**SIGH** Here we go again!

There seems to be a bit of confusion on if Itachi could defeat ToBI before he got the rinnegan... -__- really??? Itachi stood no chance at all! And im going to list facts on the situation since ppl dont read the manga!

Biggest misconception is: "Tobi was afraid of itachi, thats why he didnt attack the village".... Really? What Manga was anybody who believe this reading? Let me list the real FACTS FROM THE MANGA!

It was a pact/agreement/deal/understanding anything along those lines that they made! So STFU saying he was just scared of itachi and thats the reason why he didnt attack the Leaf.

And right here is where they made the deal from itachis own lips!!! But ppl still cant read i guess! smh

Then right here he says if he knew his secrets he would be dead. Thats the same for any ninja! If Chiyo them knew Sasoris secrets from the beginning they could of killed him. If Jman knew Pains secret he could of won. If Asuma Knew Hidan secret he could of been alive right now. We seen what happened when Sasuke figured out diedara uses Earth style, SHikamaru knew Hidans secret, Naruto knew Pains secret, Konan supposely knew Tobi's secret etc etc.

So STFU Little kids (i say Little kids because most kids under the age of 16 are the ones who seem to think this non-sense and cannot read the manga obviously). But im not down yet!

Now im going to go on the Battle aspect of the fight and how Tobi is just better! Im going to list how Tobi Counters everything Itachi has to offer!

This is the most easiest thing to counter! First off ima list what itachi himself STATED; http://www.narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/142/15 Right here is where he says some own with my blood (which obito is a full blooded Uchiha) so itachi would not even try to use a costful Jutsu on tobi (or Madara as he knows him to be). But more then that, Tobi would know what to expect and most likely know how to break it (disrupt your chakra like sasuke did). So in short Obito>>>>Genjutsu

Next we Have Taijutsu... Really? Tobi who can read movements from Might Guy Himself http://www.narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/596/11 whos is a better Taijutsu fighter then him btw. Not only that he was battling Naruto KM as well at the same damn time and winning! Plus the fact if Itachi gets to close and grabbed he is getting sucked up! GG Itachi! Obito FTW in this department!

This is where things gets fun!!! Im going to highlight itachi's known "advantages":


As you can see it was a body wide hit from the attack! And he survived it at point blank range!!! Why the **** do ppl still think that attack would work when its manga proof that it would not!!!!
And when it doesn't work, itachi would feel the side effects like him and sasuke always feel after using the black flames they leave themselfs WIDE OPEN!!! Grabbing there eyes because of the pain.

With his Kamui the jutsu is as good as useless!

Again with Kamui this is the most useless of itachis 3 techs! Itachi would never lay a hit on tobi! We all know susanoo has no defense from below:

And keep in mind Obito Knows everything about the sharinagn and any version it has to offer! He would know about everything Itachi is doing and how it works!

Totsuka Blade has to pierce to seal anything it wants.

And as we know with Kamui this will never in a million years happen!!!

So in short anything Itachi can do that would be major will be useless based off Manga facts!!!

If itachi gets in range Tobi unleashes giant projectiles from his Kamui Dimension:

But besides all the manga facts i provided Itachi was sick and TOBI KNEW IT!!! Itachi healthy looses, Itachi sick gets RAPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

P.S. If shit gets real Izanagi instantly solves that problem! And dont say "he has izanami to counter that" when izanami takes forever to set up and preform and Tobi knows about it and would know how to counter it!