Situation: You are dropped down into a vast island way of the coast, surrounded by crystal water and dangers that are lurking. On each side of the shores, there are two banners. One says "Nightwine" in red letters, and the other with "Ravenscar" printed in blue letters. In the middle, another canvas said CHOOSE in big bold letters.


*You may only have 15 members on a team.
*You may only use taijutsu and nothing else.
*Immunity is hidden within the island. To find it, you must find the first clue that will lead you to the second etc. If you wish to ask if Immunity is hidden there, you will have to consult me about that.
*No one may change their teams after the 15 have been decided. I will count how many people will get into each group.
*Each week a team will be taken to the Trial. In the Trial, each member will vote on a person to leave the island.
Any Questions?
Consult me and I will answer!~