I'd like to emphasize that this question is purely out of curiosity. It is not meant, in any way, to be inflammatory. This is just something I cannot comprehend on any level, so asking for an explanation from those who do understand is the most logical course of action.

Those who have belief also have hope. Hope in something greater that happens after death. Hope that they will be spared something aweful during life. Hope that their choices make a difference in the long run.

Those without any faith, pure atheism, do not have this hope. It's completely out of their range unless they accept some belief. To me, this lack of hope is worse than death. I'd have commited suicide a long time ago actually if I did not have hope. It's the hope that has allowed me to live as long as I have, otherwise I wouldn't be making this thread right now.

So my question to atheists is: how do you live without hope?

I'd rather not have this thread shut down too early, so try not to troll. Thanks. ^_^