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    Sakura Haruno

    Didn't you know? Women have to be strong in order to survive!

    Basic Information
    Name: Sakura Haruno
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Clan: N/A

    Bright pink hair, large green eyes and fair skinned Sakura was called Billboard brow by her peers at a young age due to the size of her forehead, this prompted her to wear her hair in bangs.
    Part I: Sakura's outfit consists of a red zip-up qipao dress with white circular designs and dark green shorts underneath. She wears her Konoha headguard as a hairband in order to accentuate her face.
    Part II: Sakura in part two wears a red top with the same circular designs as before in part one, paired with black gloves, black boots, black shorts, short pink apron skirt as well as pink elbow pads and her forehead protector still around her hair is now on a red ribbon.
    Casual wear: When not on a mission or training Sakura dons a regular red sleeveless shirt with a pale yellow short sleeved shirt underneath, A navy thigh length skirt and her usual black boots.
    Shinobi War: During the shinobi war arc Sakura wears the official uniform of the allied shinobi forces which consists of a green flak jacket, black undershirt a skirt (instead of the provided pants) which she changes to pants when in the medical core and her regular black boots.

    Sakura is a very hot-headed, irritable, critical and astringent person who tends to lash out and punch people out of rage and her incredibly quick temper. However she is really a very caring, kind and cheerful person who also has a flirty side to her personality which she is often seen using to her advantage against Naruto Uzumaki. Although she is a very analytic and calculating she often could be construed as being naive or narrow-minded on occasion.
    Sakura is a natural weeper, meaning that she cries very easily and will not stop herself when she feels it coming this could be seen as her being of a sensitive manner although she is determined and never gives up when it comes to the crunch.
    She is very hard on herself on occasion and is overly critical of her own actions always wanting perfection and becoming frustrated that she is not on her team-mates levels in battle sense, she considers herself a burden to Naruto through a lot of the story and her biggest regret in life is solely relying on Naruto to bring Sasuke back to Konoha, burdening him with the promise and not being able to help herself, instead she could only stand and cry.
    Her strong will and outrageous levels of determination led to her becoming the student of Tsunade (the fifth hokage) and she has made noticable improvements in all areas although she still feels inadequate compared to some of her peers and will continue to improve until she herself is happy with her ability to help her friends.
    During her childhood and indeed throughout the rest of her life Sakura has held a deep infatuation for Sasuke Uchiha and has since made it her personal goal to bring him back to the village herself and believes that despite failing before, due to Sasuke's blatant criminality and deceit, and with the power of Naruto's words that she now has the inner strength she needs to kill him herself if it need be.

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth:
    Village of Alliance: Konohagakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: S-Class Ninja
    Specialty: N/A
    Elements: Earth (started), Water (started)
    Your ninjutsu: E-Rank defaults

    Background Info.

    Part I


    "All I've been doing is watching you two from behind... now, get a good look at my back!"

    Sakura became a member of team 7 with Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha at youth to be trained by Kakashi Hatake. During this time Sakura spent most of her time trying to appeal to Sasuke and make him love her, often passing on her training in order to try to better her looks to make him like her. Whilst this was happening Naruto was forever trying to make himself appeal to Sakura but she never noticed him. After a talk from Kakashi about her ways and the ways of the feuding Naruto and Sasuke, she is the first to realise and embrace that if they are to improve and become Genin they would have to work together and put there differences behind them, this revelation leads to them passing Kakashi's test.
    Sakura shows on multiple occasions during there first ventures that she is a very quick learner and that she can also be very savvy and intelligent. This is showed when Kakashi puts the three into tree-climbing training during the Land of Waves arc and Sakura masters the exercise on her first attempt, leaving her to watch Tazuna while Naruto and Sasuke continue the training.

    Chunin Exams

    "I`ve always considered myself to be a true ninja...but those were just empty words,because Sasuke and Naruto were always in the lead! But now it`s my turn to take the lead,and all of you can watch me from the background!"

    Kazekage Rescue Arc

    After Naruto returns from his training adventures with Jiraiya, Sakura is one of the first to greet him, she is happy to see him and comments on how much taller he has grown. Kakashi then invites them to another bell training session where they can both showcase their new abilities, Sakura shocks Naruto and Kakashi as she shows off her new found strength that the training with Tsunade has helped her to unlock. However the only manage to get the bells in the end by tricking Kakashi.
    Once word is received that the Akatsuki have captured Gaara, Team 7 minus Sasuke are sent to Sumogakure to assist in the retrieval, upon arrival they find that Kankuro has been severely poisoned by the puppet master and Akatsuki member Sasori. Sakura then takes this opportunity to show off her incredible medical prowess when she uses a special jutsu to extract the poison from Kankuro's body.
    Once extracted Sakura also manages to create an antidote which she administers to other members of the team in case they come into contact with Sasori.
    Sakura and Team 7 then set off after the Akatsuki, upon arrival at the Akatsuki lair the team split up, Naruto and Kakashi go after the clay user Deidara whilst Sakura accompanied by Lady Chiyo of the Sand stay and take on Sasori. Chiyo attaches her chakra threads to the body of Sakura and uses her puppetry to control Sakura's movements. With the improved dexterity granted by Chiyo's puppet control Sakura is able to avoid Sasori's poison attacks and get close enough to reak the puppet Hiruko.
    Once the Hiruko puppet is destroyed, Sasori is revealed to them and summons his Third Kazakage puppet, with this puppet Sasori is able to use all of the Third Kazekage's abilities which he infuses with his own poison. After a lengthy battle with the puppet Chiyo and Sakura are able to decipher it's movements and abilities, this leads to them getting close enough to destroy this puppet aswell.
    After this Sasori is forced to reveal his true form, having done this it becomes clear that Sasori had turned himself into a puppet in order to gain control over more puppet's than is humanly able. He then summons he's 100 puppets collection in order to do battle against Chiyo's White Secret Technique: The Chikamatsu Collection of Ten Puppets, eventually the 100 puppets of Sasori are defeated and he is forced to move to another puppet body, he then attempts to kill Chiyo but Sakura jumps in the way and takes the hit, whilst distracted by this Chiyo uses her mother and father puppets to stab Sasori through the heart, happy enough in the knowledge that Sakura would die too he was happy enough to relinquish his life. However Sakura's antidote and Chiyo's healing abilities prove this wrong as she survives.

    Invasion of Pain Arc
    Sakura returns to the village with Naruto and they learn of Jiraiya's death, Sakura takes it upon herself to try and comfort Naruto at the loss of his master but Naruto loses it and blames Tsunade for Jiraiya's death leading to Sakura scolding him. Sakura joined the team of shinobi who were attempting to but their job was interupted when Pain the leader of the Akatsuki arrives and attacks Konoha. After saving numerous villages Sakura manages to kill Pain's giant centipede summon, after this Sakura returns to Konoha hospital where she eventually takes charge of the medical division and impresses everyone with her leadership skills and undoubted medical ability.
    Eventually Pain manages to destroy the village and Sakura must be saved by Katsuyu. Sakura wakes up to see the village in ruins and screams out for Naruto to arrive and save them. Naruto does arrive and Sakura is forced to watch on as he defeats the six paths of Pain, after the battle Sakura heals Hinata who had jumped in front of Pain to save Naruto during the battle. Sakura ends this arc by punching Naruto for his recklessness but then turning it around and hugging him, thanking him for saving the village and her life.

    Five Kage Summit

    "I'm the one who made Naruto suffer the most… I've just been getting it wrong… just been messing it up… I don't want to get it wrong anymore… don't want to screw it up anymore."

    Informed by Sai that Naruto's attempts to make her happy and his desperation to fulfill the promise he made to her was not helping his cause but instead was causing him constant pain and standing as a reminder of his failure to bring Sasuke back the first time of asking. Shikamaru then states that he believes that Sasuke's betrayal will only lead to war and that he believes that it would be for the good of the village if they went to stop him personally, Sakura agrees that Sasuke needs to be stops but asks that she be the one to tell Naruto about this development.
    Upon meeting with Naruto, Sakura makes the false confession that she is in love with Naruto, that she has lost all her care and love for Sasuke and begs him to forget about the promise he made to her back when they were kids. Naruto however see's through her lie and tells her that she is lying to herself, this angers Sakura and she insists that she is telling him the truth and continues to try to persuade him to break their shared promise and concentrate on protecting himself from the Akatsuki.
    Naruto then says that he is pursuing for himself and not solely because of the promise he had made to her all that time ago.
    Sakura and her group (Sai, Kiba and Lee) leave but Sakura sets of a knockout gas bomb and escapes from the others to continue her search for Sasuke alone, she eventually finds him about to kill Karin and stops him claiming that she wants to join him even if it means betraying Konoha, Sasuke doesn't believe her and tells her that she needs to prove her loyalty to him by killing Karin. Sakura approaches them with the intention to kill Sasuke right there on the spot putting an end to Naruto's and everybody else's anguish. Karin interupts her approach with the warning that Sasuke is about to kill her, his attack however is blocked by Kakashi who had arrived whilst this was all going on.
    Sakura, being told that she should heal Karin then take her back to the village disobeys her orders and sneaks up on Sasuke instead, again with the intention of killing him and ending the feud. During her approach however she began to think back to when they were together in team 7 and how much she loved him, this made her approach careless and Sasuke was easily able to spot her approaching, he then grabbed her by the throat and attempted to kill her but she was again rescued, this time by Naruto.
    In the process Sasuke manages to cut Naruto's face with a poison kunai that Sakura herself had forged, Naruto then tells Sasuke that he won't give up on him and that he will shoulder his hatred as a friend and that they will die together one day. Touched by the emotional speech from Naruto, Sakura is shown to be pleased that he had found a way to give team 7 the happy ending she wants them to have.

    Shinobi World War Arc

    "Naruto… You saved Konoha… And now you're trying to save the entire shinobi world… You always get left with these insurmountable tasks… But no matter what you say this time, we're going to be together… Not just me… We're all going to fight together this time!"

    At the beginning of the war Sakura is placed in third division where she is stationed alongside Kakashi when they come across Zabuza and Haku, during the battle with the old foes Sakura stays back and heals injured shinobi. Eventually Zabuza and Haku are defeated along with their back-up and Sakura sets off to join the Logical Support and Medical Division where she heals the injuries of injured shinobi who are stationed around the battlefield. After a short time there Neji arrives in Sakura's tent and she tends to his wounds.
    After this Sakura is alerted that three of the jonin medics in other tents have been killed and that an enemy has infiltrated their location and is targeting jonin medics. Continuing to heal the injured shinobi Sakura becomes suspicious and begins to work to find the assailant. It is at this time that a man enters her tent and confesses his love for her through a love letter, she however dismisses him as she is still in love with someone else. Whilst she is feeling saddened thinking back about Sasuke Neji enters and asks whether she is ok as well as asking if she knows where he can find Shizune as he has some important information regarding the intruder.
    She tells him that she is treating TonTon's injured foot. After a short back and forth conversation Sakura deciphers that this Neji is in fact a fake and she punches him into the floor revealing him to be a Zetsu clone in disguise.

    Other: Are there any Sensei's available to teach me the Sakura, Tsunade or Hashirama specific attacks/ jutsu? If not do I get them default?

    Theme Song and Background Music:
    Theme Song:

    Battle Song:


    Won: N/A

    If this is Approved I will drop my Re-L Bio x

    ~Approved~ btw you can't use any medical ninjutsu unless you would be an NB medical shinobi.
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