Greetings, fellow NarutoBase members

Here are the following theory's I shall be discussing

1st Madara Uchiha's Moons Eye Plan

2nd Rins death and how it effected Obito

3rd He outcome of sasukes meeting with these people he is going to see

1st: We all know Madaras "Plan" *( ̄□ ̄;)is really just a deception, my theory is yes in a sense he does wish for total peace, but however the real motive is cause he desired to become Hokage rather than his counter part and that as he has stated he has a great deal of respect for the First Hokage much like the bond Sasuke and Naruto have but abit more personal I'd like to think, so my theory is that while placing the inception this plan is for everyone to live out peace, it's main focus is rewriting history through illusion creating the illusion from the start it was Madara whom became the First Hokage and it was The Orgl First Hokage whom was denied and that the two perhaps work together as one, but I'd like to point out Afew flaws to this plan seems Madara didn't think of will he be always Hokage in this illusion? If so does that mean everyone remains the same age? This means someone perhaps may catch the inception place on them and soon question the reality before them which is very much an illusion.

2nd: I have Play out of how her death went about, I think Zetsu carried out Maradas will and killed Rin we are all aware that Zetsu when drains some chakra from a person is able to take on the appearance of that person, what if he asborbed some chakra the I believe it said mist ninjas or was it earth forgot; anyway I think that he Took the form of them and attack Rin and kakashi meanwhile he told Obito of this and knew he'd act upon it, when obito arrives he sees Rin dead and sees perhaps kakashi in the distance and approaches Rin and tells her or tells her as she is already dead that he vows to make the perfect illusion In which she is alive and all of the war is over forever, and from that a hate builds toward kakashi and how he failed to protect her and cause of this Madara used this hate and ignited it to such a point he lost himself to the darkness much like sasuke did

3rd: I believe Sasuke is going to speak perhaps with the Sage of Six paths or His sons or The former Hokages in any case I think the outcome is the same that Sasuke will learn the true meani behind the word Clan and the value it holds and that he will find his place in life as that his actions lead him to create such despair and that he followed others and lost grip of the reality he wanted in the first place with that said he'd most likely choose to aid Naruto and Killer bee and such cause perhaps now only he can defeat Madara cause he learned his weakness or perhaps the truth and this will ignite the will that the First had so that he can beat such a remarkable foe And in the end when he has done so Sasuke will choose like itachi did to cast himself out of society, but protect the leaf from the shadows

Hope you enjoyed my theory's please tell me yours and let's turn this into a friendly debate.