My previous prediction came out bad so i am trying for a new one
Spiral Obito : (Punches the wall)
Spiral Zetsu : Hey u will break my arm try slipping through instead
Spiral Obito : Slipping through..???!!!!
Spiral Zetsu : Yeah i will show u..!!
Kakashi : Rin we are surrounded and these mist ninjas appear to be skilled
Rin : Should I call Sensei..??
Kakashi : No sensei is on another mission in the land of waves he is too busy we cant call him whenever we like...!!!
Rin : Then what do we do..??
Kakashi : I have a plan. (Obito even if it costs me my life I will protect rin) Chidori
Hidden Mist Ninja : That lightning nature and the sharingan You must be Copy Ninja Kakashi
Kakashi : hrmmff (summoning justu)
Kakashi : Pakkun stay near Rin
Pakkun : Yes Kakashi
Kakashi : Roaargh
The hidden mist ninjas are killed one at a time until there are no more
Kakashi falls to his knees : So its over
The dust clears and there is Rin with a kunai killing one of the hidden mist
Kakashi : Rin u..??
Rin : He was trying to kill me Kakashi
Kakashi : (sees pakkun lying near a tree badly wounded)
Kakashi : Chidori
Rin gets squarely hit with chidori in her chest
Obito appears in the lurking shadows witnessing Kakashi killing the one person he truly loved..!!
Spiral Obito : Kakashi that Bastard..!! I am gonna kill him..!!
Spiral Zetsu : Noo we have to go back Bakakashi is far too strong
Spiral Obito : No (I cant control this body)
Spiral Zetsu vanishes
Kakashi removes his hand from rins chest :D
Rin transforms into Zetsu..!!
Kakashi sees the real Rin lying in a pithole with a lot of wounds made from unknown sources
Kakashi jumps down to check her pulse and to his horror finds her dead he picks Pakkun and Rin and flees to the village

Spiral Obito : Whyy would Kakashi do that..?? He promised me..?!
Madara : Young boy he wanted ur power and that alone..!
Spiral Zetsu : Dont worry Obito we will grow stronger together and avenge Rin
Spiral Obito : Thank you
Spiral Zetsu to White Zetsu through telekinises : Mission success