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    "Why did you leave me, Kimimaro?"

    Description (Read, please):
    This is a tribute to my all time favorite Naruto character, Jugo, and his relationship to another favorite character of mine, Kimimaro. Basically, it covers how Kimimaro was the only one who held him down and he's missing him. He thinks about him all the time, waiting for him to come back, like he said he would. Jugo is extremely sad about it, just questioning why over and over. He tries to convince himself that Kimimaro didn't hold him down, but he can't lie to himself. Kimimaro was his cage, his heart, his best friend, everything. All that is the black and white, memories. He's also questioning what's wrong with him, as he blames himself and his feelings for Kimimaro not coming back. He knows Kimimaro died, but all he wants his his friend back in any way. Now, Kimimaro was ressurected by Edo Tensei. He came he said he would.

    Just another video from me. Like it? Dislike it? Tell me either on here or Youtube, username: TheHellishSmile

    Kishi better make them meet or remember/reference each other in the manga because this was one of the many things he screwed over in the manga.

    Seriously, Kishi, the whole point of revival was to have characters get some closure or bring something new to the table. Kimimaro didn't get to do anything (Like Chiyo for example) and him doing something with Jugo would've been the perfect move, but nope...makes too much sense I guess. I hope to God the anime does something ranging from a little reference or a meeting. Just something.

    Anyways, enjoy the video
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