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    Naruto Manga 604 Prediction


    Title: "Successful Plan"

    Obito in Swirl Zetsu's body merges from the ground.
    Obito sees Kakashi and Rin surrounded by Hidden Mist Ninjas.

    Obito: Ri-
    He is stopped by the will of Swirl Zetsu, who is fully under control of the body.

    Swirl Zetsu: Don't, if we come out there, we're dead meat!
    Obito: No, I have to save Kakashi and Rin, now that I have the Sharingan!! Please let me go!
    Swirl Zetsu: If you're just going to cause trouble to us (referring to the other White Zetsu, Madara and himself), then we'll just go back there.
    Obito: Don't! I have to somehow save both of them!
    Swirl Zetsu: Madara will kill us! If you're going to cause trouble to him, not only we are dead, but Bakakashi and Rin too!
    Obito: I'll defeat all of those people!
    White Zetsu: No, we can't! Look at those people, there's a hundred of them!
    Swirl Zetsu: Not only that, look up there.

    As Obito looks up slowly, he sees a tall man, muscular and has light blue hair.

    White Zetsu: Isn't that the third Mizukage?
    Obito: What? What did Kakashi and Rin do that even the Mizukage came to them?
    Swirl Zetsu: Who knows? But they're in big trouble.

    Rin: K-Kakashi...
    Kakashi: Rin, I will protect you, even if it costs my life, I promise.

    Swirl Zetsu: But if you die in the midst of protecting her, then she'll be dead too.
    Obito: Enough with the damn jokes, jackass!!

    Rin: Kakashi... I have a bad feeling...
    Kakashi: I promised Obito that I'll protect you.

    Swirl Zetsu: Who's Obito?
    Obito: Geez, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW MY NAME?!?!

    Kakashi (thinking): Sensei said he'll be here soon, it will be fine as long as I hold them off until he comes. I've got to protect her!

    The mist ninjas attack both Kakashi and Rin at the same time.

    Kakashi (thinking): I've got to protect her!

    Kakashi uses Taijutsu to hold them off.

    Third Mizukage: Nice try, but what would happen if I attack?!
    Obito: NO!!

    The Third Mizukage goes to attack Rin, Kakashi was too busy holding off the mist ninjas that Rin is hit critically.

    Kakashi: Rin!! No!

    Kakashi loses his concentration and is rapidly beaten.

    Kakashi (thinking): Ugh!... Goddamn it!!
    Obito: Rin! Kakashi! Wait for me, I'll help you!

    Obito tries to go towards the surrounded Rin and Kakashi, but he cannot control the body.

    Obito: What the hell?!?! Don't you see them being killed?! Let me get control of this body!!
    White Zetsu: We told you, we're dead meat if we go out there!!
    Obito: I don't care! Let me get hold of this body!!

    Rin is stabbed with a blade by the Third Mizukage.

    Obito is shocked and has his eyes wide open.

    Kakashi: RIN!!

    The Third Mizukage looks at Kakashi and smiles.
    Rin's body falls down like nothing.

    Third Mizukage: You're next.
    Kakashi: You... MOTHERF*CKER!!!

    Obito still has his eyes wide open, he is silent, and is completely taken over by hatred.

    White Zetsu smiles.

    White Zetsu: Plan... successful...

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    Re: Naruto Manga 604 Prediction


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    Re: Naruto Manga 604 Prediction

    actually 25% of a chance it will be true

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