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    Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan

    "There's no use fighting him. He's the Legendary Super Saiyan!"


    Name: Broly
    Nickname: The Legendary Super Saiyan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Clan: Swift


    Broly has spiky golden hair with bangs.When enraged Broly tends to use the Transformation Technique to transform into a form he calls, Legendary Super Saiyan. As a Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly's hair retains the golden color from his normal form while gaining a faint green tint and his pupils turn white. In addition to this, Broly's muscles become engorged to extreme levels and he also grows taller by a few feet after ascending to this form. The rest of his attire consists of white pants and a red sash.


    Broly's personality is similar to that of a psychopath, as he generally exhibits tremendously uncontrollable rage, and is uplifted by the very idea of bringing destruction and inevitably crushing his enemies. He loves nothing more than to destroy things, as shown by his wanton destruction of planets for little more than intimidation. Broly also has a tendency to toy with his victims, as evidenced by his statement that, and "If you'd just let me kill you all before, you wouldn't be dealing with this pain now," Broly enjoys playing with his feeble foes with sadistic sarcasm, often teasing his opponents with a plethora of "free punches". Broly himself rarely has anything to fear from any opponent he faces, which may have contributed to this. It is implied that Broly might have grown insane from living with the pain and fear endured by him and his father for so long.While Broly is able to converse with his enemies when he has just transformed into LSSJ, when he is completely enraged he starts chanting his opponents name in an obsessive manner. However, while in a non transformed state in, as besides grunting and yelling, he also displays a noticeably larger dialogue as he constantly talks about killing his opponents, taunts them and displays dark humor.


    Village of Birth | Sunagakure

    Village of Alliance | Konohagakure


    Ninja Rank | Sannin


    | Swift | Suiton | Katon |


    水遁 |Suiton
    Growing up within the walls of konoha, Broly practiced his ninjutsu by all the nearby lakes in the forest and learned to manipulate the water to his liking. Under the teachings of Jacob Moore and Lili he learned the great power of water and used it to its full extent. He's become so proficient with the water element that he learned to perform all of them with a single handseal and is extremely deadly with it.

    火遁 |Katon
    Being in the land of fire, as well as being around the Uchihas who have an excellent usage of Fire style, Broly too learned how to wield the burning hot element in a way that was better than most of his fellow villagers. Under the teachings of Gin-San and Coyote he floursihed under this element, almost matching the prowess of the uchiha in his village. As such Broly can perform Fire Style techniques' handseals at an accelerated pace.

    Broly, is able to use the KG known as swift which allows you to move at extreme speeds across the battlefield. Coupled with his taijutsu usage, this makes Broly extremely dangerous.


    Other Training
    根 Genjutsu: C- Rank
    拳 Taijutsu: B-Rank
    寄 Summon: Cardinal
    萬 Ninjutsu: D rank (Rasengan and Shadow Clone learned)


    To Konoha

    Broly was a happy baby born into the wastelands of Sunagakure he started out in one of the sands villages daycare centers where he was placed near another baby named Asch, but Asch's incessant crying snapped something inside young Broly that, deep down inside the caverns of his mind would lead him to go completely insane upon hearing his name and make them eternal rivals. But a few weeks after this started happening the Kazekage Deadpool got word from his sensors of Brolys amazing chakra and saw the potential in him to take the throne. Deadpool grew scared of his potential and ordered his subordinate Naruta to kill him. With his father in deep desperation young Broly somehow felt this and used his swift abilities for the first time, whisking them away from sunagakure into Konoha. Paragus, his father told his plight to the Hokage Yamato and begged of him to let him reside in the leaf for protection from the Kazekage's wrath and eventually was allowed to stay. He grew up a normal boy with a very special ability that made him the envy of most ninja in Konoha especially a young kuniochi named Wendy. Whenever Broly would advance Wendy would as well, trying to outmatch him every step of the way and Wendy was the first person to battle Broly in a match which Wendy narrowly won. Masters from all around wanted to train him and as a result he mastered all the elements faster than anyone ever heard of.He also met many good friends in Konoha such as Light, Coyote, and Levy

    A Fated Meeting

    The time came for Broly to go on his first mission, he was to go to Iwagakure on a simple C rank mission. He harnessed his special ability and traveled to Iwa in the blink of an eye and met a young pervert named Hoenheim peeping in a womens spa. After reprimanding him for his unsavory actions he found that Hoenheim also had a special ability like him, he could harness his chakra and manipulate it in ways like no other shinobi he had met before. Broly became friends with the young man and they brought peace between the two nations of Iwa and the Leaf. The duo together completed many S rank missions and became famous throughout the land.

    The Group

    Soon enough Broly was recognized enough to join the assasin group Pyokyoto thats hq was in the Hidden Asch. To get in he had to slay the former memeber Mugetsu and he did so, crushing him into the dirt. Here Broly turned into the malevolent killer he is known to today, the group made him cold, sadistic, and dark. When he returned from this group to Konoha it seemed as if a wave of fear had flown over the former shinobi he called friends, his friends turned to rivals and anyone that couldnt compete with him was cast away as trash. He enjoyed crushing whole platoons on his missions even when killing was uneeded. Then he recieved his fatefull mission to go to Amegakure.

    The wind and rain

    When Broly got the call to go to Amegakure he swifted there in a flash like usual expecting the usual massacre and bloodshed that he had grown to love. When he got to Zetsu, the Kage of Ame's mansion a lone shinobi stood in his way amidst the others he had killed behind him. Broly asked
    "Soon to be dead shinobi, what be your name?"

    with hardly a notice of Broly he said

    That name... The very mention of that name..... Broly snapped.... With the mention of that Broly instantly appeared in front of him and an hour long fight ensued. The battle raged back and forth with each shinobi giving it his all. It was a true fight to the death and both men were severely wounded. At the end of the battle when the smoke settled Both men were crawling to try to land the final blow knowing pride and glory on the line. Suddenly Zetsu knew he had to save Asch or else have his best shinobi die so suddenly spores appeared all around Asch and he was pulled underground into an unknown area. Leaving Broly in the rain to die, when suddenly a man by the name of Geralt saved him and took him into his home. He tought Broly the art of rain jutsus because he wanted to help Broly defeat the evil empire of Zetsu, as well as help the shinobi grow stronger. All the while Broly kept thinking

    "Asch... We will meet again... And I will kill you "

    To be continued





    Won: N/A
    Lost: N/A

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    ~Approved~ removed taijutsu specialty, I'm not going to accept that you have such a specialty when you barely know B-rank jutsu's. Also the Transformation Tech will count as one of your moves during battle if you go all SS.
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