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    Ps CS6-extended-> Tutorials / Ps CS6 download.

    Hey it's Chaotyk !

    Here to give you all u need to make awesome GFX.


    In this Thread, i Will Give a you Photoshop CS6 Extended Edition.
    Teach You how to use it
    Answer any questions
    and provide step by step Tutorials and videos
    for anything you want to do.


    Just ask a question
    i will post the Tut on How to do it.

    Download Photoshop CS6-Extended Edition

    [Link Temporarily Unavailable: Due to a Mod. Waiting for admin approval.]

    (This version is modified by me to include a better look and more features, that only my version has.)
    (Extremely compressed to small file size, just double click everything untill it ask 4 a language.)
    (Also, sometimes the site's mail goes to spam, just check ur spam folder)
    (I tested the link, and it works fine.)


    (I will List them here as i make them. If you need something that's not listed, post ur questions.)

    vvv Tutorials: vvv

    Try to only post questions or request tuts here, if it's relevant to the thread post it, but try to keep it ON TOPIC. Plz.
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