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    Naruto 602 another predictions

    Chapter 602: A Young Uchiha

    Obito: "Sh-Sharingan?!" "Who are you?"
    Madara: "I am Uchiha Madara"
    Obito: "!!"

    *Madara prepares to fight Naruto and Bee*

    Kakashi: "What happened to you, Obito...?"

    *Flashback continues*

    Obito: "What happened? Where am I?"
    Madara: "It seems you can't remember yet... Rest for a while and I'll tell you everything..."

    *Few hours pass*
    *Obito wakes up*

    Obito: "Kakashi and Rin! Where are they? Are they ok?"
    Madara: "Good you woke up. Your comrades? They should be ok. At least I didn't see their corpses when I picked you up"

    Obito: "Where am I? Who are you?"
    Madara: "I said I am Uchiha Madara. And this would be my hideout"
    Obito: "Impossible, he is dead!"
    Madara: "Not quite yet"

    *Zetsu emerges from the ground*

    Zetsu: "They boy should be able to stand in a week. My DNA, well your and Hashirama's are very effective"
    Obito thinking: "His DNA? Hashirama's DNA?!"

    Madara: "Easy, you'll be ok"
    Zetsu: "He passed out.."

    Zetsu: "Will this boy help us to reach our goal?"
    Madara: "Definitely. Go check on Nagato and see how he is doing. He is another pawn that needs to live"

    *Zetsu leaves*

    *Scene changes*

    Sasuke: "Are we close?"
    Orochimaru: "Yes. You should notice soon"

    *Chapter ends*


    602 - Revealation
    The first scene shows Madara Uchiha in midway of jumping. In front of jumping Madara Killer Bee, Gai and Kakashi are looking at them.
    Madara scans battlefield with rinnengan: *Where could he go...., no matters first I will take care about eight tails* Come at me eight tails!
    Killer Bee rapping: I am not scarry I make you scarry, wee!
    Gyuuki: This is real Uchiha Madara, be careful bee. He is very dangerous man and threat, even Hashirama was...
    Killer Bee: I know friend, I beat him at my best,wee! *I need to be careful*
    The scene shows Killer Bee changes to v2 chakra cloak and rushing at Madara. As Killer Bee runs at Madara, Kakashi and Gai are shouting to Killer Bee to stop.
    Kakashi: come back Killer Bee!
    Gai: Yes, it is trap!
    Kakashi and Gai: ?!
    The scene shows Fire ball flying in Kakashi and Gai, they avoid it in last moment falling on ground. As dust fall on ground, Obito is shown with mouth opened as last breath of smoke is comming from his mouth. Kakashi and Gai stand up and notice that fire ball was comming form there where Obito stand.
    Obito: Don't distract yourself Kakashi and Gai, instead for worrying about him you should worry about yourselves lifes.
    Kakashi: He..., ha... *I can't belive it is really him* just..., just
    Kakashi: Tell me why are doing all of this?!, What did happen to you after your fake death, tell me!!
    Obito: Fake death... *remebers himself crushed by rocks, then when he wakes up and see Madara Uchiha first time* Ok Kakashi, I will tell you but it won't changes anything.
    Kakashi, Gai:?!
    The scene changes to Madara and Killer bee. Killer Bee being in v2 chakra cloak try to use lariat on Madara, Madara while jumping block Killer Bee with his war fan and blow him away with UchihaGaeshi. Killer Bee is sent flying in rocks as Kakashi, Gai and Obito are looking at him for moment as Madara lands on ground
    Madara: UchihaGaeshi!
    Killer Bee: damn! *his ****ing war fan, what it is made of to be so resistant*
    Obito: your firiend is in trouble. Look like Madara Uchiha, my master is in great condition...
    Kakashi: ... *What should I do with remaining amount of chakra??, it doesn't look good for us....*
    Gai: Kakashi... *Kakashi looks so serious, I have to be prepeared for the worst*
    The scene shows Killer Bee in v2 chakra cloak impale ground with eight tails to stop flying and land safely on ground.
    Killer Bee: Damn..., *What a power....*
    Madara: *looks at his fan* this weapon is strong and amazing this is what you want to say now, yes.
    Killer Bee:...
    Madara: It was created by Elder Son Sage of Six paths, it was passed from him to next Uchiha clan leader. My father possesed this weapon as well and he passed it to me. When I got this war fan I wanted to keep it and Uchiha clan betrayed me so I didn't think that anyone of them can got it.
    Enter of inner Killer bee dimension
    Gyuuki: so it was orginally created by Elder Son Sage of Six paths, no wonder why this is so powerfull...
    Killer bee: Any idea how to destroy this ****ing fan, Gyuuki?!
    Gyuuki: no..., anyway you should attack him from distance. Close fight is too dangerous
    Close of inner Killer bee dimension
    Killer bee: Let's try it!
    Madara: Show me your power ,eight tails
    The scene changes to real Naruto being in Obito Dimenssion. Obito Dimenssion is finally showed, it is huge. Plants are growing in North, Desert is on West, many lake and rivers are in South and stone forest is on East.
    Naruto: I feel strange here but I can breath, so oxygen is here.
    Kurama: Naruto..., what will you do now when real Madara Uchiha appeared?!
    Naruto: I wonder about something...
    Kurama: about...
    Naruto: If here is oxygen, human can live here, yes?!
    Kurama : probaly, use your senin mode and check if any water is here.
    Naruto: Ok, got it.
    The scene shows Naruto focus to absorb nature energy from around for 2 seconds. Naruto enter senin mode and feel nature energy comming from water source.
    Naruto: Wow, here is even water 500 m in this way *point his finger*
    Kurama: Great,?!, I have great idea Naruto.
    Naruto: Hehe, I know what is in your head Kurama. I can train here to become even more powerfull.
    Kurama: it is great Naruto, but we should focus at your skills, ways to use your power. I can teach you all your fathers and mothers jutsu, and you can learn new element maybe.
    Naruto: Yeah, I should work about it...
    Kurama: but the most important and key to fight with Obito guy is Space Time Ninjutsu, it could help with Madara too. Don't forget to greets Obito well when he comes there.
    Naruto: Space Time Ninjutsu, it is going to be hard. Whatever I will be ready and prepeare excellent greeting for Obito!
    Kurama: did you notice it?!
    Naruto: Yeah, time seems to be flowing slower than in real world
    Kurama: Exactly. It creates perfect conditions for you to train, don't forget that your friends life depends from you.
    Naruto: I wil suprass my mother and father, just watch me *Picture of Mother and Father and All friends in background*
    The scene shows Kurama smiles while Naruto shows serious face with smile.
    The scene changes to real world where Killer Bee, Kakashi, Gai, Obito and Madara are. Madara glares at Killer bee while Obito begin to explain more about his death to Kakashi and Gai.
    Obito: When I woke up first person who I saw was Madara Uchiha. I will show you using my Sharingan, Sharingan

    603 - Venegance and Hate
    The first scene shows Obito glaring at Kakashi with Mangenkyou Sharingan glowing very reddish.
    Obito: Do your memory return now?!
    Kakashi: No..., it was accident. NO!!! *Obito knows what did really happen, What can I do...*
    Gai looks with sadness at Kakashi : Kakashi...
    Obito: How do you feel now, Kakashi...
    Kakashi looks at Obito with sadness and scary:?! Obito..., I..
    Obito: Shut up ,Kakashi you killed her and this is fact. I gave you this mine eye, sharingan in your left eye to protect Rin, only one promise...
    Kakashi: I am...
    Kakashi shake and lower his head: I couldn't save her... I am failure, forgive me Obito
    Gai: Kakashi *turns to Obito* you should be blame yourself same as you balme Kakashi, Obito. Where were you, when shie died?!, ANSWER!
    Kakashi: Gai..., no..?!
    Obito: You don't understand anything Gai!, so just shut up.
    Obito: I was unconscious and unable to walk to fight for great amount of time while Rin died, but Kakashi..., he was healthy and great Ninja.
    Kakashi: Rin...
    Gai: So why you blame Kakashi so much, it was war, so death is natural.
    Obito: You are right about death, and wrong at the same time. If I didn't save Kakashi I would be alive back then. I could protect Rin and nothing bad could happen to her.
    Kakashi begin to hyperventyleiting: Just kill me... Obito...
    Gai with sadness and madness on face: Maybe you are right, but what happened can be changed, now she is dead so you have to accept this fact and understand that Kakashi did everything to save her but couldn't. You are the only one who is wrong, What kind of man you become, Obito!
    Kakashi: Gai..., no
    Gai: Don't worry Kakashi, you are only human and you tried your best to save her, but you are not god, me too. That why I will support you to end.
    Kakashi clear tears with hand: Thanks alot Gai
    Gai: What could Rin think about you now?, Could she be happy to see What you did?, to hurt your best friend, attack village and even hurt your master son and...?!
    The scene shows Gai and Kakashi blown away for two feet away by powerfull chakra wave comming from in firnt of them. As Kakashi and Gai get back on feet, they notice that powerfull chakra wave came from Obito.
    Obito very mad: Don't judge me Gai! You are the only one who doesn't understand anything.
    Kakashi, Gai: ?!
    Obito: Rin was very important for me, I even gave you sharingan, Kakashi but you failed to protect her... even now don't be stupid to think that Rin is only cause what I am doing now. NO, Death of Rin only opened my eyes for Madara Uchiha words and finally I realized truth about this world.
    Kakashi, Gai: ?!
    Obito: My father, my mother*picture of his parents* and everyone else close to me died and it lasted all my whole life, but I still had hope and believed that I could be happy and that world is wonderfull, until Rin died then I understood that I was only silly child before.
    Kakashi: Obito..., why do you tell me just now this?
    Obito: My father Kagami Uchiha considered me as failure when I was young, My mother Heldi Uchiha tried to cheer me up but when my father was about to consider me as great son, he died later I discovered Danzo killed him...
    That was when I learned Great fire ball no jutsu...
    Kakashi: I feel sorry for you....
    Gai: Life is hard...
    Obito: After his death I was sad and noone wanted to play with me, so I changed and began to enjoy life even behaving funny and silly....
    I was really happy when I was with Minato Namikaze team with beautifull Rin and so called genius Hatake Kakashi, but I was wrong about last one...
    Obito: That right, you Kakashi! You were always better than me, so I cosidered you as my rival and I wanted to fight with you as equal to equal, even in my fake death I belived that you are genious so I gave you Sharingan and saved you sacrficing myself...
    Kakashi, Gai:....
    Obito: I was fool!, stupid child who accepted false impression you gave me Kakashi as genious. I want to ask you, Kakashi... why so called genious with my sharingan couldn't save a girl, who I asked you to protect.
    Kakashi, Gai: ...
    Obito: You are not genious, you failed. I was stupid to think about you as better, stronger. Madara Uchiha opened my eyes to see truth.
    Flashback begins
    The scene shows Obito laying on bed while Madara is standing in front of him.
    Obito is schocked and mad while Madara looks at him with serious face. It is what happened after Obito discovered how Rin died in Madara genjutsu.
    Obito: Damn, if even Kakashi, genious failed to protect her, then ..?!
    Madara: Easy boy, You are wrong.
    Obito: ?!
    Madara: you was fooled and place in ilussion created by your friend. Lack of confidence and your childlish behaviour made you weak.
    Obito: What do you mean?!
    Madara: I known your father , Kagami Uchiha. He was mine spy once and he great shinobi to so much degree that he was taken by Tobirama Senjuu, Second Hokage himself. Unfortunetly he was killed by Danzo Shimura from Konoha Your mother, Heidi Uchiha was strong woman from Uchiha clan, she showed great abilities and had talent. Then tell me why do you think you are weak boy?!
    Obito: ?!, Danzo from Konoha...,I am weak, I was always black sheep of Uchiha..., so...
    Madara: Wrong, you are weak because you didn't train enough after your father death, you didn;t have teacher who could make you stronger.
    Obito: but Minato Namikaze is my great sensei
    Madara: Yes, he became Hokage even now, but he always gave Kakashi more time and focus on his training, so you really consider him as your sensei. Sensei, who left you and didn't even bother to retrieve your body.
    Konoha, the village itself didn't even care when you died. What will wait for you there...
    Obito: You ... are right. I was fool to consider Minato Namikaze as my sensei to consider Konoha as my home and village. It is too late to work now
    Madara: Never is too late to work. Accept my Moon eye plan, become my succesor and then I get new reason to live, I will teach you everything.
    Obito: Your plan?!, becoming your sucessor?!
    Madara: Yes, You could become really powerfull, the choosen one who decide about future of world but it would took so much time if you try yourself, but with my DNA injected in you, with Hashirama DNA you can become powerfull in short time...., so do you accept?*stretch his hand to Obito*
    Obito: Yes, master, please teach me. I will repair this World whatever it could cost me...
    Madara: *so much determination* So be it.
    The scene shows Obito with determined face while on Madara face appears evil smile.
    Flashback ends
    Kakashi: The truth...
    Obito: Yes, I am the choosen one to repair this world by using Madara Moon eye Plan. You think that I am crazy, twisted by Madara or whatever but I willingly accepted Madara plan.
    Kakashi, Gai: ?!

    Obito: It was my decision to follow Madara and carry out his plan to work.
    Flashback begins
    The scene shows Obito a little higher and healthy while standing in front of Madara Uchiha in forest. Madara is looking old while obito is young. Obito has both sharingans
    Madara: So, you know my plan now
    Obito: Yes, I will do everything what you entrusted me to do. I will keep my promise and I won't fail, but is this only way?!
    Madara: Great. Yes, you must understand that this world is corupted and filled with evil to core. Everywhere is hate, death, venegance, lies.
    Obito lower his head: I know.
    Madara: As Uchiha you expierienced false Konoha image, how village care about you, and your friend even didn't keep your promise. It shows that Uchiha can't entrust anyone promises or whatever. In summary there is no way to reach peace by normal means, human kind is filled with evil and jelousy, but everyone tried to create peace. Even I am tired by this world, so what is only way
    Obito: Powerfull Illussion thrown on all man kind. Mugen Tsukuyomii, your Moon Eye Plan
    Madara: That it, good boy.
    The scene shows Obito with MS glowing in his right eye while 3 tomoe sharingan is glowing in other eye. Madara mouth is only shown when smile appears.
    Flashback ends
    Obito: This World is filled too much hate, venegance and evil. Human kind is corrupted beyond repair possibility. There is no other way except placing everyone in Mugen Tsyukomii, where everyone can live in peace.
    The scene changes to Madara attacked by Killer Bee tentacles comming from all directions. Madara avoids all bee tentacles. Killer Bee attack again with tentacles forcing Madara to block them with war fan.
    Madara: not bad, eight tails...
    Killer bee: Damn....
    The scene shows Killer bee using chakra roar while attacking Madara with tentacles. Madara blocks and cuts few of them with his war fan, then notice Chakra wave comming. Madara activates sussano first form, catches one of tentacles with his Sussano chakra shaper hand. Madara pull Killer bee for one of tentacles and then throw him in rocks.
    Madara: Ha!
    Killer bee: shit!
    The scene shows Killer bee hit rocks while Madara is looking with evil smirk.
    Obito, Kakashi and Gai are watching it, then Obito turns his head to Kakashi and Gai, who turn their looks back at Obito.
    Obito: No matter How hard you fight with us, result can be only one, loss.
    There is no hope in this world, giving up and cooperating with our plan is best what you could do.
    Kakashi: You are crazy?!
    Gai: You will never win!
    Obito: Your determination is worthy admiration, at the same time it is futile.
    You can't stop me and my master.
    Kakashi: Master?!, but Minato Namikaze is dead, Obito...
    Obito: I know that fool. My master is here and doing well and I know that Minato Namikaze is dead, because I himself fought with him at Naruto birth.
    Kakashi,Gai: WHAT?!
    Obito: It is true, and I know that he is dead. My real Master is Madara Uchiha, together we will finish our plan and create eternal peace!
    Kakashi: Obito..., there is no to late, still just ...
    Obito: Enough, Kakashi no matter how much words you will speak, it will changes nothing. Beside you should know that actions convince better than worlds. Madara actions against your childlish words, then I choose Madara-sama over you, kakashi.
    Kakashi: No..., what about your idea's, ideals?
    Obito: sigh..., it was childlish idea's, thinkings there is no meaning to me. Obito you knew died along with Rin. I has hybrid body of Madara DNA, mine and Hashirama Senjuu from Zetsu,I fooled Minato Namikaze thanks to Zetsu growing ability, making me higher. I fooled Itachi taking shape of Madara thanks to Zetsu ability, even Kisame was fooled thanks to Zetsu ability. I leaded AKatsuki, very powerfull organization so your words mean nothing to me. Today I am noone, but most powerfull ninja after my master, I am hellbringer of Destruction used name of Tobi. Just call me Tobi now and prepare to die.
    Kakashi: you are beyond redemption, I understand. There is nothing I could to change you, huh Tobi... Madara twisted you, that man is nothing but evil, Obito
    Obito: You are gonna pay for insulting my master, Kakashi!
    Gai: Kakashi, don't let your emotions control you.
    Kakashi: There is no other way than to fight you Obito!
    Obito: Time to settle this fight!
    Kakashi: *There is no way to step back now* I will save you Obito from darkness even for risking life.
    Gai: Yosh!, *This is my Kakashi*
    The scene shows Obito getting serious, glaring at Kakashi and Gai. Kakashi and Gai glare at Obito as well with serious face.
    The last scene shows Madara looking at Obito, while Killer Bee is thinking about plan being few feet away from Madara.
    Madara: Looks like, He is done with explanation now.
    Killer Bee: ?!
    Madara with Rinnengan glowing in both eyes: Great, time to fight serious
    The last scene shows Obito and Madara against their enemies from upper view.(flight of bird)

    The scene opens in a pitch black room with an aged Madara standing in front of Obito's bed.

    Obito's first reaction is terror and shock at the figure before him. He then notices his pain and injury.

    Obito: Who are you? What is this?

    Madara: You should be dead. I was watching you. I saved you.

    Obito: My friends! I have to get to them now--

    Obito attempts to get up but struggles with his right side. As he winces in pain and rolls over to his side, Madara speaks to him.

    Madara: Your friends are ok. You made a grave error in giving that eye of yours to that filthy leaf dog. There are too many things you do not understand.

    Obito grips the bed with his left hand.

    Obito: I wanted to be there... I wanted to help my friend... I wanted see Rin through Kakashi's eyes.

    Madara: ...


    Madara: You are in my hideout. I have lived here since my defeat at the hands of the 1st Hokage.

    Madara looks to the left where we see the base of the Hashirama Lotus.

    Madara: I am Uchiha Madara. I have lived here for 4 generations.

    Obito: That makes no sense! How have you lived for so long?

    We see a close up of Madara's sharingan eye in its three tomoed form.

    Madara: In order to understand my story, you must first understand Hashirama Senju, my greatest foe - the man who is ultimately responsible for my continued existence.

    Flashback scene: Madara is in battle with Hashirama. The nine tails is running rampant and destroying the scenery. Hashirama hits Madara with a surprise attack from the left and has him down on the floor. He smiles at Madara and then holds out his hand.

    Hashirama: Madara, please, see that controlling the people through fear and power is corrupt. I forgive you my friend.

    The flashback continues with Madara shocked and motionless. He slowly raises his arm, taking the Hokage's hand with a slow approach.

    Suddenly, Madara tightens his grip and screams "Bring me back my brother!!!" and he stabs hashirama with his sword. Hashirama gives his old friend a look of disappointment and we see a wood clone of hashirama stab him in the upper left back with a giant sword.

    Madara: Ughh.... Ahhh!!!..

    Hashirama: We both know that this wound is fatal Madara. <I must control the nine tails>.

    The first Hokage jumps off as Madara lays dying, watching the nine tails thromp.

    Madara: No.. not like this... The wood clone that was watching him comes under genjutsu - Madara rips out the clone's heart and jams it in his chest - Madara uses his PMS and it's most fine power - to change reality in real time - it grows like wood into the wound and Madara's heart is functioning again. He is left completely skinny and out of life energy. Madara takes the wood clone and escapes the battle before Hashirama can completely control the nine tails.

    The flashback inside a flashback ends and Madara is standing in front of Obito. He takes his shirt off and and see various white patches of skin above his heart and other major organs.

    Madara: I have lived this long only because of Hashirama's chakra. I can save your life with the same tissue, but I will only do this if you make a deal with me. Carry out the moons eye plan with me.

    Obito stares blankly at Madara and then winces and passes out. Time moves forward and we see obito with all of his limbs training to develop his mangekyo sharingan...


    give comments and opinions

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    Re: Naruto 602 another predictions

    Pred1 was ok

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    Re: Naruto 602 another predictions

    nice + rep for your effort

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    What a drag

    Re: Naruto 602 another predictions

    maybe next time..u could maybe put one instead of 4!! im not being mean but nobody is gonna read if its too u have it .just letting u know


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    Re: Naruto 602 another predictions

    Very Nice

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    Re: Naruto 602 another predictions

    nice idea liked the first chapter particularly +rep

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