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How....? The fact that it's hidden mist shinobi that killed Rin gives motive for Obito to control the Mizukage, and didn't Kisame think that he was Madara? I'm pretty sure Itachi did as well...

Actually now that i think about it Madara would also have motivation to control the Mizukage and have shinobi kill Rin just so he can twist Obito. I don't think Madara was alive when this happened though?

Isnt it interesting Madara has one eye? We already can assume he gave Nagato his rennigan. Now kishi explained why Obito is the swirl tobi. I guess hes prolonging Sasuke from meeting Obito and Madara... The fight against Madara versus Bee and Naruto is going to be epic. I wanna say now that either guy or kakashi is going to die... Maybe kakashi death will inspire Sasuke to join Naruto momentarily just to defeat them so they can have their last battle. Its sad Obito was encourage to complete project tsukuyomi for Madara.. maybe he was put under Izanami?