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    [Update] Mystogan [Bio]

    “Even though we lack Magical Power, we human will continue to live on...”

    Basic Information
    Name: Mystogan
    Nickname: Badass | Mysterious | Mist Gun
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Clan: /


    Mystogan posseses the dark eyes, blue hair and tattoo on the right side of his face. He wears a dark blue cloak and his arms and legs are mostly covered in bandages. During his time in Konoha, he wore a dark blue bandana with a silver forehead protector, and a green mask that obscured the bottom half of his face to hide his identity from his village. He usually carries his Staves on his back which are held by a dark green strap going across his main body.


    Mystogan is a reclusive member of the village. Mystogan dislikes showing his face because he doesn't want people to see his face and so he hides his identity, especially from a Girl because his face would remind her of that night...
    He seems to be very knowledgeable about the ninja world as he's away from the village doing long term missions.

    Many of the his neighbors question who he really is, citing him as something of an enigma however the 3rd Hokage states that he is a very kind person. His academy home room teacher states that Mystogan doesn't talk much. Despite his reclusiveness, Mystogan is extremely loyal to the academy and village members and is willing to go to great lengths to protect it. He single-handedly took down group of enemy during the the 3rd Great ninja war. Mystogan gets along very well with Arnold due to Arnold saving him from death when he was a little guy.

    The only person who ever saw his face apart from his deceased parents were Arnold.

    However, Mystogan made Arnold promise to never tell anyone how he looks like.

    Village Info.

    Village of Birth: konohagakure
    Village of Alliance: konohagakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: S-Class
    Specialty: n/a
    Elements: Water | Lightning | Fire
    Your ninjutsu: C-Rank Water| B-Rank Lightning | B-Rank Fire

    And All E-Rank.

    Background Info.

    Mystogan was born and lived in a small area nearby where the uchiha's lived in Konoha. He lived a normal life, went to the academy, done his homework, and helped out his parents with chores.

    Until that night...

    One afternoon, he was wandering around the bushes and tree's when he heard a someone crying in nearby. He quickly ran to the location, and saw a girl with brown hair crying. She was roughly about 7 years old. Same age as him. He went up to her and told her that she should stop crying. But she kept on crying, her head down with her arms around her head. Mystogan studied her. Her clothes were torn apart, which told him either she was a tramp, or she was attacked.
    He figured she was hungry, so he told her to stay where she was and not move.
    He went back to the main village, bought some crisps and ice cream and went back.
    By the time he came back, she had stopped crying, but she still remained in her original position. He sat next to and tapped her shoulder, indicating that she should lift her head up and should look at him.
    However, she ignored him, and remained as she was.
    After a long time, she finally lifted her head up to see a young man, roughly the same age as her with blue hair and brown eyes. Mystogan gave her the crisps and told her that she should eat up. After eating her crisps, he gave her the her a double coned ice cream. While she was eating, she couldn't help but look at his face again. He smiled at her and told her to eat. Showing her gratitude, she half'ed the ice cream and gave him a cone, and they ate in silence. After that, she began talking by saying what his name was and why he was hear. He told her his name and the reason why he was helping her out.

    After that, the conversation grew easy, and they talked to each other about themselves as they headed down towards the main part of the village. She told him her name was Loona.

    Here, he bought her some proper clothes with his life savings. ( Which was not much ).

    She showed her thanks by kissing him on the cheek.

    As the sun was going down, he told her he was heading to his home and that she should come with him. As they were walking down to his house, Mystogan asked her why she wasn't with her parents. A moment later, she stopped walking and gazed down at the floor, tears coming down her eyes. Mystogan suddenly alarmed, said what's whats wrong?
    After moments of silence, she whispered to him that her family was executed by a group of assassins, and she escaped luckily. And that would explain why she was wearing those torn clothes and crying. He comforted her by telling her his dad would sort out everything, and she could live with them and those idiots who killed her family shall pay the ultimate price.

    By the time they went home, it was dark, no lights in the house and it was oddly quite. He knocked on the door, but his dad didn't open it like he usually would. He knocked again, but nothing happened. Mystogan then forcefully smashed the door open. And with Loona behind him, they walked in. He turned right and went into the living room and saw blood foot prints on the floor leading toilet and blood splattered on the wall. He also saw the window smashed and the curtain torn and ripped.

    Loona who was behind him and gasped at the horrible sight. He too was shocked. He quickly grabbed her hand and ran to the toilet, just to see his parents stacked on top of each other with there head's separated from there bodies. Mystogan watched the gruesome sight in shock. Tears poured down from his eyes really fast. Loona could do anything but stare as well.

    Moments later, they heard footsteps and voice coming from the living room. Without thinking about what a plan, still holding her hand, he ran through the back door which was already knocked over.

    As he ran through the back yard, he went to his shed to collect his fathers possession. It was 5 Staves his father used in fights. after he collected them, he ran away to his uncles house, but he found the same results there. They were all dead. All his neighbors. They were all dead. Just like Loona's. Now he knew who was doing the killing around here. It was the assassins.

    He and Loona ran away to the 3rd Hokage and told him about everything.

    Weeks later, everything was solved and the group of assassins fled. Mystogan sat on a tree branch, with the images of his dead parents fresh in his mind. Hated coiled in the bottom of his stomach and tears rained down from his eyes. He swore to avenge them, someday.

    That night, he made his own costume dress, he will always wear. And he will protect his identity. Using one of his staves, he went to the orphanage house and slowly crept to Loona's bed. He then used the stave to erase her memories. The memories about when they met and all.

    He then went to all those people who knew him and erased there memories of him, except from his homeroom teacher and the 3rd Hokage.

    From then on, Mystogan has been on his own. He kept doing long term mission and kept himself to himself.

    And most importantly, he never showed his face or told Loona who he was.



    Mystogan uses thes Staves in battles. They are his main weapons aside from Shurikens and Kunais.


    Theme Song and Background Music:

    NYMl-KhtI">NYMl-KhtI" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="560" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always">


    Won: None
    Lost: None

    Updating This

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