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    The Milits Chapter 13

    The Milits

    -I recommend you read the previous chapters before this one-

    <---- Chapter 12
    .................................................. .................................................. ........................................... Chapter 14 ----->

    Current Location:

    (Skylar, Luke and Alice are in a saloon in the town Lisfro.)

    Chapter 13 - Refusal

    Father: Mia!! What’s going on out there!?

    A chubby man with black hair and beard walks out of the kitchen. He looks around at the mess done by the female barkeeper Mia. He sighs as if this wasn’t the first time.

    Father: We are going to lose customers if you keep on doing stuff like this…

    Mia: But dad, they are cowboys! I can’t let them keep eating in this bar!

    Her father looks at Skylar who lies on top of some broken tables.

    Father: (These kids are cowboys? They sure don’t look like it…)

    Skylar stands up and wipes away some blood from his mouth.

    Skylar: That really hurt you know…

    Luke: (What a kick… This girl isn’t a normal barkeeper…)

    Mia is angry, stares at Skylar, and seems ready to attack him again.

    Father: I have to ask you to leave immediately. We don’t want any trouble…

    Skylar: Leave!? I want to eat more beans! Can’t we just-

    Luke grabs Skylar’s dirty shirt, and drags him out of the bar, followed by Alice.

    -20 minutes later-

    Skylar sits on some boxes in the middle of the street; still hungry and bored. The sun is in the middle of the sky, and the heat is still the same.

    Alice: So we are going to leave the town immediately?

    Luke and Alice are planning for themselves what to do next. Their next destination is Sago; the capital of River Island.

    Luke: Yeah, after we get some supplies…

    He looks in his empty backpack while saying this.

    Alice: T-that might be best… We don’t really seem welcome here…

    Luke: I agree… what do you think, Skylar?

    Luke looks around, but Skylar isn’t anywhere to be seen.

    Luke: …Skylar?

    -The scene switches back to the saloon-

    The barkeeper Mia sweeps the saloon floor with the help of a broom. The only thing she can think about is what happened earlier.

    Mia: (They were cowboys… but they didn’t seem like bad people…)

    Skylar: That kick earlier was really strong… I’m impressed…

    She immediately turns around in surprise, and almost hit Skylar with the broom. He is outside looking in the window frame.

    Mia: You again!? What do you want this ti-

    Skylar: Want to join my cowboy group?

    She takes a step back in surprise; never expecting a question like that.

    Mia: W-what!? No way! I would never join a cowboy group!

    Her face turns red in both embarrassment and anger.

    Skylar: Are you sure? We are leaving the town soon…

    Mia: Don’t even ask! No is a no! Leave now!

    It’s quiet between them for a moment, and wind is the only sound heard around the saloon. They stare at each other for several seconds.

    Skylar: Alright, I’m off then!

    He smiles to her, and runs back to Luke and Alice. Mia just ignores him, and goes back to sweeping the floor.

    -The scene switches to a hill outside of the town-

    A group of 4 people walk up the small hill, and look down at the little town Lisfro.

    ???: Finally… I really need to get under a shadow…

    They walk down, and slowly approach the town.

    ???: Same here… You think there’s a saloon or something in this town?

    ???: Let’s find out…

    -End of Chapter-

    Thanks if you read, voted or replied
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    Re: The Milits Chapter 13

    yep exciting as always good work :D

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 13

    "Skylar is about to leave the town and there are 4 suspicious ppl beheading towards Lisfro!
    What will happen?! You'll have to wait for the next chapteeer :D"

    hehhee ^^ exciting chapter as always

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    chain of hatred"

    Re: The Milits Chapter 13

    perfect! :D can't wait to see who those mystery people are!
    great job skylar!
    (and i hope mia joins them :o)

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 13

    Excellent. :D

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 13

    quick! post chapter 14 right away!

    awesome as always. i cant wait!!!!
    good job sky :ice:

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 13

    Amazing as usual. I can't wait for the next chapter.

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