NFL week 2 is going to start soon so here are my picks.

I did this last weeks and my record for picks is 9-7....not bad but looking to improve

Ok week 2:

Bucs @ Giants
Last week the Giants disappointed many of their fans with a lost against the rivals. Well I'm looking for the Giants to bounce back.
35-21 Giants

Texans @ Jaguars
Ha! Jacksonville has no chance fantasy players who have Johnson(me) Foster, Schuab, or the Texans defense(again me) just like last week expect a great game fantasy wise. Jag fans who were optimistic about this season well the Texans are gonna crush this team sorry.
45-10 Texans

Browns @ Bengals
Cincy disappointed me last week with a poor performance. Cleveland well that got lucky because Vick was off. Andy Dalton and AJ Green need to be the same page or this game can and will be an upset of the year candidate. However I think Cincy will win it.
24-14 Bengals

Chiefs @ Bills
Both teams played bad last week. Chiefs are great and well scary when healthy, and the Bills well there defense isn't the same without Mario Williams. Chiefs win it.
24-21 Chiefs

Ravens @ Eagles
Baltimore has a top 3 defense this year. Eagles actually when playing great have a top 3 offense. Ravens have a top 10 offense. Eagles have a top 10 defense, see where im going with this. Here is my personal game of the week. look for a great game between two teams. My pick is the Ravens.
35-21 Ravens*

Vikings @ Colts
Skol Vikings lets in this game! For the first time since 09 the Vikings will be 2-0. Before Colt fans rip me remember this I like the Colts their a good team. Even after his bad game last week I'm still expecting Andrew Luck to be Rookie of the year. All in all Colts have two key injuries Dwight Freeney is out with a high ankle sprain, Austin Collie is listed as doubtful with an concussion. The Vikings are still having problems with their secondary but hopefully that will change if Allen can get pressure. Reggie Wayne is a beast and if Allen is no existent Chris Cook needs to shut down Reggie Wayne. Anyway I expect a Viking win.
31-28 Vikings

Raiders @ Dolphins
..........I have nothing to say. Sorry Dolphin fans but they looked horrible last week vs the Texans. I'm going it's the Raiders.
35-10 Raiders

Saints @ Carolina
Saints let RG3 and the Redskins put up 40 points against them. Even though I want to say their defense will be better but I don't think so, and well Drew Bree's is Drew Bree's he can put up 28 points against the Ravens defense If he had to. I think we'll have a good ole shoot out, that the Saints win.
42-35 Saints

Cardinals @ Patriots
If I was a betting man you never bet against the Patriot unless their playing the Giants. But I'm not a betting man and that still doesn't stop me from picking Tom Brady and the Patriots.
35-17 Patriots

Redskins @ Rams
This one right here also has game of the week written all over it. This Rams team stuck with Detroit last week that's good for them. So if this team is for real look for a great one that sees Washington falling
27-24 Rams

Cowboys @ Seahawks
I like Russell Wilson and this Seattle team but I don't see them beating Dallas. I hope I'm wrong because I don't like the Cowboys at all. Anyway Cowboys win it.
21-17 Dallas

Titans @ Chagers
I'm a Jake Locker guy. I like this guy he has great talent and could be a future hall of famer......could be. Anyway I have to pick against the Titans again. San Diego wins it

Jets @ Stellers
I'm gonna be straight up with this one Stellers win this one. I don't think the Jets offense is good enou to stopa a top 5 Steller defense.

Lions @ 49ers
Not a lions fan and you guys know this. The Lions have a top 3 offense, the 49ers have the best defense. I'm looking forward to this one....expect megatron to get at least 35 yards no more than 85....unless the niners have a breakdown on defense.
24-17 niners

Broncos @ Falcons
Peyton Manning is back! He lit up the steelers D. Woooo expect him to do the same in a close game. Denver is for real.
24-23 Denver

Ok guys those are my predictions post your own predictions tell me what ya think. I'll be back next week again(actually later tonight because I have predictions for something else and a FF to put lol) so till then see ya next time.