I'm getting a bit tired of NarutoBase. Sensei's take a while to reply to your training threads and trolls start flame wars. I've lost some interest on NarutoBase and I'm currently waiting to buy my Xbox Live membership but I've thought of something that could motivate me and a whole bunch of members. I know this has been posted before but those people didn't really back their suggestion much.

I know we don't have the Kumi added to this update but it was actually helpful for those who would make Gfx shops and for those who wanted to receive Kumi, we even had the Top 50 of the members who had the most Kumi so that would set a goal for a few members also. I'm not sure if Nexus, Versuvio, Zise, and Rei is done talking about bringing Kumi back but it should be because if it's gone for NarutoBase it should be the same for One Piece Bay. If Kumi does arrive again then a shop should be added by the best Gfxers so we can request whatever we want but not just avatars, signatures, and banners. The shop should even have features for our profile, a extra avatar effect, and maybe even a feature added to your name. Look at Tsuchi's name and Lawliet's, they added like sparkles to their name maybe those who deserve it and have gotten the requirements, maybe 1.000.000 Kumi could earn it or so. If this were to happen then this would motivate me a bit more so I can have a smexy name .

Now for Reputation, we should of had something for it a long time ago, it's a bit similar to Kumi but maybe you can have more privileges, IDK maybe like more respect from others such as moderators. I don't have problems with moderators but some say some of them act completely like douches. Reputation should give us more choices for RP, maybe like 2 custom weapons? If there isn't really a benefit for high reputation or low then might as well take it off too, For those who have a high reputation like 6000+ then maybe they could play a bigger role in RP or something. It'll be more fun for others.

I have much more suggestions but I think this is enough for now. I'll try to think a bit more to why we should have these features added for us.