Karui begins to get tired of hitting Naruto repeatedly and begs for him to hit her back, but he won't, and she'll stop.

Samui returns to her Team and leads them and Naruto, with Sai trailing behind, to the Kage's Summit.

We'll get some news on Tobi and his "eye of the moon" plan or we see him tracking Kabuchimaru.

We see the return of Konohagakure's buildings with Tenzou's help.

We may see some Sasuke action.

We may also see Danzo preparing to leave for the Summit as well.

Maybe some news on Killerbee, not quite so likely though.

Naruto will change the hearts and minds of Samui's team to not seek revenge on Sasuke, but rather to rescue KillerBee; and, if Sasuke gets in their way, Naruto will handle him while they "rescue" their master...and it will be later explained by Sasuke that they failed to capture KillerBee (Omoi and Karui will have a little fit about their master being the best...) and Samui and co. decide to rush to the Kage Summit to deliver the news that KillerBee had escaped not from Akatsuki, but from the watchful eye of the Raikage, and is now roaming free. (which will leave Raikage teared up...naturally) Tsuchikage, Mizukage, and ESPECIALLY Danzo *i refuse to call him hokage*, will bring up the importance of their Jinchuuriki's being captured or about them being strictly military weapons of mass destruction.

Akatsuki will gain some new members