• Rei's R&R
  • Killing and Stealing: Allowed
  • CJs: Allowed
  • CEs: Allowed
  • Range: Mid-range
  • Terrain: Plain field without a water source.
  • Each fight needs to finish in 7 days, upon which they'll be closed and graded by RP mods
  • Arguments are to be done exclusively through VM (not PM or MSN). Moderators opinions can only be asked twice per match. If a member needs to ask for a moderators input, he/she must do so through Gobi Gobletsson, and not directly to the Moderators.

I'll be using Namikaze Minato bio, with Rebellion on my back, please post your bio your using and i will make the first move.

(Sōdō) – Rebellion
Rank: S
Type: Weapon
Range: Short – Long
Chakra cost: 40 (+30 for blocking each fire attack)
Damage points: (20 base attack for normal use) (+15 damage to every fire based jutsu)
Description: the Rebellion sword is made out of a special metal that is able to use the user's fire chakra , it has a large white blade with a silver skull shaped handle ,it's worn on the user's back like Kakashi's sword when he was young , when the user channels his fire chakra into the blade, a fire Aura surrounds the white blade making the sword more lighter and enhancing the user with faster reactions and turning the blades color into bloody red, as long as the user is wielding the blade he can perform any fire technique with the use of only a single handseal, also by adding the +30 fire chakra of the user to the blade , the blade can block fire techniques up to A-rank negating the fire and absorbing it but still receives a certain amount of damage from the attack.
Note: Cannot be used without mastering the fire element.
Note: User takes -10 damage when absorbing a fire technique.
Note: Can only block fire techniques 3 times per battle.
Note: Can only be wielded by Dante..