Minato: Alright, so I guess we can all agree I'm the best damn Hokage the world has ever seen, right?

Hiruzen: Really, how do you figure that?

Minato: Oh, I don't know...let's see here...We've got Woody over there who's DNA is pretty much one of the major reasons the world is on a highway to hell.

Hashirama: Hey!

Minato: And then we've got you, who trained this world's equivalent of Michael Jackson, and we all know how that turned out.

Tobirama: What about me?

Minato: Name ONE thing you've done.

Tobirama: Oh...ah...I...Oh! I came up with the Chunin Exams!

Hiruzen: Pff...big accomplishment, you force little children to battle each other, congratulations.

Minato: Yeah way to go Aquaman.

Tobirama: Oh! He's my favorite superhero! How did you know?


Hashirama: Bro...please...the grownups are talking. Anyway, we all know I'm the strongest by far.

Hiruzen: Oh really? Well I'll just bring a chainsaw to our next fight and see how well you'll do.

Minato: "Oh no! My trees are not enough to stop my lover Madara! Wait...I know! I'll use MORE TREES!"

Hashirama: God I hate you guys...

Minato: Let's face it, I'm the smartest, strongest, sexie...

Tobirama: Hey guys, check out the TV! Tobi's mask finally shattered!

Hiruzen: Oh my God it feels like I've been waiting forever! Finally, people can stop with the Izuna/Kagami nonsense.

Hashirama: I don't know, we don't know anything about those two...THAT MEANS IZUNA IS TOBI! RIGHT?!

Hiruzen: ...I don't know what's worse...the fact that people want Tobi to be a nobody or that people will act like his identity was obvious when it's revealed.

Tobirama: Dudes, my money is still on Obito.

Minato: I've told you, there was nothing left but some Obito SOUP after he was crushed. Besides, it's not like I can fail, unlike you I've got a reputation to take care of!

*You let Rin die!*

Hiruzen: Oh sweet Lord it actually IS Obito! And look! He has gone all Uchiha too! Nice work Blondie!

Minato: Oh wow...I actually messed up. Hey, hey! How much do you wanna bet Kakashi will use Talk no Jutsu on him?

*Enter Tsunade*

Tsunade: 100 bucks!

Tobirama: Oh woh woh...there's no need to BET YOUR LIFE ON IT...AM I RIGHT?!...What too soon?

*The End*