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    Awards Showcase

    山本 武 Yamamoto Takeshi V2 (Number 50)

    Basic Informations

    Yamamoto Takeshi

    Greatest Hitman Of This Time
    Sono Hitotsu Motte Sono Ame (The One With The Rain)
    Leader Of The Millefiore





    Yamamoto is very easy-going and can make friends with everyone, if he doesn't become friends with them, than they all show respect to him. But if someone wants to hurt his friends, parts of his family or Kirigakure, his Blood Mist Legacy activates and he goes on rampage killing all who oppose the power of Kirigakure, even if it hurts him or even if he has to sacrifice himself or parts of his body to protect them.

    Village Info

    Village of Birth:

    Village of Alliance:

    Rank//Chakra Info.

    Ninja Rank:
    -Unofficial Sage

    Hidden Mist
    Silent Killing


    Your ninjutsu:*
    Basic 5 | Rain | Taijutsu | Ninjutsu | Genjutsu | Kaito's Taijutsu** | Kenjutsu | Infinite One-Sword Style | Kei-Sekken |
    Yamanaka Techniques | Fuuinjutsu***

    Background Info.


    "Kids I'm going to tell you an incredible story, the story of how I met your mother."

    Voice out of nowhere starts yelling:
    "VOI! Narrator, that is f*cking wrong story"

    Narrator quickly replies:
    "Sorry, sorry, sorry. Ok, now than,...
    Our whole universe was in the..."

    Again the same voice again out of nowhere starts calling:
    "VOI! F*cking wrong story again, seriously, I shouldn't have payed you for telling HIS story. This is your last chance Narrator, than I will kill you."

    Narrator again starts talking:
    "I wanna be the very best, like no one ever waaaaaaaaaas pam pam pam to catch them is my real test, to train them is my goaaaaaaaaaaaal. I will tr..."

    Sound of sword cutting through body of poor Narrator is heard and for a minute, there is complete silence. Than that same voice starts saying:
    "VOI! I warned you stupid Narrator, now look at yourself, you're DEAD, you hear me? You are freaking DEAAAAAAAAD."

    Than another voice calls to person who killed Narrator:
    "Than why the hell don't YOU say his story Squalo."

    Squalo: "VOI! Is that you BAKA BOSS?"

    Boss: "Who are you calling baka Squalo, I will kill you where you stand, but first you should tell his story already, everyone is getting bored.

    Squalo: "Ok ok, so people, listen or I kill you, this is story of Yamamoto Takeshi:

    So, he got borned in Konoha into Yamanaka clan, but even tho his father was 2nd in command of Yamanaka clan, he tried to hide Yamamoto from fate of being shinobi. Problem was when Yamamoto reached 13th year of life and...


    Boss: "Shut up or I will really kill you, just hurry up, will ya? AND WHERE IS MY FOOD."

    Squalo: "SHUT UP! Ok, so, where was I,...

    Problem was when Yamamoto reached 13th year of life and was founded as prodigy of shinobi world in almost all skills shinobi can get. During his lifetime he mastered all Basic 5 Elements from his father as well as secret Yamanaka Techniques. After that he mastered Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, some Kaito's Taijutsu and Kenjutsu.
    First he became Genin, than Chuunin and than Jounin. His father than decided that they will move out of Konoha as it became corrupt and wanted to create soldier who would only obey from Yamamoto. His father decided that they will move into Kirigakure, because he knew Mizukage very well and was good old friend with him. When they reached Kirigakure, Yamamoto decided that he will become Jounin of Kirigakure and help it defeat anyone who stands in it's way. As years passed, Yamamoto was sent on many missions and thanks to his high Kenjutsu skills, he became able to complete all of them with quite an ease, as they were mainly missions where he encountered high amount of enemies and defeated all of them, yes, defeated, but not killed, at least in most cases. Once, when he was still 14, I Squalo fought him and defeated him very easily, but than, 1 week later, we were faced against each other again, and I lost misserably. Well, let's continue. Mizukage started to like Yamamoto a lot and decided to send him on long time mission into Amegakure. He was supposed to gather information, but more importantly learn how to use deadly Rain Techniques which can only be taught in Amegakure. He said goodbye to his father and headed for Amegakure, where he was supposed to stay 1 whole year, but after 1 month he already learned everything there is about Rain techniques and had full mastery of them in that 1 month. He send message to Mizukage that he finished studying Rain Techniques and that he gathered all information that he could. Mizukage than send his own message to Yamamoto that he should return back to Kirigakure and that he has been promoted into position of ANBU Hunting division of Kirigakure. On his way back to Kirigakure, he met master of Kenjutsu who taught him how to use very powerful Infinite One-Sword Style Kenjutsu style. As he became master of this style very quickly, he continued his way to Kirigakure where he met his old friend Taiketsu who taught him his own Taijutsu style which is called Kei-Sekken. When he became officially member of ANBU's Hunting squad, he was ordered to kill group of people who ran away from Kirigakure. Yamamoto himself was faster than his allies from Hunting division and defeated all people who betrayed Kirigakure and killed all of them for his village. Than he was send on more ANBU missions as time passed and when he finally reached his 22th year of living, he became leader of ANBU Black Ops and leader of ANBU's Hunting Division and became the youngest ANBU Black Ops leader ever in history of Kirigakure. When he became respected in the village, he changed the name of ANBU's Hunting Division into Millefiore. Than Mizukage wanted him to become 1 of the 7 Swordsmen of the Mist, but Yamamoto declined with reasoning that 7 Swordsmen of the Mist should be from Kirigakure and even tho that he loves Kirigakure, he wasn't borned in Kirigakure. Than when he became 24 years old, he was known all around the world as Sono Hitotsu Motte Sono Ame (The One With The Rain)."

    Boss: "Are you finished already?"

    Squalo: "SHUT UP BAKA BOSS, well, I guess I am finished, for now, but his story will continue. By the way boss, I think you shouldn't forget to who you lost back then."

    And chaos breaks around as Xanxus starts shooting fire all around him.


    Special Abilities
    God Of Suiton ****
    His skills in Suiton techniques are on such a high level, that he can use them with 1 hand seal. His skills in them gave him nickname God Of Suiton.

    Master Of Lightning Release ****
    After long time of practicing Lightning Release, he became able to perform hand seals for Lightning techniques faster than other elements except of Suiton ones.

    Master Of Silent Killing And Hidden Mist Jutsu
    He became highly skilled in using these two techniques because he is long-time member of Hidden Mist Village and these two techniques are specialty of this village.

    King Of Taijutsu
    By training Taijutsu with 1 8IG master and 2 exceptional senseis, he became specialist in it. His Taijutsu skills are on very high level and he is respected for it by almost everyone. By having this training, he obtained huge strength so that he can use his weapon Caliburn and other heavy weapons with using just one hand.

    Blood Mist Legacy
    Blood Mist Legacy is certain type of we can say disease which hits people who are members of Kirigakure. This disease makes shinobi who are effected by it become completely fearless, scary looking and without any feelings able to kill even best friends from different villages but Kirigakure. Unfortunately this disease becomes in effect only if the village of Kirigakure is in danger of enemy.

    Equipment + Other
    (Caliburn) - Caliburn

    Type: Weapon
    Rank: S
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 40 (+20 to transform it)
    Damage Points: 0
    Describtion: This weapon was forged by Archangel Michael originally as Katana for Migualon J.J. when he created and mastered Style Of Tekken so that he wouldn't have to enter that state while being still able to use special Tekken techniques. But than Michael made a "mistake" when forging it and it became unstabble in it´s form. Michael and Migualon were making a lot of tests on it and than they noticed that it can change form into different weapons when infused with chakra. This weapon has 4 different forms, which are Katana, Sword, Staff (possible to use shape manipulation to make spike on 1 end of it), Shield and Spear (as 1 form).

    All 4 Forms:



    Staff (just that staff )

    Spear And Shield (shield can only protect from weapons)

    *Can only be wielded by Migualon J.J. and those who mastered Style Of Tekken and obtained ~Mig J.J. Quiksilver~´s permission*
    *Transformation into different form counts as 1 of the 3 moves per turn*
    *It cannot be broken [if in form of Spear And Shield, the shield breaks, than it goes into Staff form with spear (shield can be broken by any jutsu of C-rank and higher)]*
    *The user is able to use Tekken techniques when wielding this weapon without activating Style Of Tekken*
    *It´s power can be increased with Normal, Wind, and Lightning Chakra (just like Sasuke increases power of his katana), it too can have Fire Chakra infused with it, in that case it is surrounded by flames which can be extuingiushed by even D-rank Water Jutsu (in this case it looks like on the picture with Katana)*

    If he can't use Caliburn he takes 2 Katanas which look like this into battle

    He too takes case of Infinite One-Sword Style's swords on his back if he can use them
    [IMG]http://t2.************/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSmW_60VgxMiCABr7gqje4vepG0CBpBq HFJxJbWaD2Te2vCbmQ9qQ[/IMG]

    Yamamoto has this tattoo on his left shoulder which is significant to those who signed Buzzard Summoning Contract, he too signed Toad Summoning Contract with good old Riku.

    As leader of the Millefiore, he has the biggest of the rings (the Top Orange one)

    All Yamamoto's clothes have symbol of Millefiore on it's right shoulder and on it's back.

    When on official Kirigakure business, he most of the time has this ANBU mask.


    Young Yamamoto

    Current Yamamoto

    Theme Song and Background Music:





    Update of Yamamoto Takeshi

    * = All mastered but those with their own stars
    ** = Mastered but Forbidden ones
    *** = Up to (Han'you Fūin) - Generic Sealing Technique
    **** = If it is possible, I would like to keep Water with 1 Hand Seal and no need for Water Source, I would even sacrifice my Lightning specialty for it if I have to just please, can you tell me if it is possible before you approve/decline this bio?

    Yes, I do have permission from Axle HERE

    In History the bolded parts the history, the other things are nice talk to it, still worth reading tho

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