LOOK HOW BIG YAMMY IS like look @ HIS TAil prob kenpachi can take this

guy all by himslef how ever
only espada to reach full power WOW

I wish yammy can open A whole to the captain fight so the rest of the capn s can joing in the fight

Ichi Isshin OLD man YAMA & urahara takes on aizen
Aizen some how beats everyone else except Ichigo

And the rest take on that BIG BLOB AND YAMMy And possibly other ARNCARs ANd WW

for now i feel like CHad we sho his tru form to like armour and stuff

REnji we have to give REnji props able to injure that WAck espada with only his shikai

Have nuthin ot say about RUKIA opnly she is the 1st on to kill an es;ada