I wanted to create this thread cuz i think people are greatly mistaking what really happened in the "fight" between Minato and Raikage. No i'm not saying Minato has a greater shunshin than Raikages in V2, it's wrong. Raikage in V2 is faster, i'm only talking about reflexes here, or simply body speed, where i believe Minato is faster. So yes, Raikage has greater speed than Minato in short distance(if we don't count FTG), but Minato has a greater body speed, and i'll try to explain why:

Look carefully at this pic, and notice the distance i draw(sorry for my bad drawing :p) between Minatos hand(where he holds his kunai) and Raikages shoulder at the top of my pic. Now look where the kunai is at the bottom of my pic. What does it mean? It means that during the time, Raikage was aiming at his face, Minato had time to land a kunai on top of Raikage without he even knew, and notice that Kishimoto even draw this kunai at the end on purpose so that we should not miss it.

And notice also the distance between them when Minato uses Hiraishin to go on the tree and Raikage is still in motion roughly at the same place, and on this pic:

He come back and almost finish with Raikage while he was still in motion after the first move he made. Minato had time to do 3moves before A could do even one, while he was still in motion. People only see the fact that Raikage almost touched Minato with his punch without analysing the context. In the contrary, the fact Minato was able to dodge something almost touching his nose, something going at that high speed shows that Minatos reflexes are just insane, are just on another level, and when you know that even before that, he had time to land a kunai without Raikage notices, it's even more ridiculous.

Now people are actually saying he had no choice than using FTG, but seriously. If he had time to land a kunai above the Raikage, isn't that obvious that if he wanted, he could have dodge it? Now the question you must ask you is why did he landed the kunai on Raikage?

And the answer is simple. He was preparing his counter-attack with it. Landing a kunai above Raikage helped him to teleport on his kunai on the tree and come back on the kunai he landed earlier quickly to finish his job and Raikage was almost done for if Bee didn't intervened.

So yes Raikage in V2 is probably faster than Minato, but in terms of reflexes, Minato is above him