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I want someone who thinks Jiraiya would win to answer this.

Most people say Jiraiya is to smart to be hit with Tsukuyomi but if he doesnt look at itachi in the face how is he going to fight him? Only someone like Mite Guy can predict movements just by looking at thier feet, and you cannot assume Jiraiya can do that. Not because he cant because its not in the manga (you cannot use an argument that isnt factualy based in the manga.)

And everyone says that the natural energy will save Jiraiya or Ma and Pa could put their chakra in him but what happens when Itachi puts all three under Tsukuyomi? Than they are all screwed.

Amaterasu is not something that anyone can just dodge, Sasuke dodged it because he used Orochimarus white snake ability and Itachi wasnt aiming for him completly or that would have defeted the purpose of keeping sasuke alive. Madara just had the fire phase right through him. And When did Jiraiya show any teqnique that shows he can get away from amaterasu?(which is considered almost unavoidable)

And Sussano, Please someone give me a legitament argument on how Jiraiya can beat this. running away counts as a loss so what does he do? He cant hit Itachi because of yatas mirror no jutsu that Jiraiya has will help. If he uses swamp of the underworld Itachi could use those seconds to hit him with the sword of tskota.

Jiraiya cant beat any of Itachis jutsu but Itachi can beat Jiraiyas.
Sage Mode is one hell of a teqnieque no one is denying that but what good is it against someone who just has to look at you and win
Also Jiraiya has to stand still to gather the energy, he had to iin his fight with pain and that itself alsmost killed him. So while hes not moving Itachi could attack
Everyone seems to think that Sage Mode is invincable but its not, It has that one major flaw that couuld get the user killed in seconds. You have to stand still for a certain amount of time before you can do it.

So Itachi can beat Jiraiyas jutsu and Jiraiya cannot beat Itachis jutsu

Taijutsu- IF jiraiya is not in Sage Mode he has no hope of beating itachi at taijutsu and even if he is in sage mode itachi still has sharingan to watch his movements,

( i have to give credit to peaceful for some of the info on my post)

Excellent post! I really like you! You think the way i do! Well done! Also, Itachi may have less stamina not chakra than Jiraya however this is not anything important taking into account the fact that Itahi can use productively his strengths!