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    The Milits Chapter 12

    The Milits

    -I recommend you read the previous chapters before this one-

    <---- Chapter 11 .................................................. .................................................. ................ Chapter 13 ---->

    Current Location:

    (Skylar, Luke and Alice are on their way to the town Lisfro.)

    Chapter 12 - Female Barkeeper

    It’s in the middle of the day, and the heat is strong as usual. The group of now three people is on their way to the small town Lisfro. They have been traveling for 5 days, and will soon reach it.

    Skylar: Alice, can you fry this rat with your fire for me? It looks yummy!

    Alice: Well, um… I-

    It’s smacked out of his hand by Luke. Sweat and dirt are shown all over his face and clothes.

    Luke: I told you not to pick up dead things from the ground! And you just ate your stupid beans 10 minutes ago…

    Skylar looks eagerly at the rat on the ground, but just keep walking.

    Skylar: But this heat is making me hungry…

    Luke: Deal with it…

    Skylar suddenly smells something in the air, and starts looking around.

    Skylar: Luke… Alice… You smell that?

    They also start to smell around them. A smile shows on both their sweaty faces.

    Luke: Food!

    Alice: I-I think it comes from that direction…

    Skylar starts running in that direction in excitement. Their sense of smell didn’t fail them. They look down at the little town Lisfro after a minute of walking up the hill.

    Skylar: That’s Lisfro! Finally!

    Skylar runs down to the small, quiet town screaming for food.

    -2 minutes later-

    Skylar: Isn’t there a saloon here or something? I’m seriously really hungry…

    The group walks around the town looking for something to eat.

    Alice: H-hey, there is something over there…

    She points at a house with a saloon sign on it.

    Skylar: A saloon! There might be food there!

    Skylar runs excitedly into the saloon, followed by the Luke and Alice. It’s empty, except the barkeeper on the other side of the room playing cards. It’s a long woman with long black hair down to her waist and brown eyes.

    She looks up and notices Skylar and the others.

    Barkeeper: Customers? Customers!

    She suddenly jumps up and enthusiastically shows the group their table. They are given a small table with broken seats.

    Barkeeper: So what can I do for you?

    She smiles as this was the happiest moment of her life.

    Skylar: Beans! We want beans!

    Luke: Skylar, I don’t wa-

    She nods, and walks away to the kitchen.

    Luke: Damn it, Skylar. You know how sick I am of beans!?

    Skylar just laughs and ignore Luke. Alice just giggles a bit while watching them.

    -10 minutes later-

    The barkeeper comes running with three plates with beans.

    Barkeeper: Here are your beans! Hope you enjoy…

    She watches the group eating the beans, inspecting every facial expression.

    Barkeeper: So, what brings you guys to this small town?

    Skylar eats the last of his beans before answering the female barkeeper.

    Skylar: We are on our way to the continent!

    The barkeeper leans towards Skylar in interest of the story.

    Barkeeper: Oh? What’s your name?

    Skylar: My name is Skylar Knight! I’m the cowboy who will take dow-

    Skylar is suddenly kicked violently to the other side of the room; flying into several tables. It takes a moment before he realizes it was the female barkeeper who kicked him.

    Luke: Skylar!!

    Barkeeper: What!? You guys are cowboys!? Get the hell out of my saloon!

    An angry, dark voice is suddenly heard from the kitchen.

    ???: Mia!! What’s going on out there!?

    -End of Chapter-

    Thanks if you read, voted or replied
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    Re: The Milits Chapter 12

    Miaaa... Mia is finally there!
    I saw Luke, Alice and Luffy... where is Skylar? just kidding :D

    An awesome chapter as always

    Their smell of sense didn’t fail them.

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 12

    That was some chapter :D I enjoyed it exeption for the dead rat part!

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 12

    Awesome chapter

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 12

    love it!

    and the dislike was an accident i swear! i'm really sorry

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 12

    It was brilliant I can't wait for the next chapter.

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 12

    ass-kicking mia :crazy:
    i love it!!!!!
    awesome chapter specially the disgusting rat! it almost made me vomit!
    but mia kicking skylar is epic :p

    great job sky!!!!

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