For the 3 Tomoe, we'll have to go through 3 training sessions, well at least that was before, but as there's a session that says you have to find me in different locations i'm gonna ignore it, because it's pretty much what you did in the second tomoe first session, now we'll move to the second session directly, learning how to break through up to B-rank genjutsu techniques, so let's proceed.

I cast a genjutsu onto you making you see a giant fireball descending onto you from above.

(Genjutsu: Jigoku Gouka) - Illusion Technique: Hell Fire
Rank: C
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra Cost: 15
Damage Points:N/A
Description: The user casts an illusion where the opponent sees a huge ball of fire descending from the sky and enveloping its target.

Exactly like how you broke out of D-rank genjutsu and below in the second tomoe training, this only needs more chakra, and ofcourse the aspect that connects it all, knowing how you are inside a genjutsu with your Sharingan.

Something however i wanna make clear if i wasn't clearer about it before, while Sharingan is only able to break through "visual" B-rank and below genjutsu techniques in case of the 3 Tomoe, that doesn't mean it can only identify only B-rank genjutsu and below, the Sharingan generally lets you know that you are under a genjutsu by being able to see your own chakra's irregularity, that's a basic ability which isn't bound by the rank of genjutsu or it being visual or not, however knowing that you are under a genjutsu doesn't mean that you are able to break it if it was A-rank or above for example, only letting you know that you are under a genjutsu then you search for ways to break through it.