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    My epic 602 Prediction, more comming soon:)

    602 - Revealation
    The first scene shows Madara Uchiha in midway of jumping. In front of jumping Madara Killer Bee, Gai and Kakashi are looking at them.
    Madara scans battlefield with rinnengan: *Where could he go...., no matters first I will take care about eight tails* Come at me eight tails!
    Killer Bee rapping: I am not scarry I make you scarry, wee!
    Gyuuki: This is real Uchiha Madara, be careful bee. He is very dangerous man and threat, even Hashirama was...
    Killer Bee: I know friend, I beat him at my best,wee! *I need to be careful*
    The scene shows Killer Bee changes to v2 chakra cloak and rushing at Madara. As Killer Bee runs at Madara, Kakashi and Gai are shouting to Killer Bee to stop.
    Kakashi: come back Killer Bee!
    Gai: Yes, it is trap!
    Kakashi and Gai: ?!
    The scene shows Fire ball flying in Kakashi and Gai, they avoid it in last moment falling on ground. As dust fall on ground, Obito is shown with mouth opened as last breath of smoke is comming from his mouth. Kakashi and Gai stand up and notice that fire ball was comming form there where Obito stand.
    Obito: Don't distract yourself Kakashi and Gai, instead for worrying about him you should worry about yourselves lifes.
    Kakashi: He..., ha... *I can't belive it is really him* just..., just
    Kakashi: Tell me why are doing all of this?!, What did happen to you after your fake death, tell me!!
    Obito: Fake death... *remebers himself crushed by rocks, then when he wakes up and see Madara Uchiha first time* Ok Kakashi, I will tell you but it won't changes anything.
    Kakashi, Gai:?!
    The scene changes to Madara and Killer bee. Killer Bee being in v2 chakra cloak try to use lariat on Madara, Madara while jumping block Killer Bee with his war fan and blow him away with UchihaGaeshi. Killer Bee is sent flying in rocks as Kakashi, Gai and Obito are looking at him for moment as Madara lands on ground
    Madara: UchihaGaeshi!
    Killer Bee: damn! *his ****ing war fan, what it is made of to be so resistant*
    Obito: your firiend is in trouble. Look like Madara Uchiha, my master is in great condition...
    Kakashi: ... *What should I do with remaining amount of chakra??, it doesn't look good for us....*
    Gai: Kakashi... *Kakashi looks so serious, I have to be prepeared for the worst*
    The scene shows Killer Bee in v2 chakra cloak impale ground with eight tails to stop flying and land safely on ground.
    Killer Bee: Damn..., *What a power....*
    Madara: *looks at his fan* this weapon is strong and amazing this is what you want to say now, yes.
    Killer Bee:...
    Madara: It was created by Elder Son Sage of Six paths, it was passed from him to next Uchiha clan leader. My father possesed this weapon as well and he passed it to me. When I got this war fan I wanted to keep it and Uchiha clan betrayed me so I didn't think that anyone of them can got it.
    Enter of inner Killer bee dimension
    Gyuuki: so it was orginally created by Elder Son Sage of Six paths, no wonder why this is so powerfull...
    Killer bee: Any idea how to destroy this ****ing fan, Gyuuki?!
    Gyuuki: no..., anyway you should attack him from distance. Close fight is too dangerous
    Close of inner Killer bee dimension
    Killer bee: Let's try it!
    Madara: Show me your power ,eight tails
    The scene changes to real Naruto being in Obito Dimenssion. Obito Dimenssion is finally showed, it is huge. Plants are growing in North, Desert is on West, many lake and rivers are in South and stone forest is on East.
    Naruto: I feel strange here but I can breath, so oxygen is here.
    Kurama: Naruto..., what will you do now when real Madara Uchiha appeared?!
    Naruto: I wonder about something...
    Kurama: about...
    Naruto: If here is oxygen, human can live here, yes?!
    Kurama : probaly, use your senin mode and check if any water is here.
    Naruto: Ok, got it.
    The scene shows Naruto focus to absorb nature energy from around for 2 seconds. Naruto enter senin mode and feel nature energy comming from water source.
    Naruto: Wow, here is even water 500 m in this way *point his finger*
    Kurama: Great,?!, I have great idea Naruto.
    Naruto: Hehe, I know what is in your head Kurama. I can train here to become even more powerfull.
    Kurama: it is great Naruto, but we should focus at your skills, ways to use your power. I can teach you all your fathers and mothers jutsu, and you can learn new element maybe.
    Naruto: Yeah, I should work about it...
    Kurama: but the most important and key to fight with Obito guy is Space Time Ninjutsu, it could help with Madara too. Don't forget to greets Obito well when he comes there.
    Naruto: Space Time Ninjutsu, it is going to be hard. Whatever I will be ready and prepeare excellent greeting for Obito!
    Kurama: did you notice it?!
    Naruto: Yeah, time seems to be flowing slower than in real world
    Kurama: Exactly. It creates perfect conditions for you to train, don't forget that your friends life depends from you.
    Naruto: I wil suprass my mother and father, just watch me *Picture of Mother and Father and All friends in background*
    The scene shows Kurama smiles while Naruto shows serious face with smile.
    The scene changes to real world where Killer Bee, Kakashi, Gai, Obito and Madara are. Madara glares at Killer bee while Obito begin to explain more about his death to Kakashi and Gai.
    Obito: When I woke up first person who I saw was Madara Uchiha. I will show you using my Sharingan, Sharingan!
    The flashback begins
    Obito: Where am I, is it death?! and who are you elder man?!
    Madara: no young boy, this is not death. My name is Uchiha Madara. What is your name?!
    Obito: My name is Obito Uchiha sir. Uchiha Madara?!, but how can you be alive and how can I be alive?!, I was crushed and was dying under rocks *Obito under Rocks*
    Madara: Calm down, I will tell you. About me you will know in right time. About you, I have known about you, Obito since your birth. I sent my friend Zetsu, who had spied you for almost all time. It was Zetsu who saved you and repaired your body with himself, you share now common body.
    Obito:?!, you have known about me and your friend Zetsu spied me, but why?!, for what?! and what do you mean that I share common body?
    Madara: so much questions, no wonder you are still child. I spied you because you looks like my younger brother and although you was treated as weak, black ship you still can be powerfull and strong if you accept me as teacher of course. About your body, you right part of body was totally crushed, Zetsu used a lot of his DNA with regeneration ability to do that.
    Obito: you think that I could be powerfull as your little brother..., and looks like your little brother?!, only looking as him is reason...
    Madara: Not only, you even gave your one sharingan to your friend and entrusted him your wishes, it reminds me when my little brother gave me his eyes willingly and entrusted me his wishes as well. You and him are alike. Yes you could be powerfull young boy, but it could took you a lot of time, maybe 5,10 years or more, less. I injected you my DNA to accelerate you progress, sharingan power and strength, generally to improve you overall.
    Obito: Wow amazing, so I am like your fake son...
    Madara: Exactly, Obito.
    Obito: ?! *reminds about Kakashi and Rin* Kakashi..., Yes I gave my one sharingan to my friend Kakashi to protect Rin, girl I like a lot. What was your little brother name and what wishes he entrusted you...?!
    Madara: His name was Izuna, Izuna Uchiha. He asked me to care about Uchiha clan and to protect clan as Uchiha heir.
    Obito: I see, so you can keep your promise...
    Madara: You can say that, but not completly
    The scene shows Obito almost completly healed
    Obito: I am very thankfull Uchiha Madara sir, but I will now come back to Konoha, to my master, Rin and Kakashi. I am so happy to see them again.
    Madara: Are you sure?!
    Obito: Yes, thanks for everything.
    The scene shows Obito standing up and walks away from Madara slowly.
    Obito is about to leave cave when Madara begin to speak.

    Madara: I see you don't know anything about what did happen while you was unconscious.
    Obito stops: I don't know about ,what?!
    Madara: You don't know about...
    Obito turns around: tell me what did happen?!
    Madara: Kakashi didn't keep promise that you asked him.
    Obito: not mean....
    Madara: Kakashi didn't keep promise to protect Rin, so she died some times ago.
    Obito crying and being mad: NO!!! You lie to me!
    Madara: ....
    The scene shows Obito charging at Madara to attack him. Madara doesn't bother and turns back to him.
    Obito: You are liar!, speak something bastard!
    Madara: If you don't believe me just follow me.
    Obito stops: !? No...I don't belive you.
    Madara: I don't need you to believe me ,just follow me and see it yourself with your eye.
    Obito: Ok, I will go
    The scene shows Obito follow behind Madara Uchiha as they left cave.
    The scene changes to many graves in Konoha. Among many graves Obito and Madara are standing before one grave with small Name written
    Obito schocked: No..., just NO...
    Madara: Sad but true. Let's face it life is hard, Obito
    Obito rage: No, NO!!!
    Madara: ...
    Obito fall on knees: he..., hu...
    Madara: My friend Zetsu recorded everything, if you want I can show you
    Obito turns face to Madara while kneeling: ?! Please show me, just show me
    Madara: as you want. Sharingan!
    The scene shows Kakashi and Rin travelling through forest. Obito and Madara appear floating in sky as they are watching.
    Kakashi: Rin..., hurry up and run as fast as you can
    Rin: Kakashi...
    Kakashi: Enemy Ninja's are following after us. They are comming closer and closer... *What can I do?!*
    The scene shows many kunai flying at Kakashi and Rin, they avoid many of them to be hit by just few.
    The scene shows some of Ninja's charging directly at Kakashi and Rin. Kakashi push away Rin with hand and focus on enemies attack. Kakashi kill one Ninja after another, suddenly Few of Ninja throw smoke bombs to cover Kakashi visibility.
    Kakashi: ?! *smoke bomb doesn't work on me, so why they used it*
    The scene shows smoke clear up. Kakashi is seen unwounded, while in front of them many Ninja are shown and one of them is keeping Rin at rock
    Kakashi: uh..., oh no Rin!
    Rin: ?!, Let me go!
    Enemy Boss Ninja: hehe, no way we could let you go girl.*Looks at Kakashi*
    What do you do now copy Ninja , Hatake Kakashi?!
    Kakashi:?! *Damn, what should I do?*
    Rin: ...
    Enemy Boss Ninja: So you don;t care about life of your girl, hn *put Kunai closer to her neck*
    Kakashi: my girl... NO!! stop it!
    Enemy Boss Ninja: why should i?!
    Kakashi: Your aim is not her, is me. I will give up and drop my guard if you let her go, just let her go *Obito, I will keep you promise, I can't let them injure her*
    Enemy boss Ninja: hehe, clever choice to sacrifice yourself instead of girl. OK, I let her go If you will drop your guards and give up, Kakashi Hatake.
    The scene shows 6 Ninja's jumping down and come to Kakashi to tie him.
    Rin: NO!!!!
    Rin: You can't do it. You are hero and I believe in you
    Kakashi: Rin...
    Enemy Ninjas: Die!
    Rin: Kakashi...*Forgive me Kakashi, Obito but I will try to escape*
    The scene shows Rin trying to escape, kick Enemy boss Ninja in guts with her heel and then try to release from Enemy boss hold. Enemy boss notice it and shout that he will kill her. Kakashi notice this as well and run to her killing enemy ninja in way.
    Enemy boss: Damn you girl, now you will die!
    Rin: Help!
    Kakashi uncovers sharingan: NO!!
    Enemy: Kill him!
    The scene shows Kakashi runing to save Rin. He kill many Ninja's while avoding many shuriken, attacks.
    Enemy Ninja: Damn, Just kill him!
    Other Enemy Ninja: we can't, he has sharingan to predict our attacks!
    The scene shows Kakashi jumping on rock killing many enemy ninja in his way. He notice enemy boss behind some Ninja so he activate Chidori and attack with all madness in his eyes to kill enemy boss. As Kakashi pass enemy ninjas killing them ,he is very close to Enemy boss.
    Kakashi: You wil die!
    Enemy boss laughs: hahaha!!!
    The scene shows Kakashi comming closer and closer when he is just few feet away, Enemy Boss reveals Rin from coat and protect himself with her body.
    Kakashi:NO!!! *please , let me stop, just stop* chichihci
    Rin: Ka ?!

    The scene shows Kakashi unable to stop moving so he pierce Rin straight in heart with chidori, while enemy boss escapes and throws explosive kunai at Kakashi and dying Rin.

    Kakashi: NO!!!!, Rin..., I?!
    Rin: kashi...?!
    Enemy boss: Die!!
    The scene shows Kakashi protecting Rin while Enemy boss Ninja watch them survive so he retreats. Kakashi is crying while keeping Rin dying on his hands.
    Kakashi: NO!!!!!!
    Rin: Ka...ka...shi, don't c...ry
    Kakashi: Rin..., It was all my fault, If I only could turn back time, I could save yo..?!
    Rin: Ka...ka...shi, I for...giv...e you, I can in nex...t world, good bye
    Kakashi:NO!!! RIN!!!!
    The scene shows Obito and Madara. Obito screams very loud while his one and only eye changes in sharingan and begins to glowing redish more and more finally evolves to Mangenkyu Sharingan which appear in Obito eye. Madara Genjutsu is broken by Obito rage and when everything comes back to Obito and Madara standing before grave with name: "Rin", Obito is revealed with MS glowing very redish.
    The flashback ends
    Real World
    Kakashi, Gai: ?!
    Obito slowly and with calm: I killed all enemies ninja who attacked Rin that day, even their boss short after Rin death for revenge, but all this time I didn't kill one man, who is repsonsible for her death.
    The scene shows zoom on only Obito mouth, while talking.
    Kakashi, Gai: ?!
    Obito: Except killer of her, you Kakashi!
    The last scene shows Obito with Mangenkyou sharingan glowing reddish.

    603 - Venegance and hate

    uff, I finished just writting it. It took me really great amount of time. I hope you enjoyed reading it, please give me positive or negative feedback.

    What do you like in my prediction? What do you dislike in my prediction?

    Please write your sugesstions, advices or opinions in comment.

    Actually I am trying to connect Obito and Madara, and to connect all elements in manga to make it sense.

    Please read my continuation to explain plotholes, obviously if you want me to write continuation...

    Sorry for any grammar or typing or whatever mistakes I did.

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    Re: My epic 602 Prediction, more comming soon:)

    you just forget about the Kages... everyone needs to know what's going to happen and Kishimoto is not idiot.

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    Re: My epic 602 Prediction, more comming soon:)

    How the **** was i on narutobase for 3 hours and didn't notice the new manga??

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    Re: My epic 602 Prediction, more comming soon:)

    That was worth at least 2 Manga chapters. I do think that Naruto needs to have another power up or at least train to master the Bijuu Mode to defeat Madara, but I don't think he will be in Obito's dimension.

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    Re: My epic 602 Prediction, more comming soon:)

    Well done, very detailed i just wish manga chapters were actually that long

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    Re: My epic 602 Prediction, more comming soon:)

    The kage you forget the 5 KAGE is all about the 5 KAGE

    Nice to lil action and to LOOONNNGGG

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    Re: My epic 602 Prediction, more comming soon:)

    what is you problem stop stealing peoples predictions you deserve a neg rep just cite the source

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    Re: My epic 602 Prediction, more comming soon:)

    very detailed
    please fix up yor spelling/grammar mistakes
    what about the kages?

    it was nice apart from all that ^^ :D

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