of Taijutsu when he makes contact with a targets body it is known to feel as if a battering ram has smacked you around like a punk. Gildarts was able to achieve high strength levels by basic and highly advanced taijutsu training - when he first started out he lifted weights but then went on to lift tree logs, large rocks, and some statues. All this combines allowed him the strength that overpowers most shinobi. It was said that Gildarts kept his training sessions from view of other people but one day a young genin happened to have stumbles across him while he was strength training - he was made his student.

    Kiyoshi Abilities
    The secret to the Kiyoshi Clan’s abilities lies in utilizing chakra at its purest and most natural (and semi-tangible) form. This ranges from shooting pulses of energy to using chakra to expand the range of weapons to surging one’s chakra into another’s body through contact. Members of the Kiyoshi Clan focus much of their effort in acquiring the ability to focus in on and sense Energy so that they can gather the Energy from the environment and utilize it. As such, the members that are more adept at feeling Energy can locate the specific Energy sources of living entities (trees, animals, and most human beings) and non-living objects alike since all things of the world, in Kiyoshi Philosophy, give off some sort of energy of their own, be it spiritual, physical, or natural (physical energy is extremely difficult to sense because of its lack of metaphysical properties). The Kiyoshi Clan’s fighting style is a mix of Tai Chi (to control calm movement of energy, best utilized by Kiyoshi Masters), Hung Ga (to control stable and powerful movement of energy), and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu (for close combat). The Kiyoshi Clan’s energy is based to be sent out in pulses. When in combat, they can utilize the energy, which causes their hands and/or feet to glow whatever color coincides with their personality and ability [green, blue, red, white, ect. (Distinct colors only occur in Kiyoshi Generals and higher)] and when they direct an attack, right before contact an invisible/visible “pulse” of chakra is sent out of their fists/feet to make an explosive effect when a clan member delivers a punch or kick that can send the opponent back many feet. Movement also plays a big role in the use of pure chakra/energy. The larger/bigger the motion during movement made to utilize energy, the more energy will be produced. Masters of the Kiyoshi art are signified by a significant glow in their eyes when utilizing the energy, and they can use it much more effectively than normal members. The ability is called Konki Myaku (Energy Pulse). (The reason why those with Kekei Genkai cannot utilize the ability is because their chakra is different from regular chakra and their bloodline effects their chakra in a way that it is configured to work a certain way, thus their chakra can never be “pure”. People with Tailed Beasts can learn to purify their chakra, but it would be nearly impossible due to their bijuu’s influence on their chakra.)


    The Hobbit - Misty Mountain (Full version)

    Audiomachine - Triumph and Loss

    Won: 5
    Lost: 0

    - Changed character used
    - Fixed errors from my last biography
    - Remade an entire History
    - Got permission from current biography holder - Sharingdork

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