Is it just me or is Naruto manga just plain awful now. I mean the last 8 chapter have only had two good chapters and this last one had 8 about nothing pages out of 16(it's like Kishi handed 8 pages in and said fill the rest with anything, those junkies still will love it), this is surpose to be all about story and information(instead of action), but we are getting little of that and more about nothing flash back. Kishi is getting cocky, lazy and just plain and simple have a big ego, for him to trout out this mess(I have to let a month or two go by before I read the manga, just like I do the anime, but it take away from me going to the forum). No it must be just me, because after reading this forum text, Kishi still have his Balls Boy Cheerleading Drone Sheep, hook up to the Kishi manga matrix, saiding they love it, give me some more master.