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    Naruto Manga 454 confirmed spoilers with PICS...

    Considering dat RAHUL has already posted such thread, I wont be posting any Chinese/Japanese script...
    SOURCE:-Naruto 454 Spoilers

    CREDITS: boyakist4649

    Starts off with Tsuchi-kage (Earth/Soil-kage) - he's actually a small old man.
    He's a stubborn old man that apparently threw out his back trying to hold his baggage on his own.
    He has two companions - Aka-Tsuchi (red-soil) and Kuro-Tsuchi (Black-soil). (of the companions - the man looks like Anpanman, the woman looks like Anko with a little bit of weight.)

    To the summit
    Mizu-kage (water) looks like a Tsunade with a different hairstyle.
    She is with a man called "Ao" (Blue) and one of the Seven Swordsmen.
    The young one was being lectured for lacking patience - and the young one misunderstands being "late" to be associated with a delayed pregnancy. The pretty-looking one tells him to shut up and threatens him. (Translator's note: Just appears to be a semi-comedic exchange amongst them)

    Rai-kage (thunder) says this guy's a good, passionate guy. As he says "Let's GOOOO!" He blasts through the room and makes his departure.

    To Naruto. Naruto brings them (presumably the two Kumogakure-nins) to an isolated place and is told to give them information about Sasuke. But Naruto refuses to sell Sasuke out...
    If you kill Sasuke - our village will retaliate and the endless chain of hate will perpetuate.
    Then what should we do with the hate that WE harbour? (again, presumably the two Kumogakure-nins)
    And Naruto's answer: you can keep hitting me until you're satisfied --> Naruto gets a beating

    To Danzou

    Ne (Root-anbu): Anko has two monitoring her - shall we go forward?
    Danzou: Right now is an important time - we can't afford to do that now.
    More importantly, we need to find Kabuto (He may know my connection with Orochimaru).
    We need the medical data and experimental information from Orochimaru's work - that should be our priority.
    Since he may have information that may be useful to my right eye and right hand...

    CREDITS: Pocketmofo

    *Starting with the Tsuchikage – the Tsuchikage is a little old man

    He’s a stubborn old man who throws his back out trying to carry his own bags

    The old man is followed by two people named Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi (one is male and one is female – the man looks like Anpanman and the woman looks like a rougher version of Anko)

    And they make their way to the 5-kage Meeting

    Next is the Mizukage who looks sort of like Tsunade only with a different hairstyle

    She is followed by some guy Ao and one of the Seven Swordsmen as they too head off to the 5-kage Meeting

    Presumably Mizukage’s two followers are talking: “Kids these days just don’t have enough patience” and “If you keep lecturing like that we’ll be late”

    But the Mizukage misheard them and thought that they said that she’ll be too late/old to marry anyone (the Mizukage hears 婚期 (“konki”) = a person’s marrying age instead of 根気 (“konki”) which means perseverance/patience and also hears the word “late”)

    The Mizukage then says – “Shut up, I’ll kill you”

    Then there’s the Raikage who is super pumped and says “Let’s gooooo!” and likely crashes right through the wall of the room he was in as they leave

    Then on to Naruto

    Naruto takes Samui/Omoi/Karui to a less popular area. They tell him to cough up everything he knows about Sasuke but he won’t sell Sasuke out…

    He gives them the old “If you kill Sasuke then you’ll be throwing the chains of hatred on the people of both villages” line.

    So they ask,” Well then what should we do about our hatred?”

    Naruto’s answer is that they can beat the crap out of him until they feel better -> which leads to Naruto punching bag time

    Then the chapter switches to Danzou 

    Root Member: “We have two members following Anko, should we (presumably attack/kill her)?

    Danzou: Right now is an important time. If we did that then things would get more difficult.

    Focus instead on finding Kabuto (He might know my connections with Orochimaru…)

    Searching for the medical data he has accumulated thus far as well as documents on Orochimaru’s experiments take top priority.

    They may have something in them that could prove useful for my right eye and hand/arm…

    They may have something in them that could prove useful for my right eye and hand/arm…

    *The first spoiler writer was not able to see who was on the side cover

    Hmm, “Punching Bag” (Naruto’s new nickname) is getting his face pounded in by the female ninja. Sai is watching this from a distance.

    Okay. Naruto said that Sasuke is one of his village’s nakama so he won’t sell him out.
    The Raikage’s secretaries (I guess each Kage gets two people)…well, I think one was a white guy and the other a black guy.
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