(The spiral faced Zetsu starts covering Obito's body like a cloak)
OBITO : ...... Aren't you Madara's men? Is this Ok....?
WHITE ZETSU (WZ) : He's a nice guy?
SPIRAL ZETSU (SZ) : Don't you want to save Rin and Kakashi?
OBITO : ..........Thank You!!!
SZ : It can't be helped!!
OBITO : ?!!! I can feel the strength because of you.
SZ : I'm special and unique....I will lead you there...
WZ : ?!!!
OBITO : ?!!! Okay!! Lets go.....Hiiiiiiii (tightens his fist to crush the huge rock)
WZ : Damn!!! They are moving out of here. What if.....?!!
OBITO : ?!!!! (Suddenly his fist stops in midattack) What happened? we have to leave this place to help them... " they must be in danger ".
WZ : ?!!!
SZ : We can't let Madara know about this.... or else it would be difficult for both of us and....
OBITO : And?!! (looks at Madara)
SZ : There's no need to crush the boulder.... We can poop out of this cave.
OBITO : How?!!
(Suddenly SZ runs towards the cot and wears a cloak covering the whole body)
[like Tobi wore during Minato vs Tobi ]
OBITO : ?!! What is this for?
SZ : We can't let anyone know of our presence.Lets go!!
(SZ covering Obito's body runs straight towards the boulder)
OBITO : What are you doing?!!! Watch out!! (obito defends himself as if he would get hit to the boulder)
OBITO : ?!!! (They both slip through the boulder without any harm) This is cool!!
SZ : Its because I'm covering your body.
(As they moves up from the ground, the sun rays fall on their face brightly)
OBITO : Arghh!!! My eye .....(due to sudden bright light falls on his eye) Since I was in the dark for long.
(WZ surfaces on the ground)
OBITO : Where are we? (to WZ) Where did you find Rin and Kakashi?
WZ : There...(points to a forest location)
OBITO : (Suddenly a huge blast occurs nearby)?!!! Rin!!! Kakashi!!! hang in... I'm coming there!! (Rushes in that direction)
(The impact blows the wind and dust away and opposes Obito to move towards the forest)
(WZ covers himself by moving into the ground)
SZ : (to Obito who is struggling to move) don't move hastily... you don't have much strength to oppose this impact.
(As the dust clears)
SZ : Lets go!!! (they runs through the forest)
WZ : (surfaces again)........huh!! (moves into the ground)
(Obito reaches the location of the blast)
OBITO : ?!!! (searches here and there for Kakashi and Rin) Where are they?!!!....... Where are they?!!...... Where are..... ?!!! (looks at Rin lying on the ground several yards away) Rin?!!!
(Rin unconsciously looks at Obito standing yards away and faints)
???? : Rin?!! get up!!! Rin?!!!
OBITO : ?!!! Kakashi?!!! (sound of kunai is heard)
(Suddenly and explosion tagged Kunai hits a tree nearby Rin which explodes and the tree is about to fall on her)
OBITO : ?!!! (Obito shivers by remembering his incident with the boulder)
KAKASHI : ?!!! (blocking the Mist ninja)
OBITO : " Kakashi is near!! Kakashi help her!! "
(Kakashi shivers with the same fear)
OBITO : " Why he is not moving? " (Tries to step forward but couldn't) " Kakashi please help her!!! " ?!!!
(Mist Ninja lands a kick from side throwing Kakashi away)
KAKASHI : (after fallen on the ground turns to see Rin) Hmmm....I can't break my promise to Obito!!! (tries to get up till then the tree is near to crush Rin) Rin?!!!
(Suddenly someone covered with white thing comes out of the ground where Rin is and grabs her and dodges the falling tree)
KAKASHI : ?!!! Rin!!! (Mist ninjas attack Kakashi again)
OBITO : (Obito jumps away from the falling tree along with Rin) Thanks Zetsu!!!
SZ : No worry!! You were shivering so much that I had to take the actions and drag her away from that tree.... It seemed that your friend Kakashi was also shivering there.
OBITO : !!! Where is Minato Sensei at a time like this?!! (looks at Rin and moves her hair from her face and feels her. Tears falls on her face) " Rin.... I thought I lost you forever. "
MIST NINJA 1(MN) : What was that thing? (to his subordinates) check it out what is that thing ?!!
MN 2 : Yes Sir!!! (bunch of mist ninjas moves to the location)
KAKASHI : Rin?!!! Chidori!!!! (Impales chidori into the Mist Ninja and rushes for Rin's help)
MN 2 : (looks from back of Obito who is holding Rin) Attack that girl!!!!.... She knows much about us. (MN's throws explosive kunais at Obito)
OBITO : (Senses the kunais) ?!!! (tries to dodge alongwith Rin but couldn't) ?!!! Damn it!! What's going on!!
SZ : ?!!!! Obito run!!! " He is weakened. "
(The white thing on Obito's back takes the attack of the kunai and it explodes)
(SZ throws away Rin and Obito from his shell and burst out)
(In the middle of the blast Obito is thrown in the nearby area covered with small plants and Rin is thrown in the opposite direction)
OBITO : ?!!! Arghhhh
MN 1 : (watches Rin thrown away) That thing saved the girl and sacrificed himself. (SZ burst into white snow like thing and spreads over the area)
(Meanwhile Kakashi lands near Rin with chidori in his fist)
KAKASHI : Rin!!!! (Surprises at the white thing over the area)
(Obito who was lying in the bushes hears Kakashi's voice)
OBITO : " Kakashi protect Rin!! " (And faints away)
(In Madara's hideout)
OBITO : (slowly opens his eyes) Hmmm..... (gets up suddenly shouting) Rin!!! Kakashi!! where is Rin and Kakashi? Are they safe?
WZ : ...... You were unconscious for a week.... don't move your right side is weak.
OBITO : One week?!!! What happened to them? How are they?
WZ : Your friend Idiot Kakashi is safe.....
OBITO : (sighs) Thank goodness....?!! what about Rin?!!
WZ : ......
MADARA : That girl died!!! Your friend couldn't protect her.
OBITO : Died?!!!! (grabs the bedsheet tightly) No!!! Kakashi couldn't protect her!!! How is that possible?!!! He was a Jounin... he is stronger than me.
WZ : He was running through the forest holding her but was ambushed and the girl was killed .... They left him because their main concern was the girl.
MADARA : Are you able to see now? With one's sacrifice others live... Your friend lived because of that girl's death. You were saved because of SZ's sacrifice. SZ was a unique Zetsu for us. But you were too most important for us
OBITO : ........?!!!!!
MADARA : This ninja world is full of love along with hate, life on the cost of deaths, winners over losers, hopes...
OBITO : I will change this world!!! A world with no hate!!! with no death!!! with no losers!!!!
(With his strong determination Obito awakens Mangekyo Sharingan)