Art Contest of the Month
[August 2012]


These are the submissions for this month


1: OhRear with Ceramics Class

2: Killer Vision with Rogue Rampage Version 2

3: Chachee with Forest


5: -Severus Snape- with Death Astronaut

6: Masha with Beautiful Park^^

7: Elementalist with Come at the king

8: Yuka with Sonic

9: +PDatta+ with Goku on dino

10: Supermacaquecool with Foot

11: Asskickulator with The One They Got Away

12: Mina.. with A couple

13: Hansom with Babydoll from Sucker Punch

14: Marvinkid with Fullmetal Alchemist...

15: Nimmy with Firey Will vs Water

16: Shin Kaito with Menma

17: John14 with green lantern

18: Loome with Uchiha Sasuke

19: Uzumaki Naruta with Naruto

20: Yellow Flash of Konoha with Monkey D. Luffy

21: Lara with Going somewhere?

22: The KleaNupGuy with Suiginto Rozen Maiden

23: Nocturne with She Was My Femme Fatal

24: Eishi with Lady Waterlily

25: Hyuzhiha with Vampire: "the heartstring sword yielder"

Good luck and don't cheat -_-

You know the rules if not here is a brief ruling......

  • No Voting for yourself
  • No Asking for people to vote for your work
  • No getting on alternative accounts to vote for yourself
  • No saying mine is better than their
  • Any breaking of any of the rules results in disqualification
  • Advertising the contest-poll with VM/PM's or in any other way is forbidden

Just don't forget to vote for the the best artwork and not for your friends ^x^