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    Re: Bleach Manga 508 Discussion and 509 Predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by Jupiter View Post
    10 trillion zombies... seriously? I understand the need to exaggeration things a bit but it also has to be believable. There are 7 Billion people in our planet and he somehow managed to get 10 trillion bodies? Like it's just retarded.

    I hope it's just the name of the ability and not the actual number of bodies.
    He founded the academy in SS more than 2,000 years ago while he was already considered an 'old man', so there is no telling how old he really is for one thing.

    Another is that he has killed other beings besides humans. Hollows, Arrancers, Quincies, Shinigami, Souls in general I'm sure, etc.


    Loved the chapter. Bach is clearly resorting to last measures. Yama is OP and I love it.
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