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    Naruto 604 another predictions

    Twist of Fate

    As Obito grips his fist into a ball, we see him break through the wall he attempted to smash the first time. Obito: I broke it!? Plant Clone: No We BrOkE iT! Obito: Oh yes I am sorry! I just got so excited! You guys are strong! PC: No we will only get stronger from this point on. Your friendsare beyond this cliff, and they are terribly outnumbered. Obito (thinking) Sensei where are you? I have to make it in time. I have to let themknow...I am ALIVE!

    As Obito rushes through the forest, the scene is switched to Kakashi and Rin. Who are back to back and surrounded on all sides. Kakashi: (in thought) Rin isn't much help here. Being a kunochi, her medical training doesn't help me in this scenario. Her skill set is limited. Rin! Do you have any smoke bombs left? Paper Bombs? Rin: I have two shurikens left, one smoke bomb...nothing else I am sorry Kakashi. Kakashi:Use the smoke bomb now RIN! Rin throws down the smoke bomb in front of an array of about eight mist shinobi.The grey smoke covers the entire area. Their vision blinded, Kakashi runs off in a clear path with Rin in his possession. Rin:I am sorry to be a burden Kakashi! I know you made a promise but don't sacrifice yourself. Kakashi: What would I be if I let you die to save my own skin? That is a cowards way! Don't talk you will bite your tongue! We can hide here untilwe shake them (whispering). I will take out as many of them as possibly with Chidori! Rin: NO! It is not safe enough for you to venture out! You will be killed! I couldn't bear it! Kakashi: We are out of options!

    Kakashi runs out blindly, he comes across three enemies at top speed. As Kakashi maneuvers through their attacks he pierces them all with hislightning blade. Another ninja comes in behind Kakashi attempting to attack him with his kunai, Kakashi turns his head to spot the threat in the last second. As he ducks, the ninja cuts off Kakashi's eye patch. The ninja spots Kakashi's sharginan. Mist Ninja: Copy cat Ninja! Kakashi: You should of left us alone! Kakashi turns and twists his foes wrist killing him with his own Kunai. Kakashi: That leaves four left. As he darts off we see two approaching mist shinobi. Voice: I should cut them down myself. Shave off some of their yellow skin! Mist ninja: Captain! They have killed four of our scouts. Zabuza: I will gut the idiot who would dare cross the Hidden Mist! Sink my teeth deep into them before I rip them to shreds! SCATTER! The men take off in different directions.

    We finally see Obito hiding amongst a tree. Obito: I can't just sit here and hide! Rin could be in danger! PC: NO! She still lives I can sense her chakra sitting still. Obito: I AM COMING RIN! He jumps down from the towering tree. As he lands he spots a shinobi looking around. Mist Ninja: I am picking up another person. Looks like they separated. We are now looking for two people pass it along! Obito: They know about RIN! I have to hurry! PC: I will help, just think about using my earth release and you will be able to do so. Obito: First off lets get the messenger! Obito chases behind the ninja who is tracking Rin. Obito's arm stretches all the way out thirty or so feet. As it grabs the ninja he forms a venus fly trap mouth and engulfs the foe. As the mouthsucks in it's prey, the arm sheds itself and drops him in agonizing pain on the ground. Obito: Let's move, as they take off the arm grows back fully.Obito: Do we both heal like this? PC: In time yourown body will be able to take damage and our regenerative properties thanks to the Shodai arelimitless. PC: QuIeT! SoMeOnE iS aPpRoAcHiNg! They phase underground, as the ninja walks forward Obito grabs his foot and trips him. (ZUZUZUZU) Obito phases back to the surface and the Plant Clone suffocates the ninja into a cold sleep.

    Obito: You are pretty stealthy! PC: WE TOLD YOU WE WERE SMARTER!

    Obito punches himself in the stomach! Obito: Ooof! PC: DUH DUMBASS OF COURSE IT WOULD HURT YOU AS WELL!

    Suddenly they run into another mist Ninja, Obito (shocked face!). As Obito comes to a stop, PC: USE IT! Obito: Grand Fireball jutsu! Mist shinobi: YEAH RIGHT RUNT! Water style Cruising wave! Hecreates a running wave that quickly washes away the fireball. Mist Ninja: I am a Jounin! I won't be done in by a jutsu of that caliber! Obito:Well let me try again! (Grimm face) Obito phasesunderground. MNinja: WHERE DID YOU GO! YOU CAN'T RUN OR HIDE FROM ME! I AM GONNA KILL ALL YOU LEAF NINS! Suddenly a bare hand comesup from the ground pulling the Mist Ninja deep into the earth. Obito: Pulls his head to the top and kicks him in the face knocking him out cold. Obito: You talk too much...

    Scene switch

    Zabuza: Something is not right here....we need to request for back up. We have to secure this area! Suddenly a ninja drops in. Zabuza san we are down to just the two of us. Zabuza: I am aware of that you chicken shit! Call in the retreat, our enemy is unknown and this covered area does our ninjas zero good. Before I go though I want to try one more time to get my blade bloody... Zabuza runs off into the brush. Kakashi is watching from afar, Kakashi: So they have ordered their retreat? Why does this sole ninja head into the fray? Anyway we will have a better chance getting out of here now. He turns back and runs in the direction of Rin. Obito: I NEED YOU TO FIND RIN RIGHT NOW! PClone: She is straight ahead about sixty yards! Obito lunges toward his secret love. He finds Zabuza nearing Rin's location. Obito lands before his foe. Zabuza: You are not a leaf ninja!? Who are you? Obito: STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!! Zabuza: So you must be here for the other shinobi my scout found. Don't worry we will send her back to a casket. As Zabuza comes in to strike Obito, we see a flare within the young Uchihas pupil. Zabuza: HE WIELDS THE SHARINGAN! Obito has unlocked the three tomoed sharingan. As Zabuza attempts to slash Obito with his sword, Obito side steps allowing the mist ninja into his space. Obito uppercuts Zabuza knocking him up in the air. Zabuza: YOU'RE MINE! Hidden Water Prison Technique! The Zabuza we see rising into the air quickly turns into water. The falling liquid swallows Obito! Zabuza: You cannot move from your cage.I will finish you off but not after I make you watch your friend die! (Obito laughs) Obito: My friend just told me a secret...He can use water and earth techniques...NOT THAT I NEED THEM! Obito phases through the water orb. He looks upon Zabuza with a viscous face. Zabuza: WHAT ARE YOU SOME KIND OF MONSTER!? Obito: NO! I am not your foe! I just want to protect my friends! Leave if your life matters to you! Zabuza: You leaf ninjas are too compassionate! Though if you change your mind...I want you to think of me.(He smiles) (As he throws a number of exploding tags toward Obito's face) Obito:


    To Be Continued


    Scene shows pieces of small wood fragments scattered all over the ground. Obito stands to his feet,Obito: Hey are you ok? Hey I know you can hear me? OK seriously talk damnit! PClone: I am here within your subconsciousness. Sorry but mybody can no longer protect you. I hardened my body to protect us from that blast. Obito: I am sorry, I wasn't thinking...PClone: I am your friend too! I may not be this Rin or BaKakashi but I am your friend too! YES! Obito: Yes you are my friend and because of you I may have time to save my other friends! The blast leaves an impression of a mask over Obito's face. He quickly regains hope and runs toward Rin's location. Voice: He will never see it coming. Madara has plans for you...I like you...we won't let you leave us! A plant like creature is seen inside the tree Rin is hiding under. Rin: I hope Kakashi comes back safe. I can't take this stress, its a painful strain on my heart. I hate waiting and being the damsel in distress every time. I just want to bring the smiles back....I miss you OBITO! Obito: I have a terrible feeling in my chest! (ELSEWHERE) Kakashi is seen running..Kakashi: (Grabs his eye) I have to hurry,I can sense a evil and murderous intent! Voice: We Zetsu also have a help Madara sama dream come true. The Zetsu slides down the shaft of the tree and transforms into one of this Mist ninja. Zetsu: I am sorry deary, but I cannot allow you to live any longer...The panel cuts to the back of Zetsu as we see blood slash across his body. A horrific scream is let out! Just as Obito and Kakashi arrive at the same time, Obito takes to a higher plateau. Kakashi slides on his knees grabbing Rin... as he is too late..she has been killed. Kakashi: NOOOOO!!!!..................I am sorry Rin.........I am sorry Obito.....I have let you both down. Kakashi crawls into a fetal position with heavy tears flowing from his eyes and heart.......

    Obito: Ri......Rrr....RINNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! (pupil flickers) Letting out a echoing bellow....the Uchiha is torn from his conscious. Ho..Ho.H...How could you!!!! Ho ow How dare you! (pupil flickers) KAKASHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ! Obito is seenbleeding from his eye. Obito: I will make you pay....I will make your happiness crumble! You said you would protect promised me........I was happy with dying...content knowing I could protect the two of you........I have trained "this body" so hard in these past months to get back to you! To be beside you basque in your glory..I could of sat on the sidelines for the rest of my life knowing Rin would be in it......I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU KAKASHI! I WILL MAKE YOU ALL PAY.....I WILL MAKE YOU ALL UNDERSTAND MY HURT! Obito grabs his chest out of extreme pain...he grovels in anguish. As it begins to rain we see Minato flash in beside Kakashi. He has tears also in his eyes. (What we hear) Minato: I am sorry for not being here Kakashi! We just got word of the ambush.........Kakashi:................. ... Minato: sigh......this cycle of hatred....master when will it let up? Obito spots Minato: Sensei! EVEN WITH YOUR SPEED YOU WERE LATE! Obito falls unconscious......Minato with Rin in his arms and Kakashi hanging on one shoulder, they disappear in a flash of yellow light.

    Else where back in the mysterious underground lair of Madara's seems your friend broke his promise to you.....I am sorry Young Uchiha that you must feel this heartache. I know it very well...Obito: Like you care! Just JUST LEAVE ME TO MYSELF! Madara Slowly crutches toward Obito. Madara: I know more about pain than you will ever you tasted your first bitter cup and had your fill of this world. If you follow me you can see your lost loved ones whenever...a world filled with love and peace....there is always a place for you next to my side. Obito: You can bring her back? You can deliver her to me and you promise Madara: The moons eye plan.....haven't you been listening? I told you..I will make you the Hero of the Uchiha.....

    Obito: If that is what it takes to get her back so be it...I am done with this world...and every soul in it....

    Madara smiles....well it seems your emotional state has been of some good have awoke your first stage in revenge....the Mangekyo Sharingan..........

    (panel zooms in on the spiraling pupil)


    Clinging to Darkness personified...........

    Naruto 604: Born in death

    The scene shows Kakashi and Rin dashing at a very high speed.With them are two fodders. Behind them a young man with a messy light-grey hair, pink pupiless eyes, and a stitch scar, running from under his left eye, all the way down to his cheek. He is small in stature and wears a grey sleeveless shirt, with the Kirigakure headband attached to the metal platecovering his chest. Also, on his back he carries a staff like pole weapon with uneven sized hooks and with a green flower at the larger end.

    Kakashi looks behind him and spots the one that is following them. His eyes widen in shock.

    Kakashi shouts: Everyone!!! Hurry!! We've got the Mizukage himself on our tail!

    Rin surprised: The Mizukage?!?

    Kakashi thinking: We have no chance at beating him. Damn it...i have to protect the scroll containing the intel at we stole, but i also have to take care of Rin...what should i do...

    Fodder 1 :Captain *Kakashi! What should we do?!?

    Kakashi: Keep runing! If we maintain this speed,he won't be able to catch us.

    Suddenly Yagura's voice is heard exactly in front of Kakashi.

    Yagura: You're wrong.*

    The Mizukage swings his staff towards Kakashi'shead, but the Konoha nin blocks it with a kunai that he was holding in his left hand. With his right hand he throws a scroll at Rin. She catches it.

    Kakashi: Rin! Run!*

    The girl starts dashing again at a high speed. Kakashi looks at the fodders and shouts.

    Kakashi: Go with her! Protect her with your lives!I will hold him here!

    Fodders: It's been an honor sir!

    They both flee as they left Kakashi clashing with Yagura.

    Yagura backs off a little and looks after them.

    Yagura sighs: I will get to them later. It seems that i will have to deal with you first...

    He turns and throws Kakashi a menacing glare. The young Hatake places his hand on the forehead protector and uncovers his Sharingan.

    Yagura surprised: A must be the copy-cat ninja Kakashi Hatake.

    Kakashi surprised: You know me?

    Yagura: Your fame reached my ears.*

    Kakashi: Then you must know...

    Yagura stops him: I must know what? Were you about to lauch a threat, Kakashi? This is not the place to do such thing. You should withdraw and i might spare your pathetic life.

    Kakashi: I cannot withdraw! I must hold you!

    Yagura: Interesting. You must hold me. You didn't say that you must defeat me. It means that deep down know that you will die here.

    Kakashi as he takes a battle stance: I will not die! And if i die...i'm taking you with me!!!

    Kakashi launches himself towards Yagura. The jounin delivers a side kick that the Mizukage blocks easily. Kakashi then jumps as he is making handsigns.

    Kakashi: Fire release! Grand fireball jutsu!

    He spits from his mouth a giant fireball at Yagura.

    Yagura as he is making handsigns: Water release! Water wall!

    A water wall appears in front of Yagura and shields hm from the flames. From the contact of the two jutsus, steam is released. Yagura looks ahead just when Kakashi emerges from the steam wielding a Chidori and aiming it at the Mizukage's head.

    Kakashi shouts: Take this!!!

    Yagura quickly makes a couple of handsigns.

    Yagura: Water release! Water mirror technique!

    A mirror appears in front of Kakashi. The reflection of the jounin wields also a chidori. Justwhen the young Hatake was about to hit it, the reflectiond responds, blocking Kakashi's own jutsu. The jounin lands on his feet several meters away.

    Kakashi thinking: That mirror creates a reflection that is able to repel my attack by responding with the same jutsu. *I must find a way around it...

    Yagura smiles and looks at Kakashi.

    Yagura: By the look in your eyes i think that you already deduced my jutsu. Anyway, i am not going to waste any more time with you, Kakashi.*

    Slowly from Yagura's back three chakra tails emerge. Kakashi looks at them shocked.

    Kakashi: What the...!?!

    Yagura smiling: I am the jinchuuriki of the three tailed beast. And i fully control it. It's time for you to get out of my way Kakashi.

    Instantly two of the three tails hit Kakashi right in the chest throwing him several meters away. The man remains uncouncious.

    Yagura smiles: Now...let's take care of the others!

    The scene shows Rin and the fodders dashing away.

    Fodder 1: Do you think that Captain Kakashi is going to be ok?

    Fodder 2 : I don't know...he is fighting the won't be easy at all.

    Rin nervous: Could you both shut up!?! Kakashi isgoing to come back! He will beat that guy and catch up with us soon!

    Suddenly Yagura's voice is heard.

    Yagura: Your confidence in Hatake Kakashi is amazing. Did you really thought that he would have a chance against me?

    Yagura lands exactly in front of them. The Konoha nins takes battle stances.

    Yagura: It's useless. Don't make me kill you. If you just give me back the scroll i will let you live.If you don't...let's say that you will join Kakashi.

    Rin shouts: Bastard! What have you done to him?!?

    Yagura: Who knows...hand me the scroll and i will take you to him. I will even let you leave with him.

    Rin: I won't give you anything. I don't think that you will let us alive! So i might as well take my chances with you!

    Yagura with a menacing look: Sweetheart, you think that if Kakashi wasn't able to beat me, you will?

    The scene shows Obito dashing at a very high speed towards Rin's location. He is all wrapped in Zetsu flesh.

    Obito thinking: Just a little more...

    He suddenly lands and looks in front of him. The two Konoha fodders are lying on the ground. They were decapitated. And the next image shocks him even further. The scene shows Yagura that holds and injured and bloody Rin, byher neck.*

    Yagura: This is your end...

    Obito shouts and jumps in front of the Mizukage. He punches him away. Yagura releases Rin as hegets throwned away. But he quickly regains his posture.

    Yagura: Who are you?!?

    Obito holds Rin in his arms and looks at the Mizukage.

    Obito: I am her friend! *And i'm here to save her!

    Yagura smiles: Then you might wanna hurry. I gave her a fatal blow. She is moments away from her death.

    Obito stares at Rin, as he notices the giant hole in her stomach.

    Yagura slowly starts vanishing.

    Yagura: And i got the intel Konoha nins...are all failures...

    Obito looks at him as he leaves the place. The young Uchiha places Rin on the ground and tries to help her. A white Zetsu appears next to him.

    Obito desperate: Help her!!! Help her like you helped me!

    Zetsu: It cannot be done. Her body is not compatable with me. She must be either an Uchiha or a Senju. I'm sorry.

    Obito shouts desperate: NOOOO!!!!

    Suddenly Rin's voice is heard. Is more like a whisper.

    Rin: Who...who are you...?

    The Zetsu flesh on Obito's face retreats, revealing himself to Rin.

    Rin:'re alive...

    Obito starts crying: Rin...i'm so sorry...i wasn't able to save you...

    Rin places her hand on his cheek and smiles.

    Rin: Don't be sorry Obito...i...i never got to tell you this...but if i don't do it now...i will never get the moment again...Obito...i...lo...i

    Obito shocked: love me?!?

    Rin smiles: I always loved you...but i was too scared to tell you...

    Obito as he cries: I love you too Rin! I always loved you and i will always love you!

    Rin as she slowly fades away: your dreams....

    Her hand falls lifeless from Obito's cheek. She died with a smile on her face. Only Obito's eyes are seen. Filled with tears. And slowly the Mangekyou is forming in his Sharingan eye.

    The panel shows Madara's cave. The old Uchiha waked up and he was waiting for Obito.

    Madara: You're back. What happend?

    Obito as he stays with his back at Madara: Tell me Madara...what is your plan?

    Madara: Place the world into an infinite genjutsu. Thus, there will be eternal peace. The arrogance, hatred and desperation will vanish.

    Obito: And one can mold that genjutsu? One can bend it into his own view of the world?

    Madara: Of course. The Infinite Tsukuyomi will allow each person to modelate his world as he enjoys it, without affecting other people.*

    Obito: So...if i would want to revive some in this genjutsu? Would i be able to do it?

    Madara: Exactly. You can do anything you want. You can be anyone. You can be with anyone...

    Obito turns around and looks at Madara with his Mangekyou activated. His eyes are filled with determination.

    Obito with a menacing tone: Teach me what I have to do!

    Naruto 604: "Truth"

    We see Obito coming out of the ground wearinga robe *and the zetsu body, " come on we gotta get there!"

    {i'm coming Rin & Kakashi!}

    scene change we see a young Zabuza with 5 other Mist ninja. They are facing Off against Kakashi,Guy & Rin.

    Guy kicking someone, "leaf hurricane!"

    Rin, "He is such a unique ninja, naming his taijutsu moves."

    Kakashi, "yes, unique. Exactly, but he has lately been the only one to keep up with me. Glad he decided to tag a long.....Chidori!"

    Kakashi impales a mist Ninja.

    Rin, {then again we name all our *jutsu so I guess it kinda makes sense.}

    Soon Tobito arrives with the white Zetsu, in time to see Zabuza facing the three Leaf nin with only2 mist ninja left.

    Bito, {Guy? He is my replacement? Maybe i'm jumping to conclusions.)*

    Rin is in the rear while Zabuza is fighting Guy and another Ninja fights Kakashi.

    At a glance Kakashi sees Zabuza doing a water dragon jutsu against Guy. His SG is exposed.

    Bito from a hiding place, "he just copied that guys jutsu, with my SG. {Way to go Kakashi}. Now I'm coming into help!"

    As he approaches he sees he Mist ninja about to attack Guy from his blind spot, while he is busy with Zabuza.

    Obito, " dammit I cant use fure jutsu with u covering my mouth!"

    He jumps in front of the ninja protecting Guy.*

    The Mist ninja, "bad move new guy! Huge shurikens of death!"

    He summons this same shuriken he sent out vs Naruto just recently. They are speeding towards him.

    Obito, {dammit am I gonna die here instead?!}"no!"

    Tobi, " use your fear! Look at the attack!"

    Obito watches the shuriken zooming towards him, a portal opens and sucks the attack in.


    The portal keeps going until he Mist ninja is almost sucked in until Onito stops by covering hiseye.

    Mist ninja terrified, " what are you?!"

    Obito uncovers his eye, " what was that?"

    Zabuza, " hmmm this isnt worth my time, we willmeet again leaf village!"

    Guy is talking to Obito, " Hey do I know you? Thank you for the help."

    Tobi reveals Obito's face, " it's me, Guy."*

    Guy is looking at Obito confused, " can't place the face. I only know one person that wes a mask and has a SG."*

    He turns, "Kakashi!"

    We see Kakashi and Rin holding hands the Kisseshis mask.

    We see Obito frown.

    Guy, " hey you two cone here, there is..."

    When he turns Obito is gone.

    Kakashi, " come on Guy, we gotta report this. No time for your silliness."


    Obito is furious he is punch walls.

    Tobi removing himself, " hey, watch it thats me your hitting things with!"

    Obito says nothing them goes over by his bed and sits there.

    Madara walks over, " he is your friend isn't he?"

    Both say together, "yes he is."

    Madara, " well your friend is in pain, much pain. No medicine or bandage can help. I only we knew the source, then it could be removed."

    Both Zetsu think, " removed?"

    Madara gives a menacing look them walks away.

    Present time.

    Kakashi, "where are you getting your information?"

    Obito, "what do you mean?"

    Kakashi, " there were times she was in danger as a med ninja, yes. There was even this time before she,wait. That was it!"

    Obito, " what are you talking about Kakashi?!"

    Kabuto " look your pretty informed so you probably know i was in the ANBU."

    Obito, " yeah so, you became a captain I heard. What are you getting at?"

    Kakashi, "i didnt go in by myself. When you join ANBU your usually not well known yet and you just fade away. People think u died on a mission or something. Well * after the*

    War i went in but so did Rin."

    Obito, "what?! No she was killed i know because,because."

    Kakashi, "we you there or were you told? Because our last known mission together we both died."

    Naruto, " both died?"

    Guy, " it is not uncommon for a ninja to take a dangerou moment and use it as an opportunity to disappear into the ANBU."

    Kakashi, "i eventually left the ANBU, but she stayed in even today she is still in. I have not til anyone this, but you did love her so i guess you should know. She loved you too."

    Obito, " alive in ANBU? Loved me but she kissed your mask. I saw her kiss you!"

    Kakashi, " after u died she vowed to cherish evey time we lived through something together. She kissed my mask, not me. Just her way of showing she cared for me as a close friend."

    Obito just looks at him.

    Kakashi, "If you really want to see Rin, i can maje it happen, i was ginna do this for someone else when we got the chance as oart of my final lesson to him."

    He looks back at Naruto with bee evading Madara's attacks in kurama mode.

    Naruto, { final lesson, what is he talking about?}

    Kurama, {pay attention to madara Naruto!}

    Kakashi, "so how *bout it do you want to see Rin?!"

    Obito, " yes! If you are not lying to me!"

    kakashi reaches under his vest in the back and pulls out....

    Obito, "Fourth Hokage kunai?!"

    Kakashi stands with a kunai that resembles the one the Hokage gave him years ago.

    Kakashi, " prepare yourself, he won't be happy."

    Next: "changed"


    some of them are large...
    Read& give comments
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    Re: Naruto 604 another predictions

    can't we have prediction on Madara vs Naruto fight cause we all know basic story what gonna happen
    1- Rin dies
    2- obito watches it
    3- turn into bad boy

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    Re: Naruto 604 another predictions

    Quote Originally Posted by naruman View Post
    can't we have prediction on Madara vs Naruto fight cause we all know basic story what gonna happen
    1- Rin dies
    2- obito watches it
    3- turn into bad boy
    let's flow with the story
    Anyone who make predictions starts from last scene ,Generally!!

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    Re: Naruto 604 another predictions

    obito will turn in to a bad boy and he will get mangekyo sharingan.

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    Re: Naruto 604 another predictions

    he wont get mangekyo but he will master his kamui(3 tomoe) in a fight vs those guys that killed rin!

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    Re: Naruto 604 another predictions

    I liked the last one, Kakashi gets lucky and it sounded like he is gonna give Naruto FTG lesson.

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    Re: Naruto 604 another predictions

    to be honest ........i like number 2 , better than the others

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    Re: Naruto 604 another predictions

    Since Obito is reminiscing everything, so the predictions must be made from Obito's point of view. Obito doesn't know anything else except what he witnessed himself.
    You can read my prediction here :
    I didn't read through all of your prediction but... the manga chapters which were released in past weeks were all from Obito's point of view. Nothing extra was shown other than what he himself witnessed.

    For your effort "+rep"

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    Re: Naruto 604 another predictions

    Thank you all guys

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    Re: Naruto 604 another predictions

    I like number 4, it's different to the rest which is always good to read, but it's very unlikely to happen. It's pretty clear that Rin will 99% die, whether that is in the next chapter or in a later one :/

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    Re: Naruto 604 another predictions

    3rd one was alright, but maybe a little optimistic. Kishi is going to drag this more than it needs to be.

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