Itachi did as he pleased all his life, as a member of Akatsuki.....and most of all, even as an Edo!! That is proof enough.

Not to mention he has already been labelled "untouchable/invincible" by the manga. That is what the combination of Yata Mirror and Totsuka Blade do for him.

Any kind of counter that you come up with or any other person who is not the writer himself, for any kind of jutsu, no matter how logical it may sound, is irrelevant and doesnt prove anything.

BTW here you go:

Did you read that? Itachi alone.....was standing in the way of the entire Akatsuki, including its true leader. Please tell me you did not miss that page from the manga.

You can call Kishimoto a fanboy of his own character but he has proven through the manga itself, that Itachi is the best there is, and only a chosen few from the Senju clan, stand a chance against him!

Also, the fact that you think that Uchiha Itachi will be defeated like some fukking noob from root, or that he can be defeated with just one jutsu, shows to me, how much you love Obito! I like the real Kamui as much as the next person, but I think it is you who is blowing everything out of proportion with your utterly ridiculous theory!

And believe it or not, I love the manga, not a specific fictional character, that allows me to see the truth, unlike some biased and opinionated fanboys. The title for this thread just screams out "come and post on my thread!!!!"